Day 354: Lunch Outing Dress

Day 355: Go!
Day 353: Keep it Going Top

I love funky-printed, but frumpy skirts!  When I found this one at one of my fave $1 thrift stores, I was hooked!  :)

Trust me…I love it. Really.

The only problem with me and skirts, is that since I’ve learned how to sew, I’m done with wearing separates (for the most part)!  For years I could never find dresses that fit me (no boobs, all butt).  But now, rather than being a victim of whatever the proportions for an “average” size 2 (or 4 during the holiday season) are, I get to decide how my dresses should properly fit!  It’s quite empowering!  :)

To ‘dress’ up this skirt, I first cut two 6″ slits right under the elastic waistband, like so:


This left a couple of fray-happy raw edges, so I pinned those bad boys down!

Raw-No-More! :)

After running each side under the needle, I was almost done!  The body of my new dress was still pretty shapeless.  While this would work fine for a swimsuit coverup or if I was preggo (never gonna happen, folks!), it wouldn’t work so well for a day at work!  I grabbed a fave antique brooch, and gathered some of the fabric off to the side like so:


Check it out now!  :)

Voila! :)

I rocked my new frock downtown in Five Points.  :)

Lunch Outing Time! :)


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13 thoughts on “Day 354: Lunch Outing Dress

  1. Where do you come UP with these ideas?! So cute! As I’m pouring over the racks at Goodwill I say to myself, “What would Refashionista do with this?” and nothing ever comes to me. I’m good with hacking off the length, turning jeans into skinny jeans and stuff like that, but this? Never would have thought.

  2. Great idea! Love this one. Can’t believe you’re still coming up with such great new refashions this far into your challenge :)

  3. This is my favorite! (Right up there with when you do skirts over one shoulder.) I need to find a skirt to practice this on soon!

  4. I love what you did with the top of the skirt , took me a few minutes to figure out the slit, and then putting the arms through….awesome!! I am going to Goodwill!!

  5. I kind of have the opposite problem although I think I’m much taller and a bit bigger and right now…pregnant so my size is different than normal. But the thing I like about sewing is the same in that you can adapt it to fit your size and you can be pickier about the fabric and style you want. What really frustrates me about standard sewing patterns (i.e. McCalls, Simplicity etc. – aside from the price unless they are on sale) is that I always have to change the top part pattern pieces or just make the piece larger than it should be and sometimes I just don’t want to do that especially with the amount of time needed to invest in the project anyway. I usually get my fabric from thrift store sheets etc. when I can and sometimes buy thrift store clothes but I haven’t tried that much refashioning of them. I think it’s terrific what you’ve done with this blog and I’ll definitely be using some of your ideas, especially the dye in the washing machine. I didn’t know you could do that. :P

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