Day 355: Go Cocks…er…Cox!

I love it when my alma mater is actually good at something!  The University of South Carolina Gamecocks baseball team is an awesome example of this!



For whatever the reason, I’m just not a fan of rooting for the underdog.  If I’m going to attach my feelings and ego to a sports team, they’d better be winners dammit!  :)  These back-to-back College World Series winners fill this void nicely.

The only problem is, I have no Gamecocks gear to wear when I’m out and about cheering on my team!  :(  It never turns up in thrift stores.

Luckily, this close-enough-to-garnet hoodie did turn up at the Dollar-A-Pound Goodwill!  :)

Life is good in the hood! :)

Alright…so there is absolutely nothing Gamecock-y about this hoodie, and it’s too big for me.  Not a prob!  I have a plan!

First, I took the hoodie in a good bit…


Then, I reached for my iron-on letters, and was immediately disappointed.  :(

No combination of these letters spells “Go Cocks!” :(

I thought I’d have to run to the craft store, but then I remembered the license plate of a gentleman friend of mine…

The exclamation point shows he means business!

I arranged my letters and ironed them on, using the leftover scraps as a press cloth.

Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter…get it? ;)

Now I’m ready to support my team in style!  :)

Yay Gamecox! :)

If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!

Okay…maybe I’m a bit too excited…:/