Day 359: Scrap-Busting Dress

Day 360: Spearmint Dress
Day 358: Anita Dress

For today’s piece, we need to go back to Day 117 of this lil’ blog.  :)

First it was this.
Then it was this…
…but what about all this?

For those of you who were wondering what was going happen to the bottom part of this dress…wonder no more!  :)

I needed something that would work as a cute coverup to wear erranding before I ventured over to a friend’s place for an afternoon swim!

I laid my leftover dress scrap upside down, and placed one of my best-fitting dresses over it, right in the center.  This is going to be my template!

Just like this!

I pinned along the outside of the template dress…

You can outline this in chalk if you like.

I left everything from the armholes up open, placing two pins right at where the shoulders of the template dress start.

I sewed two seams, one on each side of what was about to be my new dress!

Emo sewing: All life is a meaningless abyss, dude.

Then, I sewed my shoulders down!


Now my sweet new coverup is ready to head off for an afternoon at the pool!  :)

Love the sides!
Refashioning gives you wings! Literally! :)
Not bad for just a few little seams, eh? :)
Digging that neckline! :)

I must say,  I’m quite happy to know someone with access to a private pool!  It makes the SC summer heat somewhat bearable!  :)

Keeping cool in da pool! :)

Good company & good beer make for a great summer day!  :)

Mmmm! Tasty Wheat Ale! :)


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28 thoughts on “Day 359: Scrap-Busting Dress

  1. I just saw a dress kind of like this on Florence from Florence and the Machine and was trying to figure out how to make one. It is like you are reading my refashioning mind! I love it!

  2. Why waste that lovely dress as a bathing suit cover-up. It should be a cocktail dress! Beautiful. You are wicked talented!

  3. One of my favorites, too! Oooo la la! So chic and glamorous! I agree–this color really looks great on you. Digging that neckline, too. It works so perfectly with the open shoulders. Love it!

  4. This is RIDONKULOUSLY classy looking! Like 30’s era classy with a modern twist. This reminds me of Super Woman and you look like you are ready to go out and be a modern-day superhero!

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