Day 360: Spearmint Dress

Today’s piece was a rare find!  :)

Extra long = Perfect dress potential!!!!

A Men’s 3X shirt isn’t such a rare thing, but an extra-long shirt is.  I pretty much always have to go with shirts that are 3X and above to have enough length to make a proper dress (proper=reaches the end of my fingertips and covers my naughty bits).

Of course, this shirt wasn’t going to work as a dress…yet!  First off, as a white shirt it was kind of see-through, so into a bath ‘o dye it went!

Remember that top from Day 355?  Well, it wasn’t alone!  :)

Once more into the green!

Never Bathe Alone! ;)

Since this dress was made of rayon, I knew it wouldn’t take on too dark of a hue, and that was just fine.  :)  After a rinse and dry, my shirt was ready to be dressified!  I took it in about 5″ on each side.

Pin it!

Sew it!

Trim it!

After a quick press, my new dress was ready for a gorgeous summer day!  :)

Wearing my big girl shoes!