Day 363: All the Angles Dress

Day 364: All Tied Up Top
Day 362: Mairi Shrug

When I found today’s dress at one of my fave $1 thrift stores,  I was stoked!  Check out the amazeballs print!  :)

The shoulder pads are slightly less than amazeballs,

You’re looking at a totally 80’s shoulderpadded number that desperately needs a facelift!  Time for a Nip/Tuck!

First, I made a big chop!


Then, I took in the whole thing about 2″ on each side.

Pin, then Sew! :)

After cutting off the excess material, I folded the top raw edge over twice and stitched it down, leaving about a 1″ gap.  This is where I’m going to insert some elastic.


After digging through my stash, I realized I was all out of elastic!  Ugh!  And I was soooo not in the mood to make a last-minute craft store run!  :/

Then I remembered this leftover scrap from Day 315!

You shall be sacrificed!

I cut off the elastic waistband…

Why didn’t I think of this before????

I threaded the elastic through the dress’ new casing…

Thread it!

Then, I stitched the two ends together, as well as the 1″ gap I left to insert the elastic through.

Closing up shop!

Now that dress is ready for a fun night of Karaoke with friends!   :)

From Sad to Sassy! :)
My shoes are pretty sweet, too! ;)
The PBR tall boy in her hair really ties the whole look together! ;)
Hey, LA! :)

I would love to say that my dress was the most stylish thing I saw tonight, but this simply wouldn’t be true.

This hat beats a cute dress any day! :)
It really completes my ensemble! :)
Squids are so hot right now!
The right accessories make a difference, y’all! :)


22 thoughts on “Day 363: All the Angles Dress

  1. That really should not have worked out so well! Fabulous as always. Two more entries to go, Jillian. WIll you please continue after that!?

  2. I just started reading your blog started at the beginning… and whipped through them all to this point in 2 days… very impressive… and I find myself intrigued by the story that you are living along the way… sad there are only 2 more days left! hope your story has its happy ending….

  3. I was just introduced to your blog through my sister-in-law! You are so amazing! I am devastated though that you are on day. 363. :’-(

  4. What’s all this leaving talk??? I’m too obsessed with your projects, keep inspiring us, we need you!!

    Those mustache glasses are FANTASTIC, I think I can pull off making some xD

    And the squid hat. I’m a sucker for Adult Swim, it reminds me of Squidbillies xD

  5. I just stumbled across your blog today on pinterest and I am blown away by your creativity! I can’t believe you’ve done a new article every day for a year; you are an inspiration!!

  6. I love what you’ve done with it. The print is really fun and I think it would work any way you played with it.

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