Jasper Fancies Me!

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The Final Explosion Dress

Anyone who lives in South Carolina is well-acquainted with a bitter rivalry between these guys:

Why can’t we be friends?

The Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers pretty much hate each other.  I, personally, care nothing for sports or rivalries — But I knew I might be putting my life in danger if I stepped out of the house wearing this in Carolina Country!  :/

Orange you glad I value my personal safety? :)

I learned my lesson back in 2000, when I showed up for Freshman Orientation at USC.  I had done absolutely NO research when choosing a college.  My family moved to Greenville, so I decided to a school that was close but not too close to them.  I had no clue about the whole Carolina/Clemson hatefest, hence why I showed up wearing a bright orange thrifted little league tee with “Tigers” written across the front.

I didn’t make many friends that day.  :(

Okay…back to the dress at hand!  It’s too big, and WAY too orange!

Luckily, I know how to take care of both of these issues!

First, I tossed my dress into a dye bath with a completely different color!

Navy! Ahoy!

I was guessing that the blue and orange when mixed would make purple….

Will everything go as planned? :)

Check it out!  the outside was transformed into a lovely purple hue, leaving only the lining in its original orange state.  I think it looks pretty nifty!

Nobody else will even see the orange! ;)

They dyeing/drying process made the skirt of my new dress shrink up a little, revealing that orange lining.  Not a big deal!  I just snipped the lining a bit, and gave it a new hem!


Alright, so the skirt is fixed, the color is fabu, but the top is still too big!  As this dress has boning that I really don’t want to get rid of in the sides, I folded the sides over, pinned them, then stitched them down right-side-out.


My sewing machine couldn’t get all the way to the edge of the boning, so I hand-stitched it down (otherwise, I’d look like I was sprouting fins!).  :)

Stitchy Stitchy! :)

After a quick press, my pretty purple frock was ready to go!

I seriously could not walk in those shoes! :/

I headed off to Conundrum Music Hall for the release party of the latest issue of Jasper Magazine!  :)

Year 1, Issue #6!

…and will ya take a gander at this????

That’s right! :)

I’m in their “Jasper Fancies” column!!!!  :)

That’s me! :)

Thanks so much to Jasper for putting me in your sweet mag!  :)

So happy to be fancied! :)
Party People! :)
We fancy Jasper! :)

Cheers!  :)

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20 thoughts on “Jasper Fancies Me!

  1. Funny story about your Freshman Orientation…Awesome magazine column about you! Love the purple fancy dress with the fun shoes!!!

  2. I love the way the dress turned out…..However, I am a huge Carolina fan and thought you should know that Clemson’s colors are orange and purple. Haha….so it still was a “Clemson” dress.

  3. This turned out great! I’m always for something that’s purple. Just an fyi (and no, I do NOT work for Rit Dye)-I use dye a lot and discovered that at the Rit Dye site they have tons of useful information (which could likely be used for any brand dye). In one section they give examples of dyeing colors over colors and what you can end up with as the end color. Very helpful. Also, good info about mixing dye colors to make other colors. A great informational site.

  4. I love that the pic in the magazine is of that cute top you re-fashioned. That is one of my favorites from your year long re-fashion!

  5. Loved the freshman orientation story! I can only imagine the looks you got! There are three state universities in Arizona. ASU and U of A have a bitter and ancient rivalry. Meanwhile, NAU goes quietly unnoticed, probably because the granolas who attend there are just too chill to care. ;)

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