Jersey Tank from Old Tees!

One of the reasons I don’t like buying sewing patterns is that once you’ve bought it and made the thing, you’re done.  I mean, who wants a wardrobe consisting of the same dress over and over????  I recently bought a pattern from Burda to make this awesome dress.  I thought I might be done with it, but then I remembered this sweet Kubrick tee I snagged for $1 at one of my fave thrift stores!  :)

Full Cotton T-Shirt

I hacked off the neck and wore it Flashdance-style a few times…then it became my fave pajama tee.  This would not do!  This tee is too nifty (and I’m too big a Stanley Kubrick fan) for it to be relegated to my pajama drawer!

I pulled out that dress pattern and got to work!

Two Easy Pieces!

I didn’t really want another dress (yet!), so I only used the top part of my pattern to make a tank instead!  :)


You can see that I’m making the shoulder straps a little shorter for my tank.  No biggie!  They were just a little longer than I liked on the original dress (I ended up taking them in a smidge).

I dutifully followed the instructions from the pattern.  I had a few heavily cut-up tees that I harvested them hems from to make my binding for the arm and neck holes.

Harvest Time!

After stitching them down, I took my tank and gave it a nice hi-low hem, keeping with the look of the original dress!


Now my sweet new top is ready for a day at Bristol Motor Speedway for NASCAR!!!!

This is a place where people go to watch other people drive around in circles.

Nope.  That’s not a joke, folks!

Kubrick would be pleased!


Tailgating with style! :)

Loving that Hi-Low hem! :)

Of course it stormed a good bit, so I was stuck in this sweet ensemble for a couple of hours :/ :

Keeps freshness in. Can’t keep NASCAR out! :)

I’m not much of a racing fan, but I am a fan of road trips with fun people, and new experiences!  :)

…like this fella! :)

It’s bigger on the inside!

I couldn’t help but hope Arthur Dent was behind the wheel with Ford, Zaphod, and Trillian in the pit crew! :D


Larry Blyth– Race Photographer.  ;)


Fun times! :)


Shark Tank Skirt

When a friend gave me this boring sweater tank, I held on to it for a while.  “Meh…it’ll be okay for work.” (transl. :  “This is really boring!”), I thought.  Of course, I really don’t dress like a proper grownup at work, so this boring tank went completely unworn.  :/


I recently scored a sweet sequined tank that didn’t work with anything in my wardrobe, so I decided to turn this tank into a cute miniskirt to pair it with!  :)

First, I made a big chop, with the help of Mr. Spock!

I couldn’t have done it without him! :)

Then, I pinned that top raw edge under twice…

Pin it!

and stitched it down, leaving a small gap at the end.


I took a length of elastic and threaded it through the gap into the casing.

This little doohicky is called a bodkin, and it pretty much rocks. :)

Then, I stitched it together!

Almost done!

And that’s all it takes to make a quick & cute miniskirt from an unwanted tank top!  :)

And it looks swell with my sparkly top! :)

You can’t really tell what to top of my skirt looks like with that long sparkly tank over it, so here’s a closer look!

It’s just a simple elastic waist, y’all! :)

I wore my cute new skirt to a fun party with friends.  For some reason we all piled into the bathroom (what???) to snap a pic! :)

I mean it is a rather large bathroom…

Such a fun time!  :)

Just chillin’ by the AC unit…like ya do!



Jersey Dress from Old Tees!

I’ve returned!!!  Cue the trumpet fanfare! :)  So…wow I haven’t posted in a while!  Without a daily deadline pushing me along, I’m beginning to understand those of you who have told me that they’ve pulled their sewing machine out, but just don’t know where to get started.

That’s right.  I’ve been experiencing a big mondomclargehuge case of refashioner’s block!  :/  I think it goes back to the old adage said to writers who ask, “How can I make myself write every day?”.  The answer is “Write every day.”  I really need to get back to doing a least a little sewing every day to keep in a groove.  :)

To get out of my funk, I’ve been surrounding myself with as many creative and inspiring people as possible.  That’s right…when my creative energy gets low, I like to feed off the creative energy of others (Mwahahahaha!!!)…not unlike a leech or a vampire bat.

Today’s refashion is a departure from a lot of what you’ve seen me do.  I started with 6 XL men’s Tshirts that were donated to me.


I actually only had five donated shirts.   As some of you have suspected, I’m seeing a new gent.    New Gent lives out of town, so we mostly just see each other on the weekends…Juuuust like that lady on the food network in the Hamptons!!!

ONLY the Barefoot Contessa can pop a collar and not be a total d-bag. :)

Anywho…Gent left a tshirt behind in his last visit that he mentioned he didn’t like very much– so I snagged it for my own nefarious purposes.   Seriously…never trust a refashionista!  ;)

I took each Tshirt, and cut it under the arms, like so:


I cut them open at the torso as well.  Then, I stitched them together in threes, using a zigzag stitch!

In stitches!

When sewing these together, I made sure they were all facing the same way,  so some of the tees wouldn’t stretch more than others.

This year is all about expanding my skills and trying new techniques.  As most of you guys know, I don’t really sew with any patterns.  I’ve always found them tedious and a pain in the ass…

Til now!  :)  I’m actually getting bored with my usual refashions, so It’s time to branch out a bit!  I found this pattern for pretty cheap on the BurdaStyle website.

What’s up with the ooglay vest, girlie?

I almost didn’t choose this one.  Usually in fashion photography, if someone is standing weird or is covering up the garment they’re trying to sell, there’s something wrong with it.  I don’t know why they chose to put a vest on this chick and hide what the top of the dress looks like.  I went ahead and chanced it!

First, I assembled my pattern.


I cut out the pieces and pinned them to my Tshirt panels.  This is a really simple pattern, so there were only two main pieces.  :)


I followed the instructions provided as to the order in which everything needed to be sewn together.

Prepping those shoulders!

Next, I needed to use bias tape around the neck and arm holes to keep everything from getting stretched/worn out.  I used the leftover bottom hems from my Tshirts instead!

…Just snip off the serged seam!

This saved me a good bit of time, as I didn’t have to iron them down.  :)  Since it’s cotton jersey, it doesn’t need to be cut along the bias to make it stretchy.   I decided to leave the outside edges of my non-bias tape raw.

Completely unbiased!

I sewed my unbiased tape around the neck and arm holes, then I stitched down the sides!

Meet my new friend, Pfaff! :D

Do you like my new machine?  :)  It’s a gift from my mom.  :)  This is the very sewing machine I grew up watching her sew on!  It’s as old as I am, and it is AMAZING!  Don’t be fooled by its age…this machine is a HUGE upgrade from my old (er…new) one!  I plan on keeping it forever!  :)

Now my Tshirt dress is all done!

Hooray for color blocking!!! :)

The back looks pretty spiffy too!

Soooo comfy!


Try to ignore my goofy face, okay?

I think I actually like my version better than the original!  :)

Plus, it pairs well with a Pale Ale! ;)

Cheers!  :)

ReFashionista on Good Afternoon America!

As most of you know by now, last Thursday I made an appearance on Good Afternoon America!

For those of you who missed the show or just have a hankering to watch me again, here ya go!

This was SUCH a fun experience!  The producers and staff were all delightful to work with, and they made it super-easy to make this refash happen (A special shoutout to Tracey!).

Here are some fun behind-the scenes pics!  Thanks to Larry for taking them!

After a repeatedly delayed flight Wednesday night, I barely got any sleep!  I was soooo excited!  :)  I had to be ready to go at 8am!

On my way to the hotel lobby to meet a GAA producer! Eeep!

After talking with Tracey, a really nice producer for the show, we walked across the street to the studio.  I was immediately whisked away to get prettified!

Time for Hair & Makeup! :)

I want to take both of those ladies home with me.  Jus’ sayin’.   ;)

Oooh La La!!!

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! :D

After getting all gussied up, I was taken outside to pick the refashion that I would be given exactly ONE HOUR to complete live on the show!

Hmmmmnnnn…Do we have a winner?

I mean…I dunno about this one, folks!

Let’s take a closer look!

Don’t be distressed! I can help! :)

Several other audience members brought items they wanted to have refashioned, but this 80’s-tastic jacket needed me!  I couldn’t turn it away!

I rushed back inside to get my sewing area set up.  I realllllly hoped I hadn’t forgotten anything!

Hot Threading Action!

All ready!

Once again, I had exactly an hour to transform this jacket into something that would (hopefully) wow the audience, and my friends at home!

The timer began!

I began chopping…

Chopping right under the sleeves!

…and sewing!


This dude seemed particularly interested in my work.

No Pressure!

I did a bit of fitting…

Unpick that seam! :)

Time was running out!  I finished my stitchery and gave everything a good press!

All press is good press! ;)

And just like that, I was done!  :)

I was hurried off to the set, where I had a blast sharing my refashions with Lara and Josh.  They happen to be GIGANTIC, by the way!  :)

I promise, I’m average height!

Seriously…I’m 5’4″.

…And Lara is wearing some rather high heels. :/

Scrawny or no, I must admit I’m pretty darn happy with how Kate’s top turned out!  :)

The Big Reveal!!!!!

Showing off that sexy back! :)

I had such a blast on this show!  Everyone was simply amazing to work with, and I hope I get the chance to do another refashion challenge like this soon!  :)

Such a fun time! :)

So…if you want me to be on your show, just lemme know!  :)

I’ll be waiting for your call! ;)


Jet Setter Jeans

I feel almost guilty about admitting this, but sometimes when I’m at Target getting toothpaste, shampoo, or whathaveyou, I wander into the clothing section.  While wandering the other day, I saw several pairs of flood-length jeans that I loved!  And I coveted them.  And I allllllmost bought a pair.  But then I remembered this pair of jeans that I’ve had for years, but never wear anymore:

Just a normal pair of jeans, y’all.  :)

There’s nothing wrong with these jeans, I just seem to prefer every other pair I own over them.  This means they’ll be perfect to transform into floods!

I used a safety pin to mark where I wanted my new floods to fall on my leg.

See it?

Then I made a couple of chops!


I didn’t feel like trying to rock the frayed look, so I folded those raw edges under twice.

Pinned & Prepped!

Then, I ran each leg under the needle.


After a quick press, I was all done!  :)

A most pressing issue!

And just like that, I now have a cute pair of trendy floods!  AND I saved myself about 30 bucks!  :)

Leaving on a Jet Plane…

But wait a tic…why am I at the airport?  And why is my sewing machine hanging out in the bottom corner of the above pic?

About to take another big CHOMP out of the Big Apple! :)

I have some exciting news, friends!  A couple of days ago, I was contacted by Good Afternoon America!!!!   I’ll be on Thursday’s show (August 2nd) doing a surprise refashion LIVE!!!!  Check your local listings, folks!

This suits me fine, as I’m not much of a “morning” person! ;)

A lucky audience member will get a personalized refash by moi!  I wonder who I’ll pick?!  :)

Wish me luck!!!!

Meet my companion (how very Doctor Who!), Larry! :)