Sleepwalk Right Through It Dress

Today’s dress was a fab gift that made me quite happy when I saw it!

I never look a gift dress in the mouth!

Isn’t that print just awesome?  And don’t you love the navy/mint green combo?

And check out the label:

This was an expensive dress, folks!

This dress probably sold for $300-$500 originally.

But even this dress’ previous owner wasn’t completely happy with it:

Sleeves slit by previous owner!

This dress is too big for me to fit as it is intended, but luckily, I had other plans!

Triple Chop! :)

After a few amputations, I cut a sash from the very bottom hem of the dress.


And with this five-minute transformation, I was ready to  meet up with a few fab friends for a movie and drinky drinks!

Happy Theater-Goer! :)

We met up at the new Nickelodeon Theatre to see the subtly moving and funny film, Sleepwalk With Me.

Mike Birbiglia has a dream! Several, in fact!

After the film, we headed off to The Whig.  :)

Buds & Booze!



Oh…and are you as fascinated/horrified by the art work behind me as I am???

I’m buggin’ out over it! Eep!


RED Meets Purple!

*Cough* *Cough* *Hack* *Hack*

I’ve returned to the living from the land of the lung-funk!  :)  Sorry for being so absent from this blog!

As some of you know, I was the costumer for a recent production of RED.

It was awesome, y’all! :)

The play centers around painter Mark Rothko’s two-year struggle to complete a lucrative set of murals for Manhattan’s exclusive Four Seasons restaurant, and his fraught relationship with a seemingly naïve young assistant .  Sadly, you can’t see it, as the production only ran one weekend and is now gone.

However, I needed something cute to wear for opening night!  I chose this hot numba!

Sexy, no?

We are in some serious polyester granny dress territory here, folks!  :/  The length is awful, the sleeves are poufy, and what’s up with that v-neck bib thing?

There were several changes to make before I hurried off to the museum for my big opening!

First, I got to cutting!

Chop it!

Uh, no.

I decided to keep the v-neck bib thingy attached, but made it a muuuch deeper v, so it looks more like a collar.  :)

Deepening that V!

And now it is gone!

I pinned all my raw edges down, and ran them through my machine!

Hem time!

Securing that collar!

And just like that, I was ready for my big premiere!  :)

from granny to gorgeous! :)

Hello there! :)

I’m really happy with this one!  I love the stripes, the flowy sleeves, and that fun collar!  :)

Larry the director likes it too! :)

Larry, my fella thinks it’s pretty swell as well! ;)


It’s me! :)

Here are some pics from the show (actually, the last dress rehearsal).  Please forgive me for the shoddy photo quality, as these were taken with my humble tablet cam!  :/  I’m glad I thought of bringing it though, as I haven’t seen any other pics from the show yet!


Ken channeling Picasso and/or James Dean in his stripey shirt


Ken and Rothko start a new painting


Ken finishes stretching a canvas while Rothko berates him


Rothko had a rough night.


Walk on the Wilde Side Dress

I find the most awesome of prints in the most awkward of garments!  :)

This is how I dance/ why I never dance in public. :/

Take this weird fake wrap-around number with all sorts of gorgeous technicolor foliage!

This frock really didn’t need much work to be wearable.  First, I had to deal with these guys, who were not only stitched in, but pinned in as well!

Someone did NOT want these pads going anywhere!

Then, I went after some of the length.  I decided to go for an uneven bottom hem…sort of a sarong-ish look.  My roomie’s cat seemed to approve of this idea.

Mr. Spock tries to help

I couldn’t just leave that raw edge hanging out, so I pinned a new hem.

Using my sewing gauge to keep it even!

I ran my new hem through my machine…


…and now my dress is ready for a whimsically witty night of theatre!  :)

The blue tights make it just right! :)

As most of you know, I’m a theatre critic for Jasper Magazine.  Tonight, my assignment was to watch and review Theatre South Carolina‘s production of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.

A fun & funky 60’s reboot!

“I’ve now realized for the first time in my life the vital Importance of Being Earnest.”

Of course, I didn’t go alone.  :)

Happy Theatregoers! :)

You can read my review of this Wilde (hehe) show right here.  :)