RED Meets Purple!

Sleepwalk Right Through It Dress
Walk on the Wilde Side Dress

*Cough* *Cough* *Hack* *Hack*

I’ve returned to the living from the land of the lung-funk!  :)  Sorry for being so absent from this blog!

As some of you know, I was the costumer for a recent production of RED.

It was awesome, y’all! :)

The play centers around painter Mark Rothko’s two-year struggle to complete a lucrative set of murals for Manhattan’s exclusive Four Seasons restaurant, and his fraught relationship with a seemingly naïve young assistant .  Sadly, you can’t see it, as the production only ran one weekend and is now gone.

However, I needed something cute to wear for opening night!  I chose this hot numba!

Sexy, no?

We are in some serious polyester granny dress territory here, folks!  :/  The length is awful, the sleeves are poufy, and what’s up with that v-neck bib thing?

There were several changes to make before I hurried off to the museum for my big opening!

First, I got to cutting!

Chop it!
Uh, no.

I decided to keep the v-neck bib thingy attached, but made it a muuuch deeper v, so it looks more like a collar.  :)

Deepening that V!
And now it is gone!

I pinned all my raw edges down, and ran them through my machine!

Hem time!
Securing that collar!

And just like that, I was ready for my big premiere!  :)

from granny to gorgeous! :)
Hello there! :)

I’m really happy with this one!  I love the stripes, the flowy sleeves, and that fun collar!  :)

Larry the director likes it too! :)
Larry, my fella thinks it’s pretty swell as well! ;)
It’s me! :)

Here are some pics from the show (actually, the last dress rehearsal).  Please forgive me for the shoddy photo quality, as these were taken with my humble tablet cam!  :/  I’m glad I thought of bringing it though, as I haven’t seen any other pics from the show yet!

Ken channeling Picasso and/or James Dean in his stripey shirt
Ken and Rothko start a new painting
Ken finishes stretching a canvas while Rothko berates him
Rothko had a rough night.


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29 thoughts on “RED Meets Purple!

    1. Whoa, just a minute, I looked again at the picture that shows your LEFT hand pointing to the production team credits and there is a ring, on the ring finger….. Is that..??.. or just a pretty ring that fits that particular finger…

  1. I’m impressed…the before of that dress was awful! I wish I could see the potential in things like you can! What a talent!

  2. I love it! Is it just my iPad or are random pics in this post? I see pics from other redos. I’ve been dreadfully sick aaallll day, so maybe it’s me. Le sigh.

      1. I was just sitting here thinking about this post..haha, I’m a weirdo :0 it’s all fixed now. I thought my iPad may be acting up. My 2 year old had got a hold of it.

  3. Very nice! I love what you did to it. VERY creative! :) Looks like you have a lot of fun as I look through your blog. Wish we could get out more but , sigh, our lives belong to the kitties as we have a rescue and seems its taken over my life lol. Keep up the good work! Love your blog.

  4. I have a question about the collar. Did you add that purple piece of lace to the inside or was that originally somewhere on the dress? It looks fab by the way.

  5. Oh my…I am nearly embarrassed to admit this, but…That could be an old dress of MINE. {I wonder if it is/was?? How cool would that be?!?!} I had one like that in the VERY early 80s, & actually, i was quite enamored of it, as i really liked the colours in it…however…after wearing it to TOO MANY family members’ funerals in a too short period of time, i could no longer stand the sight of it, & donated it.
    Wouldn’t it be weird if it was my old dress?!?? Nice refash! ;-)

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