Sleepwalk Right Through It Dress

Violet Femme Dress
RED Meets Purple!

Today’s dress was a fab gift that made me quite happy when I saw it!

I never look a gift dress in the mouth!

Isn’t that print just awesome?  And don’t you love the navy/mint green combo?

And check out the label:

This was an expensive dress, folks!

This dress probably sold for $300-$500 originally.

But even this dress’ previous owner wasn’t completely happy with it:

Sleeves slit by previous owner!

This dress is too big for me to fit as it is intended, but luckily, I had other plans!

Triple Chop! :)

After a few amputations, I cut a sash from the very bottom hem of the dress.


And with this five-minute transformation, I was ready to  meet up with a few fab friends for a movie and drinky drinks!

Happy Theater-Goer! :)

We met up at the new Nickelodeon Theatre to see the subtly moving and funny film, Sleepwalk With Me.

Mike Birbiglia has a dream! Several, in fact!

After the film, we headed off to The Whig.  :)

Buds & Booze!



Oh…and are you as fascinated/horrified by the art work behind me as I am???

I’m buggin’ out over it! Eep!





  1. How cute! Amazing what you can do with so little stitching. Looks like you and a good time too.

  2. Hey! Just found your blog on Pinterest and you do awesome work! I also just saw this post with the Nickelodeon Theater and thought “Is she from Columbia?” And then you mentioned The Whig and I knew you were! I love your repurposing ideas. You make them look sooooooo much better than they initially did. Very creative and an inspiration to look at things differently. Thank you!

  3. Very cute – is this a type of fabric that you don’t have to hem? Now that’s my kind of sewing!

  4. This is one of my favorites. It is a very flattering “after.” And sleepwalk with me was a fun movie.

  5. This was such a simple refashion, but I think it’s my favorite out of all your conquests :) I’m thinking mostly because I am COMPLETELY in love with that pattern!! If only I could find such awesome patterns/frocks when I hit the thrift stores!!

  6. Definitely my favourite to date! And I’ve been reading since the BEGINNING!
    Easy and very flattering on you! :)

  7. Missing you, Jillian! I’m in Charlotte, do I need to drive down to Cola. & check on you? :)

  8. I love this one! Your blog is fantastic, I haven’t sewed since home ec class in middle school, but now I’m itching to get a sewing machine. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I just wanted to commend you for showing all of us that the size of a dress doesn’t matter! You made a size 16 dress look fab on your tiny frame!! I read your blog all the time and have just been rereading it for inspiration while I have the hoo

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