Rachael’s Frocktober Refash!

In the beginning of January, I told you guys I was going to start accepting Reader Submissions.  I wanted to see what cool stuff you guys are refashioning, and I want everyone else to see it too!  :)

I’m finally going to share one with you today!  :)

Rachael lives in Australia.  In 2011 and 2012 she participated in a really awesome fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation called Frocktober.  The idea is for women and interested men to wear a frock for a day, a week, or a month, and get sponsored for it.

Rachael refashioned a lot of her dresses for her Frocktober blog, which you can (and should) check out right here.

Without further ado, here’s one of Rachael’s fab Frocktober pieces from her blog, Rachael’s Frocktober Challenge!  :)

Take it away, Rachael!

whooole lotta denim

When I saw this 1990s denim monstrosity at the Karrinyup Swap Meet one Sunday morning, I knew I had to have it.

“How much for that one,” I asked the bleary-eyed stall holder.

“One dollar please take it so I don’t have to cart it home with me,” she replied with urgency.

“It comes with a belt, take the belt too.”

Hmmmm, not a lot of places to go with this negotiation.

“I’ll take it.”

I laugh at your double denim and I give you – quadruple denim.

After I laundered the frock and threw out the belt (it was a bit gross), I got to work….

Take that! gigantic 90s frock.

Maxwell helped.

“Why are you taking that photo? If you put me in your blog I’ll kill you,” said Maxwell.

When I got to the armholes, I needed to call in someone with opposable thumbs for help. Namely Mum, because it’s been about 15 years since I cut facing for an armhole (and Mum has got mad sewing skillz).

cutting some armholes

After the armholes were cut, there was some gapeage going on, primarily due to the fact some enormous shoulder pads were formerly housed in the shoulders….so there was a bit more unpicking and taking in to do.


It took a bit of work*, but it’s my most favourite $1 frock ever!

I found my denim frock to be most suitable for a luncheon today with Mr Waters. We met at Vege Mama (off Beaufort St in Mt Lawley) for kale salad and organic soy lattes.

Way-hey, look at me hipsters!

*Mostly by Mum

Rachael, you rock.  Not just for the cool frock and your amazingly cute pup, but for using your creative skills to help fight ovarian cancer.  Mad props to you!  :)

Keep those submissions coming, folks!  Just because I haven’t shared yours yet, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna!  :)


Wannabe Th-uh…Wednesday! Really!

Hi!  It’s Wannabe Wednesday…trust me.  It just is, okay?  :)

I’ve been coveting this funky dress from Urban Outfitters:

That'll be $98.

That’ll be $98.

Ain’t it rad?  The print is great, it looks uber-comfy, the knots are nifty, and I want one for spring!  :)

Buuuuut…98 bucks could buy a LOT of wine (priorities!), so I’d rather make a quick copycat from a $1 thrift like this:

This is what I look like in the morning.

This is why I don’t get any fan mail from the fellas. :/

The print isn’t even close to the original, but the idea is the same.  They’re both sort of a funky “tribal” look, so it’s close enough for my purposes.

This refashion is a no-sew!  All I had to do was make one big cut.



I left the bottom edge raw, but I didn’t want it to go fray-crazy, so I applied this to the edge:

Keeps that fraying in check!

Keeps that fraying in check!

After the fray-check dried, I made a couple of knots…

Knot a problem!

Knot a problem!

And just like that, my copycat is complete! :)

...and I'm not even showing sideboob like in the original!  :)

…and I’m not even showing sideboob like in the original! :)

Of course, it’s still a bit chilly out, so I had to winterize it a bit!

Cozy cardi!

Cozy cardi!

I wore my new dress out for a couple of drinks with friends…

Mmmmnnn...Blue Moon!

Mmmmnnn…Blue Moon!

Artsy Shot!

Artsy Shot!


Original Cost:  $98

Copycat Cost:  $1

Savings:  $97

Q&A Monday: What NOT to Thrift

Don’t let the title fool ya!  This week’s Q&A Monday has nothing to do with these guys:

Snarky McSnarkersons

Snarky McSnarkersons

If you were hoping some mean skunk-haired lady and her fay cohort were going to show up and berate you for your fashion choices, I’m sorry (and I think you might have something wrong with you).

Nonono.  This week’s question is:

Q: “What don’t you buy when you go thrifting for future refashions?”

A:  There’s very little that I won’t consider as a future refashion.

But here are a few common clothing maladies that I won’t mess with:


Stains make me all sorts of squeamish and grossed out, especially if they’re of the food or biological variety.

Eeeewww...Someone was a sweaty Betty!  :/

Eeeewww…Someone was a sweaty Betty! :/

There are plenty of tricks one can try to remove a pesky stain, but they don’t always work. Unless I’m just absolutely in love with a piece of clothing or I know I’ll be removing the stained part in the refashion, I treat those stains with extreme disdain.


You know what I’m talking about.  Don’t you just hate when your sweaters get those nasty balls of lint all over them?

Take a chill pill

Take a chill pill

So do I.  If the item is really nice other than the pilling, I’ll just take an old razor and shave the pills off (electric clothes shavers are a waste of your time and money, friends).  But usually when I see pilling, it means the garment is of poor fabric quality, overwashed, or both.  Best to stay away from these unless you want to spend hours with your razor and a lint roller every time you want to wash the thing.

Weirdo Smell

Whoa!  What’s that smell????

Kitteh understanz.

Kitteh understanz.

It’s normal for thrift store duds to smell a little weird.  But if your chosen future refash reeks of White Diamonds, gasoline, or some other overpowering stench, you might want to take a pass on it.  Some strong odors are just impossible to get rid of, no matter the number of washings.

Worn Out

This one makes me sad.

Sometimes I stumble upon something that could have been absolutely PERFECT…except it’s just completely worn out.

Even I can't fix this.

Even I can’t fix this.

Unless there’s a part of the fabric you know you can harvest to make a trim, a pocket, or some such, it’s best to move on.  I’ve turned down really well-made designer pieces that were lovely at some point in time, but were just too worn out to save.

It’s okay.  It fulfilled its destiny.

What are your thrifting dealbreakers?

Ooh La La Hoodie Dress

I hope you’re in the mood for a super-quick refashion!  I had every intention of having tons of time to turn  Obi Wan-esque hoodie into something fab before some of my nearest and dearest pals come over for a French-themed potluck.

"Help me Jillian.  You're my only hope!"  :)

“Help me Jillian. You’re my only hope!” :)

Unfortunately, I decided to make my dish from this lil book right here:

Jillian & Julia!  :)

Jillian & Julia! :)

I made a Lamb Stew with Spring Vegetables…mainly because it’s one of the least expensive recipes in this tome.  It took forever.  3 hours of constant work followed by one merciful hour of letting it simmer.

Don’t get me wrong, it was delish!

Nom!  Lamb!

Nom! Lamb!

But I had only a few minutes to complete my refash!

I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut a small slit on each side through the front and back of the hoodie, right near my waist.



I tossed the hoodie on over a little black dress, and threaded a skinny belt through the holes.

Not too shabby for only taking a few seconds!

Not too shabby for only taking a few seconds!

A wonderful time was had by all…

Happy awkward faces.

Happy awkward faces.

Yes...my dining room is also my sewing room!  :)

Yes…my dining room is also my sewing room! :)

My friend Phillip had a bit of fun making videos for Vine like this one, and Douglas made his debut into society.  :)

Doug E. Doug!

Doug E. Doug!




:)  :)

:) :)


Vintage-Patch Giveaway Winners!

Yay!  It’s time to announce the winners of the Vintage-Patch Giveaway!  :)

But first, check out this quickie puppy refash I did!  Douglas is a tiny little guy with not much fur.  This means that when I take him outside he gets all shivery and cold.  I decided to make a little something for him.  ;)

A Warm & Cozy Puppy!  :)

A Warm & Cozy Puppy! :)

All I did was cut a sleeve off a shirt from my “To Be Refashioned” bin, added leg holes, and Ta-da!  :)  This is an extremely rough prototype of future puppy clothes that I plan on making from leftover scraps for the little guy.  :)

Alright, without further ado…the winners of the Vintage-Patch Giveaway are…

The suspense is killing you, isn't it?

The suspense is killing you, isn’t it?

*Drum Roll*





I’ve emailed the winners, and will be dropping their patches in the mail asap!  :)

Thanks so much to Adelaide of Vintage-Patch for providing her awesome patches for this giveaway.  If you didn’t win (heck, even if ya did!), I hope you’ll all check out their website and order some fab patches of your own!  :)