Welcome 2013!!!!

Happy New Year, Everybody!!!!!!!  :)  I can’t think of a better way to start 2013 than with a fun refashion, can you?

2012 has been an awesome one for me.  Challenges were overcome, and loads of exciting things happened.  Time to ring out the old/ring in the new in style!

I began with this $1 thrifted silk robe whose sash had gone MIA.

Mmmmmnnn!  Silk!

Mmmmmnnn! Silk!

Looks comfy, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, I can’t just wander into a party wearing my jammies, so some work was needed!

First, I stitched down the pockets and snipped them off.


You’ll see why in just a sec!

Then, I snipped off the side belt loops.



Then, I made a big chop, leaving the front longer than the back.  This is why I had to do away with the pockets, as I had to cut right across where they used to be!



Then, I gave that bottom raw edge a new hem!



I gave my luxe new jacket a quick press, and frolicked out the door to meet up with my nearest and dearest for a fun New Year’s Eve celebration!  :)



I’m a big fan of kimono jackets, so I was pretty stoked to be able to make my own for a measly dollar!  :)

Feelin' fancy!

Feelin’ fancy!

Fun times were had…

Buds!  :)

Buds! :)

Looking forward to a new year with this wonderful fella.  :)

Looking forward to a new year with this wonderful fella.

…and much booze was consumed.



Tropical Yumness!  :)

Tropical Yumness! :)

Then, some fireworks were brought out.

This is Erin's "That's not safe" face.  ;)

This is Erin’s “That’s not safe” face. ;)

Stay tuned today for some exciting news of what to expect from ReFashionista.net in 2013!  I’ve decided it’s exciting enough to merit its very own post!  :)

2013 is gonna be a blast!  :)

2013 is gonna be a blast! :)

Cheers!  :)