First Ever Thrift Score Thursday!!!

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ReFashionista 2013!!!

Woo hoo!  It’s time for my first ever Thrift Score Thursday!!!!

One of the great things about going thrifting all the time is that you’re more likely to stumble upon the really amazeballs deals than your average fickle thrifter.  :)

And this is my best find for this week:

Look at my feet, M'kay?
Look at my feet, M’kay?

Oh wait…allow me to give you a closer look!


No…I don’t think that’s quite close enough!


You’re looking at one fine pair of 100% leather Tory Burch Jaden Boots!  :)

The original retail price for these beauties is $450.

But only suckers shop full retail!  ;)  I found my pair at Revente’s Last Call.

Here’s the price tag:


$62.50 for a pair of gorgeous Tory Burch Boots?!?!  Could one be so lucky???


I’m luckier!  I happened upon a half off sale day at RLC, so my Tory Burch’s were only $31.25!  :)

While most of my thrifty finds are much closer to $1 than $30, I just couldn’t resist this splurge!  :)

And look!  I’m not the only one who loves ’em!

Does this mean Hillary Swank and I can be bffs?
Does this mean Hillary Swank and I can be bffs?


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26 thoughts on “First Ever Thrift Score Thursday!!!

  1. I actually work at a second hand store (think Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc) during the day. It’s amazing the stuff that comes through, and a lot of neat things that never make it to the floor because of little things like missing buttons.

  2. those are nice boots! I do most of my shopping for work clothes at local Value Villages, and Goodwills – because I work with Special Needs Preschoolers and I don’t care if I get paint on my fav Ralph Lauren jeans because they only cost me like $10!!!

  3. I’m so excited over Thrift Score Thursdays! (There aren’t many places I could say that and be in like company :) ) Your boots are beautiful, and what a buy!

  4. You find the deals!!!!!!!!!. I have another zany idea for you….. I would love to do more refashioning but I have two kids and no time. But I have amassed quite the collection of cool high quality clothes just waiting for a new life. Just for fun what if you had an interactive challenge on your blog. The readers send you something cool/ qwerky/ frumpy and we watch you do something fun with it. Maybe a youtube link.

  5. You inspire me to keep on thrifting! Of course, I am also looking for a hidden Jackson Pollock. I love your sense of humor and admire your creative ability to refashion/repurpose clothing!

  6. Yay! I love them and love the price you paid. I am so excited about all the new features in 2013, and you are already inspiring me to get back to the thrift store and look around! I miss my favorite thrift stores in Memphis so much, and we really don’t have anything like them in Pasadena, but there is a little place I like to go and poke around. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Wow – that is SUCH a great score! Of course, it helps that you are only SIZE 5! WHO on earth wears size 5? Elves? LOL Amahzing deal and I really love them too. As a thriftaholic (hmm, new term?) I was lucky enough a few years ago to get not one, but TWO fabulous pairs of Beverly Feldman brocade boots (one for me & one for my sister), brand new in boxes, for the sum of $10 each. Yep – those are about $350 a pair, so a great score. Which only goes to show you – if you don’t look, you can’t score! Nicely done Jillian – you deserve it!

  8. OMG what a find! Love those shoes!

    Thrift stores are the best kept secret for fantastic bargains on high-end goods. (I always call it “treasure hunting”) Sometimes you get a better bargain when the people in the store don’t know what they have (ex: they’re not familiar with the designer). One time I got a pair of brand-new black Stuart Weitzman heels for $5.00 – they retailed for $300.00.

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