First Ever Wannabe Wednesday!!!

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Yay!  It’s my first EVER Wannabe Wednesday!  Have you ever seen a fab frock in a store and wondered if you could refashion a lookalike version for way less $$$?  My goal is to do this every week, and show you how you can do it too!  :)

Today’s piece is inspired by the Intimately Striped Low Back Top by Free People.

That'll be $48.
That’ll be $48.

I love most of the stuff Free People has on their site, and I love this top!  I would love it even more if it didn’t cost $48 (and if I were an assless, boobless, gorgeous vixen with long silken hair like Slim here).

Seriously…$48.  For a long-sleeve Tshirt????  Uh…no.  Mama didn’t raise no fool!  ;)

I found this top at the $1 a pound Goodwill on their 50% day (That’s 50 cents a pound, folks!), and just knew it had potential!  :)

Hi.  Do you like my pajama jeans?
Hi. Do you like my pajama jeans?

The first thing I had to do was reshape my top to make it super-fitted.

Taking it in!
Taking it in!

I cut off the excess material, and put it aside.  It’ll come into play in just a bit!

I trimmed off the original neckband…


…then I cut a big chunk out of the back!


This left raw edges all along the back and neck that would get stretched out if I didn’t take care of them.  I took my leftover scraps and cut them into strips.

Wonder where I'm going with this?
Wonder where I’m going with this?

I used my strips as a sort of bias tape, except I only folded them over once, instead of twice towards the center.  I pressed the center fold, then pinned them all along the raw edges of my top!


I stitched it all down using a zigzag stitch as this top was suuuper stretchy.


I tried it on and wasn’t totally happy.  I made the open back too wide, and it kept wanting to fall off my shoulders.  :/ No worries!  I just took it in a bit more from the bottom of the back, and all was well!

Pin & Stitch to get it nice and tweaked!
Pin & Stitch to get it nice and tweaked!

Here’s my new copycat top that probably cost me 25 cents!

Imposter!  :)
Imposter! :)
The back!  :)
The back! :)

You can see I’ve layered a grey tube top under this shirt as there is no flippin’ way I’m going braless while the weather is so nippley!  ;)

I wore my new copycat to Cellar on Greene where I met up with a couple of fab gal pals!  :)

Hey, Amy!  :)
Hey, Amy! :)
Hery, Erin!
Hery, Erin!
Bubbles are 50% on Tuesdays!  :)
Bubbles are 50% on Tuesdays! :)

Original Item Cost:  $48

Copycat Cost:  25¢

Savings:  $47.75!

Cheers!  :)

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39 thoughts on “First Ever Wannabe Wednesday!!!

  1. I saw you over there taking pics last night! I was trapped behind the bar, and missed saying hi, but thanks for the plug!

  2. Niiiice! I like the striped binding better than their solid one. Putting in a binding can be tricky, but it looks like you nailed it! Note to self: start collecting t’s to cut up as binding! Those thin lycra-y t’s are perfect.

  3. I am super excited about this!! Totally going to give it a go! I love your blog, please keep them coming!
    P.s. It will be my very first ever re-fashion with my brand new sewing machine I got for Christmas! :)

  4. Loving the new edition to Wed already! Very excited about making cheaper version of clothes I love that are already out there!

  5. I just started following you this week and I AM IN LOVE!!! You are so awesome!!! I love your creativity and just reading your posts gets me in a good mood and motivated to give my wardrobe a DIY makeover! Thanks! Keep up the fashionabulous work!

  6. Impressed! Looked at that first photo and thought ‘no way is she going to make this look as good as…’ and then you proceeded to prove me wrong! Love it. Perfect on your petite body. Enjoying all the new additions to your blog!

  7. Love the top. You look awesome in it. I love the new features of your blog, it gives me more inspiration and ideas. Way to go. Also I saw you on Rachel Ray, you were terrific, anymore chances of being on TV or featuring your talents and promoting thrifting and refashioning?

  8. I found your blog via Pinterest.
    I have been refashioning my hubbies t-shirts into my own shirts. Also been looking at fashion I like wondering if…. A: I could make that…. Or B: find something in the opshop to refashion like it.
    You are a woman after my own heart.

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