Thrift Score Thursday!

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Hey guys!  Welcome to the SECOND ever Thrift Score Thursday, where I get to show you my best find of the week!  :)

This week’s score comes from The Giving Tree in Lexington, SC!  Check out this sweet Kimono I bought for a mere $5!  :)

In the Red!

I fell so hard for it, that I decided to wear it as a jacket!  Can you tell I have a thing for Kimono Jackets yet?  ;)

They're just so glam!  :)
They’re just so glam! :)
I wish the paparazzi would just leave me alone!  ;)



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19 thoughts on “Thrift Score Thursday!

    1. Thank you! Yep. I’m definitely not a photographer. My fella is, and when he’s in town, my pics look sooooo much better. I’m still using my battered and abused old Nikon Coolpix (very point-and-shoot). I dream of an upgrade…*sigh*

  1. Hey girl, I see wine in almost every entry these days. Kinda concerned for you…or maybe just jealous since I live in a dry country, not sure which!!!

  2. Love the ‘jacket’ and necklaces. You’ve inspired my thrifting. Now I look for cool patterns instead of things that are off the rack wearable. Keep up the creativity!

  3. I did it! I finally did it. I got a top I’ve had for twenty years and always loved and made a skirt out of it! I’m so pleased! Item and I can keep the skirt/top forever!!!!!!!

  4. The outfit is so you–what a score. You have been a busy girl since I last stopped by. Love the Wannabe Wednesday (cool top) and Thrift Score Thursday ideas (you must have some amazing thrifts around where you live). Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the days of the week! Great Big Kudos–You have been doing some awesome refashions.

  5. How fun! My friend just sent me your blog because I’m a refashioner as well (I like to call it “flipping” dresses, like houses :) ) – feel free to check it out!


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