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Happy Wannabe Wednesday!  Today’s dress is inspired by this pleasantly purple peplumed number by Bottega Veneta.


Pretty, isn’t it?  It should be!  It sells for a skull-thumping $8,550!


Of course, Emma Stone can afford that just fine…

Here she is on Letterman, and here’s a bedazzled runway version.

…but I’ve never owned anything that costs $8,550 in my life!

Time to get creative!  I found this $1 dress and knew I could make an acceptable copycat!  :)

Oh dear.  :/
Oh dear. :/

It’s purple!  It has a peplum!  And that’s where the comparisons end!  :/

I won’t lie…I was a tad nervous about this one!  I got to chopping anyways!

Cut off those sleeves!
Cut off those sleeves!
Snip out those pads!
Snip out those pads!

We’re getting there!  I removed some of the buttons to make room for a plunging V!


I kept one of the buttons to stitch on to the waist where a button had gone MIA.

Just a quick bit o' mending!  :)
Just a quick bit o’ mending! :)

Then, I pinned my neckline into a nice, deep V.  It wasn’t quite as low as the original, but just as low as my mediocre modesty would allow!

Pinned and ready for some stitchin'!
Pinned and ready for some stitchin’!

I pinned down hems for my new sleeves, and quickly sewed them down, along with my new neck!  :)


The skirt was still all big and pleated, so I gathered some of it towards the front and pinned it with a safety pin to give it a sort of Grecian detail(ish).

I gave my dress a nice press, and was ready to head out the door for this month’s Jasper Magazine Launch party!  :)

Close enough?
Close enough?

As you can see, I didn’t have anything to use as the scarf/belt thing around the waist, so I tossed on a slim silver belt instead.  :)

While at the launch party, I ran into my fellow theatre reviewer, August!  :)

My fellow critic!
My fellow critic!

I think my refash is quite nice…

It’s a bit of alright! :)

…especially for $8,549 less than the original!

Original Item Cost:  $8,550

Copycat Cost:  $1

Savings:  $8,549!


17 thoughts on “Wannabe Wednesday!

  1. I’m new to your blog.. I am impressed with your talents, and love seeing what you come up with! You inspired me to get busy and today I made my first refashion too. Thank you!

  2. I’m new to your blog. I love it. I shop the thrift stores all the time. Maybe I’ll try refashioning something. I may just shop my closet !

  3. I think this is one of my favorite refashions of yours- you’ll have to admit you do have an eye for finding great buys to start with, that dress had such great potential and you always seem to know exactly what to do to make it gorgeous. Think I’ll be heading down to the local charity shop this weekend and trying a refashion of my own- even if I can barely thread a needle. Here goes! X

  4. Love it, Jill!!!! Again, great refashion!!!! I’ve got a refashion in mind for me-I’ll let you know how it goes!!!!!

  5. Good job! I’m new to your blog and happy to say that I’m glad I’m here. My sewing skills are limited to repairing holes in jeans or making simple tops. You inspire me to want to do more. Love it!

  6. Hello!
    I’m new to your blog and now thanks to you I want to go fix all of my clothes! It’s funny, I was actually just getting rid of some clothes today! Guess I’ll see what I can do to make some improvements instead! Those patches are adorable, I hope you decide to choose me as a winner! Thank you for the inspiration :)

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