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Happy Friday, Everybody!  :D  I have a surprise for you…a giveaway!!!! :)

What can you do to fix those holey-kneed pants or holey-elbowed tops?  What if you just want to add a bit of pizzazz to a boring jacket?

The lovely Adelaide of Vintage-Patch has the answer….fabulous iron-on patches from reclaimed vintage fabric!!!!!  :)

vintage vintage2 vintage3

Aren’t these just awesome sauce?  Don’t you want some Vintage-Patches of your very own???

Well…you’re in luck!  I have three sets of these awesome patches…and they’re up for grabs!!!  :)

You know you want 'em!  :)
You know you want ’em! :)

But wait a sec…do they work?  I had to find out!

I had this blah blue blazer…


I dyed it a bit darker with some black dye and took it in a smidge.

But it was still just a boring (only slightly darker) blazer.  :/

 I reached for a couple o’ patches…

Aren't these just so badass???
Aren’t these just so badass???

…and ironed them to the elbows, following the enclosed instructions.

Gee...I hope they work!  :)
Gee…I hope they work! :)

Check out that boring blazer now!  :)

Do you like my fancy new backdrop?
Do you like my fancy new backdrop?
Patchtastic!  :)
Patchtastic! :)

Here’s how to earn entries in  the Vintage-Patch Giveaway:

1.  Like them on Facebook

2.  Leave a Comment on the Vintage-Patch Facebook Page

3.  Leave a comment on this post, along with your email address, so I can contact you if you’re one of the lucky ones!

The 3 lucky winners will be announced next Friday, January 25.  :)  I’ll ship them to you for free, no matter what country you happen to live in.  :)

Such pretty patches!  :)
Such pretty patches! :)

Good luck, and Cheers!

The Winners of this Giveaway have been chosen & notified.  But don’t fret — there are more giveaways in store!  :)

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249 thoughts on “Vintage-Patch Giveaway!

  1. I love it when your hair is down. It’s so pretty! The patches are cool but my little boys won’t have flowers. I need some patches that look like scabs or something. :) haha. I don’t understand boys. Do you have any of those? But then, my boys don’t wear blazers either. heehee. Have a good day!

  2. Where were these when I was growing up? My mom would patch my jeans with those awful/awkward/stiff square ones from the fabric store.

  3. This is awesome!!! I”M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY!!! Thanks for letting me have a chance! LOVE your blog! ADDICTED! :D Thanks

  4. I so heart this idea and just love the different patterns – they would bring a gorgeous pop of colour to any garmet/outfit!
    michelle0harvey at gmail dot com. Cheers!

  5. Enjoy seeing your creations and easy to follow directions. Also, I get inspired . The vintage patches are darling. Especially like the light green with roses. Perhaps I am drawn to vintage because I too am vintage!

  6. These are so awesome! Seriously, I’ve always thought the patch thing was cute, but I’d never considered finding shops that sell them!

    As for the email address thing, can’t we give that to you post-drawing? Something about putting my personal email address in the comments section of a blog where everything is public makes me a lil’ uncomfortable.

  7. Omg, these are so cool and just what I need to patch the rather noticeable tear in the butt of my FAVORITE jeans…. I’ve been a sad panda about this for a while now. Also I don’t comment often so i’ll tell you now that I LOVE your blog and all of the really neat ideas and inspiration I draw from it. :)

  8. Last year my grandma taught me how to sew and sent me home(she lives 2.5 hours away from me) with her 50+ year-old Singer 301 sewing machine. I didn’t (and still kind of don’t) know how to read sewing patterns and since I’m a poor high school(almost college) student, fabric and notions are waaaaay to expensive for me! In hope of finding another outlet for my new passion of sewing, I got on Pintrest where I found your awesome website! You have been such a huge inspiration to me! Even though I’m really busy with school, preparing for college, band, tennis etc… I have still found time to refashion (most likely) unwanted Goodwill items! These patches were a great find and it is very generous of you to give them away! Good luck everybody!

  9. Would love to add these to cardigans. Although the photo of the knee patches on the leggins is SUPER SWEET! Love your refashions and the new additions to the blog, especially Thrift Score Thursday. Thanks for all you do!!

  10. I’ve been enjoying your blog so much since I found it about a month ago, reading through every single post! I’m merely a dabbler at refashioning, so an easy shortcut like this, plus the fact that they’re beautiful floral vintage prints is totally awesome. I can be contacted at panwashu (at)

  11. I never thought about using patterned patches on a jacket. I love the idea! As always, your refashions are always inspiring.

  12. Hi! This is my second attempt at posting, so here goes again! Love your blog! I enjoy your clever ways of taking something that most folks would trash and making it wonderful again. You’ve inspired me to do the same in my life! Love those patches too!
    I liked the page and left a comment as well. :)

  13. Thank you for introducing me to these patches, now I am wondering if you made some before? I am thinking if I can make some with this iron on strips I have with scraps fabric.

  14. OMSquee! Im going to need lots and lots of these. I think a white button down with patches for me first and then all of my little girls leggings as a precaution.

  15. WOW…a nifty re-do AND a giveaway? Super sassy and sweet. Thanks for your awesome self. Pretty sure if I don’t win these, I’ll have to figure out a way to create some!

  16. I just found your blog in the past week and can’t get enough! I too love to shop at the “pound” goodwill and these patches will give me a great excuse to head down there sooner rather than later! Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s so inspiring!

  17. this is such a great idea!! i liked and commented at the vintage-patch facebook. i already have some ideas of what i want to patch….

    gingerburgher at gmail dot com

  18. Awesomeness! I have like four jeans that have giant holes in the knees, but its winter so I can’t wear them. Those would be perfect!

  19. Excuse my lack of eloquence but… Er. Mah. Gerd! I love the colour of that blazer after you dyed it!! And the patches give it a little blim-blam-blow :)

    I’ve been reading your blog for months and months, trying to work up the courage to try out some refashions myself. I love thrifting (or junking, as we call it in my house :P) so watching you buy cheap treasure store finds and making beautiful things out of them is the pinnacle of awesomeness!

    Also, I posted for your draw, and my email is

  20. I love this idea. I have a pair of jeans that just split on both knees. They are about 9 years old and are only just worn in. A set of patches would look awesome on these babies.
    I stumbled across your blog on pinterest and have been inspired to do a few refashions myself since following you. We live right smack bang in the middle of Australia and I need to order in most of my material from the cities. But it’s certainly worth the wait and worth it to have one of a kind pieces.

  21. These are so fun and easy to do. I love that you can spice up a dull jacket or shirt with some puh-spaz. It makes for a cute, fast & fun fix. I love your re-fashions too. Its got me going to AMVETS and goodwill much more. Keep the the refashions coming!

    1. These are so fun and easy to do. I love that you can spice up a dull jacket or shirt with some puh-spaz. It makes for a cute, fast & fun fix. I love your re-fashions too. Its got me going to AMVETS and goodwill much more. Keep the the refashions coming!

  22. Amazing discovery! just what i need to rescue my Jeans! I work with kids and bend down all the time.The result? holes! in all my jeans and pants! .I’d love to give them a treat and makeover…
    these would bring a smile to many little faces!

  23. The changes are so simple but the final blazer is SO CUTE. I really love the floral skull pattern, it goes with my sensibilities. I’d steal it from you in a heartbeat but I guess I’ll settle with making my own ;-)

    fireflyz [dot] lament [at] gmail [dot] com

  24. Just started following your blog – finally putting the new sewing machine to use… however, LOVE that these patches are Iron-Ons – so stylish!

  25. Sew, super cute! (har har) I found cute monsters to patch my sons’ pants but these are perfect for me! love, love love!!!!!!

  26. Those are awesome. My daughter is need of some of these! I liked them on fb and left a comment. Also, your site is awesome. Someday when I make it to a thrift store, I might actually attempt to change something or dye it.=)

  27. What a great site, I love seeing what you do…. would love your thoughts on a few clothing items my daughter and I want to repurpose.

  28. Your are such an inspiration, i love trifth stores too….love vintage, love to sew, love cats and new ideas, thank you for creating this blog is awesome Jillian. The patches are so cute will be awesome to win them, what a great idea and your blazer came out so cute with them. wish to be a lucky winner!!!!!!! .

  29. Great giveaway! I love your makeovers. I would love more tutorials on your wonderful ideas (my sewing skills are rather sad)!

  30. What an awesome idea. I’ll probaby try this on plain, worn long sleeves… or maybe even a 3-4 length sleeved dress!

  31. I have just recently discovered your blog, and have been obsessed with it ever since! My mom and I are trying to get back into sewing, and this has inspired us so much :) I realized this giveaway post was the perfect opportunity to finally tell you so. The patches are super cute too :)

  32. These are SO cute!! I followed the steps. PICK ME PICK ME ;-) My 13 yo daughter refashions her clothes and I know she would LOVE these!

  33. I’m pretty pumped to see these, I just got a patched cardigan and want to patch all of my elbows! Thanks for bringing this to my attention! EXCITED =D

  34. Awesome! I would love to win these! I just noticed that you will be notifying the winners on my anniversary! What a cool anniversary gift that would be! (hint hint) ;)
    Thanks for the chance to win and for your awesome sauce blog. It’s my favorite! I’ve totally read every single one of your posts! :)

  35. these are soooo cute! One pair should come to switzerland if you ask me!!

    your new backdrop is awesome by the way, and so are you :-) I have so far made two small refashions and you inspire me to do more :-)

    1. Becky, do you mean what garment was the blazer refashioned from or how Refashionista refashioned the blazer itself? It seems Refashionista got the blazer like it was in the first picture and she explains the blazer was dyed then patches added.

      1. Other than the dye (she has such a way with dye) and cute elbow patches, did Refashionista “tailor” the blazer for a bitter fit? She is very tiny and the first picture of the blazer looks too big for her small frame.

  36. I would be really excited to win this giveaway; it’s the first one of yours that I’ve entered. When I came across your blog on pinterest, I actually went back and read all three years worth! I feel like we are fashion kindred spirits; i too have been thrifting and diying for years, but you’ve taken it to a whole new level! Thanks for what you do.

  37. oh these are super cool. i think i will make a order. i have alot of legings that would look super cute with these. and i have a blah jacket as well. :D

  38. I’ve loved your blog for ages and can’t wait to find the perfect thrifted outfit to redo! Maybe I’ll put a patch on it… :)

  39. I hope I win! I hope I win!!! I’m super excited. I even had a whole conversation with my roommate about how awesome these patches will be!! Yeehaw! I should do a jig of sorts! Love how vintage-looking they are and how it’ll definitely carry over a couple seasons too!

  40. So cute! Me for the win!
    How did into see this till now? Ugh! Going to stalk back a few days now to see what else I may have missed. And to see Douglas’ cute face again too!

  41. I love those patches! I just wanted to say thank you for your inspiration! A new Goodwill clearance outlet opened up right in my town, so I’m very excited to get on with my refashioning!
    Congrats on the new puppy! I have a pug who is my little buddy. :)

  42. Jillian, I just got my very first sewing machine for Christmas (I’m 35!), and your blog has been a true inspiration for me. In fact I have plans to go thrifting tomorrow and I bet I can find a fun friend for those cool patches! Keep up your brilliantly creative work!!!

  43. oooh, how I’d love to win a Vintage Patch or two, so today, I’m leaving my email with you :D 3badPets at gmail dot com. And, aside from dropping amazingly hot rhymes like that one, hopefully mentioning the product here will help boost the SEO of this page and your amazing site. You deserve it. Keep on craftin girly!

  44. Bog fan of your blog!! You have been my inspiration to starting my own refashion projects! I must admit, its quite fun and relaxing :) Hope I win!!

  45. This is my second attempt at posting, so here goes again! Love your blog! I enjoy your clever ways of taking something that most folks would trash and making it wonderful again. You’ve inspired me to do the same in my life!

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