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Thrift Score Thursday

This week’s thrift score came in the form of a gorgeous leather coat with a missing button!

Bummer.  :/

Bummer. :/

It was only $10, so I scooped it up anywho!

When I got it home, I dug through my tins of buttons, looking for 4 that were the right size…

Something's gotta work...right???

Something’s gotta work…right???

Sadly, I didn’t have any more than 3 matching buttons that were the right size.  :/

No worries!  I just removed one of the original buttons, and filled in the gaps with these guys:

Aren't they awesome?

Aren’t they awesome?

I think they'll do nicely!  :)

I think they’ll do nicely! :)

Check it out now!  :)

Can you tell I'm pleased?  :)

Can you tell I’m pleased? :)

I'm seriously digging on this coat!  :)

I’m seriously digging on this coat! :)


Wannabe Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!  :)

This week’s wannabe is based on this pretty silk peplum blouse by Piperline.

That'll be $79.

That’ll be $79.

Teal is my favorite color, and I love the relaxed look of this top!

I just knew I could make a copycat from this:

Welcome to my romper!

Welcome to my romper!

First, I made a couple of amputations:

Hmmmnnn...wonder what I'll make out of these!

Hmmmnnn…wonder what I’ll make out of these!

Later, Legs!

Later, Legs!

I’m close, but not quite there yet!  Those buttons just don’t match the clean & uncluttered look of the original top.  Before removing them, I placed pins between each one to keep the front placket nice and flat.

...then I got to ripping!

…then I got to ripping!

With the buttons removed and the placket pinned, I sewed the front down with a zigzag stitch twice.  This covered up those buttonholes.  :)

First you zig...then you zag!

First you zig…then you zag!

Almost done!  With the newly shortened length, the pockets from the original romper peeked out.  This would not do, so I shortened them a good bit.



Now that ooglay romper is a cute peplum top that looks a LOT like the original!

Behold! The power of the peplum!

The power of the peplum!

It's super-comfy too!

It’s super-comfy too!

Even Douglas likes it!  :)

Even Douglas likes it! :)

I rocked my new top over to Real Mexico for a delish dinner with friends!

Shrimp Tacos!  Nom!

Shrimp Tacos! Nom!

Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

Original Cost:  $79

Copycat Cost:  $1

Savings:  $78!

PicMonkey Collage

Q&A Monday: Shoulder Pads!

Q:  You do a LOT of refashions where you remove shoulder pads.  What do you do with them when you’re done?  Do you just throw them away?

Sing the praises of pads!  :)

Sing the praises of pads! :)

A:  Oh heck no!  Shoulder Pads are awesome (just not on your shoulders)!

Here are a few things you can make out of ’em!

Puppy Poo Bag Holder

When I take Douglas for his walks, I want to be a good neighbor and clean up after the little guy.  I could either buy a puppy poo bag dispenser/bag set for $5…



Orrrrrrr…I can make my own with old shoulder pads and Douglas’ old collar that’s too small for him now!

I think it's prettier, too!  :)

Of course Douglas is wearing clothes!  ;)

I can roll up about 5 old grocery bags in the pouch, and the collar can be attached to my wrist, belt loop, purse, or his leash.  Perfect!

Sunglasses Case

I have about a dozen pairs of sunglasses.  Most of them are of the super-cheap variety, but I still want to take good care of them.  The best way to keep them scratch-free when I toss them in my bag is to keep them in a cozy case!

Safe & Secure!

Safe & Secure!

Cat Toys

Kittehs love shoulder pads, too…especially when they’re stuffed with catnip and sewn into cute little mice!  Awhile back, I made a batch of these and gave them to local shelter cats.  They loved ’em!

Kittycat Crack.

Kittycat Crack!

Pan Handle Cover

Pan handle covers can run anywhere from $2 to $13.  But why bother running out to buy one, when you can just make your own from unwanted shoulder pads?

When you don't want to feel the (3rd degree) burn!

When you don’t want to feel the (3rd degree) burn!

A Cool Koozie

Shoulder pads make great koozies!  Keep your tasty brew nice & cold while matching your newly refashioned frock!



Jewelry Pouch

You can use a couple of shoulder pads, an old button, and a stretched-out hair tie to make a small pouch to keep your favorite pieces of jewelry protected!

These belonged to my Great-Grandmother, so I definitely want to keep them safe!

These belonged to my Great-Grandmother, so I definitely want to keep them safe!

A perfectly padded pouch!

A perfectly padded pouch!

What have you made out of old shoulder pads?

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