Thrift Score Thursday: Parisian or Little Old Lady?

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What do we think about today’s thrifted ensemble?

Ooh La La or Ew Nah Nah?
Ooh La La or Ew Nah Nah?

Ignore the fact that I’m standing weird.  Ignore the fact that this pic has been taken at a bizarre angle.  Ignore the fact that it was taken with the crappier of my two cameras (the one that would fit in my tiny clutch).

Do I look hip and trendy, or like a little old bag lady?  Bold black and white patterns are really big for 2013, and that’s what I’m going for here. it actually happening?
But…is it actually happening?

My top cost me $1 and the sweater skirt was only 50 cents!  :)  I paired the two with some houndstooth tights, my Doc Martins and this lovely owlie!

Hoo!  Hoo!
Hoo! Hoo!

…maybe if I add another accessory…

What about now?
What about now?
Does it help?  At all?
Does it help? At all?

For $1.50, I guess I really shouldn’t worry.  I got loads of compliments at work and continued rocking my cheapo ensemble to the theatre that night to see Boeing Boeing with my pal Amy, where any worries about looking octogenarian were quickly pushed out of my mind!  :)

Happy Theatre Goers!  :)
Happy Theatre Goers! :)



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50 thoughts on “Thrift Score Thursday: Parisian or Little Old Lady?

  1. To be honest, the length of the skirt seems to be the only issue, but then I’m kind of a knee showoff elitist, so I might not be the most objective person out there! =P Stripes and pink, way to go otherwise. Bold and beautiful.

    1. I agree that the length of the skirt is kind of what turns me off to this outfit. It’s that weird in between length…not short enough or long enough to be trendy. I love the top though! And maybe this summer you could get away with the outfit as is if you just wear it with sandals. Just my opinion : ) Love you blog!!

      1. I completely agree. I have a skirt about that same length and I either gather some of the fabric on the side and tie a knot to add a little texture and shorten the skirt, or I take the hem and wrap it around my body and pin it to the waistband on the opposite side to create a faux asymmetrical hem. That way the hem doesn’t hit at a weird spot and it adds a little something extra to an otherwise plain skirt.

    2. Same here. The only way this lengte works is with elegant heels. Otherwise you’re Better off with just above or at knee or long although you look petite, so maybe not. And something around the waist to bring those two together. I do like the top though and the idea of wearing it with à bright uni skirt.

  2. I think I agree: a belt would really pull it together. And it’s hard to tell because of the weird angle, but maybe the shirt untucked, then a big belt over it? But that’s being picky… ya still look all kindsa cute.

  3. I like the whole outfit but agree there is something odd with either the skirt length or the waist, can’t quite put my finger on it! Where did you get the red gloves with the buckles? So envious of your sewing skills and the ability to take pretty much anything and make it into a fashionable new outfit!!!

  4. I have to say the only thing I would change is the length of the skirt! I love stripes myself and a bright bold color on the bottom is one of my fave things to do lately (hello mint green pants, pale coral pants, Kelly green pants … the list goes on!)

  5. I think maybe “less is more” for the skirt – either wear the top out over the skirt or shorten the skirt, to create more balance between the two. Killer gloves! You look good in anything, in any case :)

  6. I like the bold stripes, very trendy! The red skirt is a great use of color, but I agree with several others, the length is a little weird. If it were mine, I’d probably shorten it to the knee or above.

    Maybe a wide black belt where the top and skirt meet would add some flair as well? Love the owl though!

  7. Love it with the gloves and jacket! Maybe the skirt should be longer? Are you on polyvore? Here’s my page You could put looks together and post them to your page. People get to comment and you can see others. Very inspiring! Btw Love your blog!!! I get so motivated and excited to try my own refashions. If you are ever in the Charlotte/Concord area let me know I”ll tell you all the great consignment shops :)

  8. I think this looks great! I love black white and red together. Also, Boeing Boeing is hilarious. I had to do a costume design project for it at school, very entertaining.

  9. Jill, I found you through Pinterest, read one entry and was hooked! I have been home recouping from surgery, so I read it from start to finish! You do amazing work, and I must say I am a little sad that I have now caught up!

  10. I know you are the refashionista queen, but I have a suggestion for making this awesome. Change the neckline of the top so that it is drop shouldered like the Paris styles!

  11. Very nice! The only thing I would do different is not tuck in the sweater. That is just me…I don’t like anything tucked in…or maybe if you had a large black wrap-belt. Also love the blue jean jacket and red gloves!

  12. I love every piece of this outfit separately. I also agree that the length of the skirt is weird. Nothing you can’t fix, though. The boots….awesome. The top….awesome. The skirt (besides length)…awesome. The gloves….super awesome!!!!

  13. Love the bold stripes and definitely dig it with the bright coloured skirt. I think I would like to see you run your machine over the side hems of the skirt, and make it more a pencil skirt style. Like others before me, a belt to polish it off.

    Love your work

  14. I would defiantly shorten the skirt, but add either a wide black belt or maybe a wide yellow belt for another pop of color!! The gloves are amazing very vintage chic !!

  15. I really like the combination, but for you, I agree with most of the crowd about the skirt. It’s a little big on you. If the skirt was more fitted, it would be sharp. A belt in black or red would be a showstopper.

  16. as a parisian for more than 15 years….I’m sorry I have to tell you it is NOT parisian. But I couldn’t tell you what it looks like. Not ugly, but not pretty either. You’re cute anyway!

  17. GREAT colour-combo…I think the sweater out, wide black belt; that would have a Parisian “feel” to it {or rather, the American idea of…} ;-) ~ LOVELY owl necklace!!

  18. Enough with the high-low. Too beautiful and classic of a skirt to do that to it. Just shorten it to knee-length to keep it timeless and add a “widish” black belt. Love the pieces together. A little black cardi might also be cute on a chilly day.

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