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Don’t let the title get you too excited for me, friends!  While today’s post does involve travel, it’s not to Montreal, but the significantly closer Athens, GA!   A pal of mine suggested getting out of dodge to see of Montreal at 40 Watt.  I was in!  I just needed something to wear for a mini road trip/concert…

Here we go!
Here we go!

Time is running out to rock more wintery refashions, so I’ve gotta start churning through my stash!  :)  I love the harvest colors in this dress, and the thick polyester fabric (hello, warmth!).

I put the dress on my dress form inside-out and pinned each side to take it in…

Getting it perfectly fitted!
Getting it perfectly fitted!

Then, I stitched it up!


I still wasn’t happy with the length, so some of that went too.


And here it is now!  :)

Loving those happy orange hues!
Loving those happy orange hues!

Peeps at Trappeze didn’t get to see much of my fab frock, as I was keeping cozy under my teal jacket.

Mmmmn!  Cider!
Mmmmn! Cider!

Then we got to 40 Watt!

Wait...what's a meat puppet????
Wait…what’s a meat puppet????

…Where I worried I might not be hip enough for the crowd.  :/

Instant Hipster!  Just add ironic hat & PBR!
Instant Hipster! Just add ironic hat & PBR!
Dan doesn't usually look so sullen...
Dan doesn’t usually look so sullen…
I honestly don't know what that big yellow thing is!
I honestly don’t know what that big yellow thing is!
...not am I certain of the identity of that fiendish white thing onstage!
…not am I certain of the identity of that fiendish white thing onstage!

The headliner was awesome, but I really enjoyed the incredibly fun opener, Yip Deceiver!

These guys!
These guys!

This was my first time visiting Athens, and I can’t wait to come back!  What a fun town!


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40 thoughts on “Of Montreal Dress

  1. I think I’ve learned as much from you about accessorizing as I have about refashioning. You always add the extra touches that make the outfit. I had been overlooking this aspect of putting an outfit together :)

    1. Aw…Thanks! I think this comes from my pre-refashioning days when I would save money by only buying black and grey clothing, but fun colored accessories to mix & match my rather small wardrobe and keep everything looking fresh!

    1. Oooooh! :) Cool! I stopped by a store whose name I cannot for the life of me remember where a very cool young lady was perched with her sewing machine refashioning things for the store! I was so excited!

  2. A very fun refashion indeed! I love the colors & pattern! Also, the meat puppets are worth a listen. An aunt of mine is from the “generation-x” era and listened to them often.

    1. It’s actually not very stretchy at all. But it IS warm! :) Thankfully I have the dress form which makes it easier to give a dress just the right amount of give since you can pin everything pretty exactly. :)

      1. I’m so glad you had fun in Athens! It’s my town and I love it. Although I do usually feel like a senior citizen when I go downtown and I’m only 28…

  3. what do you do with the sleeves ? when you took it in, do you take sleeves in too ? how do you sew around that ?

  4. Really nice and so hipster-ish! I love the crazy print and colors, reminds me of the 60’s. I think you need to get one of those hats,, looked awfully cute on you!

  5. Looks great! Your friend should gift you the hat. It’s too cute on you not too! And I love that color tights with it.

  6. The Meat Puppets!? Haven’t heard that band’s name since the late 80s…they used to play in NYC *all the time* and they were awesome back then! Could it be the same band??? I wonder… Love the dress. As usual you look adorable in it. I have a question though, about how you sew the “arc” line under the sleeve and down the sides of the dress. Do you ever find that you get a weird bunching right in the armpit area? It’s happened to me a couple times – not sure what i’m doing wrronng!!

  7. Oh my goodness, I THOUGHT that was you! I was standing behind you before the show started, and I was thinking to myself, “That looks like the ReFashionista!” I love your blog! Wasn’t that an awesome show?

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