Katy Perr-ody

Q &...No Answer...Just a Refash!
Then the Unthinkable Happened

Alright! I’m officially back in commission!  My new foot pedal/power cord is now happily plugged into my machine, and my camera is fixed!  :)

I originally planned this refashion for Wannabe Wednesday, but with my technical difficulties, that just didn’t happen…til now!

I spotted this sweet frock on the interwebs worn by Katy Perry:


Here it is again, styled with a sweet leather jacket.  I really love the feminine/slightly punk look of this outfit!

Although I doubt I could rock purple hair.
Although I doubt I could rock purple hair.

Of course I don’t have anything like this dress in my closet.  But I did have this dress on my to-be-refashioned rack!

Close enough, right?  Right?  No?  :(
Close enough, right? Right? No? :(

All this dress needed was a few tweaks to look like Katy’s!

First, I chopped out those shoulder pads.  They’ll make an awesome sunglasses case, methinks!

Pads are practical...just not on your shoulders!
Pads are practical…just not on your shoulders!

Then, I raised the hem a bit.  A guilty-looking Douglas watched.

"Sorry Mom!"
“Sorry Mom!”

While waiting on my new foot pedal to come in, I decided to just go ahead and buy a cheapo backup machine so this never happened again.

Unfortunately, it was broken right out of the box (do I have a gypsy curse on me or what?).  When I tried to hem that bottom raw edge, this happened.


After a close inspection, I discovered that part of the bobbin case was missing (Where’d it go?), so back to the store it went.

FINALLY, my pedal came in the mail!  I eagerly got back to finishing this rehash!

Hello, Old Friend!  :)
Hello, Old Friend! :)

The back of this dress had two sashes that were meant to be tied together.  Uh…no.  I went ahead and snipped those off.


Almost done!  I like the back of Katy’s dress, but I don’t want to go full-backless.  I think the backless look is cool in theory, but as I prefer to not go braless, I opted for a peekaboo back instead.  I used one of the side tie thingies to make it happen.


I stitched my V and the strap down.

Lookin' good!
Lookin’ good!

I gave my frock a good press, and was ready to head off to Wine Down on Main for mimosas with friends before hitting up the Soda City Market for some tasty organic fare!

Similar, no?
Similar, no?
Much thanks to Jonel for lending me your skinny belt to complete my outfit!
Much thanks to Jonel for lending me your skinny belt to complete my outfit!
Le back!
Le back!
'Ello Gents!
‘Ello Gents!
Main Street has come a looooong way!  :)
Main Street has come a looooong way! :)

Later that evening, I headed over to a pal’s place for an egg-themed (Happy Easter!) potluck!

A beautiful day to sit outside!  :)
A beautiful day to sit outside! :)
It's an EGG-stravaganza!
It’s an EGG-stravaganza!
These cookies were EGG-cellent!
These cookies were EGG-cellent!
Mmmmnnn!  Egg salad sammiches!
Mmmmnnn! Egg salad sammiches!
I made a couple of Quiches...and no...I'm not YOLKing!  :P
I made a couple of Quiches…and no…I’m not YOLKing! :P

A bit of plastic egg truth-or-dare followed!

My challenge.
My challenge.
The wine stain on his leg really classes this pic up!  ;)
The wine stain on his leg really classes this pic up! ;)
Don't ask!
Don’t ask!
I seriously have the most fun friends in the world!  :)
I seriously have the most fun friends in the world! :)
We EGG-cell at having a great time!  ;)
We EGG-cell at having a great time! ;)


I must say I'm rather pleased!  :)
I must say I’m rather pleased! :)

44 thoughts on “Katy Perr-ody

  1. Please look into acquiring a vintage machine as a back-up. You go to the thrifts anyway, why not keep an eye out for a good all-metal, easy to fix, never gonna wear out machine.

    1. I whole heatedly agree! I have a 1960s Singer that I picked up at a thrift store when they were having an “Anything With A Cord Is 1/2 Price” sale for $6.50. It straight stitches and zig-zags, without any attachments, and came with the original manual and most of the attachments. As an added bonus, it also came with a box of cams that make decorative stitches, which are sometimes fun on sleeves and hems. Start perusing your haunts for old Singers! They are the BEST!

    2. I had a 1960’s vintage singer. A “klunker” of my mother’s. It still had the Air Canada carry on stickers from the time it was moved to Edmonton from Halifax. Airport security didn’t know what to do with it! Well, neither did the repair shop when it stopped working and I brought it in, lamenting about its sentimental value. They explained that klunker machines have nylon gears, and once one set goes, the second generally follows 6 months later. These nylon gears are difficult to replace and cost a whopping $80 for each repair!!! What??? Yes.

      So, its incredible if you find a working klunker for under $10, but buyer beware if you find yourself spending any more on it. It may seem undeniably retro, and as durable as an army tank, but if it goes awry you may be in the hole. :( It was a sad day for me. I really loved that heavy thing.

  2. So cute! I love reading your blog – it makes me feel like I don’t have to be afraid of giving things a “go” with my sewing machine. Thanks and Happy Easter :)

  3. How much was the original dress? How much was the one you made? Don’t leave the savings a suspense :) love it btw

  4. I love this one!! You did a great job. The red is especially a breath of fresh air. I’m in New York and have seen nothing but snow and parkas since November :) love your blog!

  5. Egg-streamly good refashion! (sorry i couldnt help myself)
    I much prefer your version of the dress, more wearable and nicer print.

  6. I just love your doggie Douglas! He is so sweet! He looks really sorry about the cord! But I tigress,Happy Easter! This is my favorite refash as of yet! Sooooo cute!

  7. I think it is so fun to watch you take the ugliest dresses and turn them into such cute outfits. You need to start an ugly bridesmade dress refashioned segment. The uglier the better. People send you dresses and you rescue them and enlighten all of us.

  8. The top of the dress makes yours so much better. I’ve followed your blog for awhile and I’m always inspired. This summer I am going to learn how to sew and refashion.Thanks, Jillian!

  9. Such a cute dress for spring! I love the before and after collages you’re including at the end of your posts now.

  10. I like the dress a lot, but i think it would be even better if your brought down the neck line just a tad to match to the original dress a little bit better.

  11. Hello!!

    Love everything you do. I have a dress I bought and when I tried to dye it black the thread stayed white. Ive read that most threads wont dye. I was wondering if you have ever had this problem and if you think overdying would be the solution.
    Thanks! Haley

    1. Use a black sharpie or other permanent ink marker on the visible stitches, overdyeing will not help!

  12. its lovely, next summer you could still take some more back away, if you find a solution for visible bra strap , halter?

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