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I’ve gotten a bunch of comments asking me to step away from the dresses for a bit and make a top for a change!

I’m listening.  There.  Now don’t you feel special?  :)

I started with this oversized $1 thrifted nightgown.


The fabric is super-comfy, and I like that bright springy greenish-blue hue!  Other than that, it’s not very practical outside of the bedroom though.  :/

Plus, there were holes at the armpits!

Did somebody just want to add some A/C????
Did somebody just want to add some A/C????

The challenge in making something out of sleepwear is that it’s realllly hard to remove everything from it that says, “Hey!  I’m pajamas, y’all!”.  I knew I’d have to do a total reshape on this one.

First, I chopped some of the nightgowny length off!


Then, I took in the sides by about 3″.

First I pinned...
First I pinned…
...then I stitched!
…then I stitched!

I cut off the excess material, making my top sleeveless as I went!

It's shaping up nicely!
It’s shaping up nicely!

I’m so close!  Those raw edges were fraying like crazy, so I hemmed them down.

Arm holes!
Arm holes!

I tried my top on, but still wasn’t happy with it.  I hated that button-up neckline.  :(

Dude...one of the buttons doesn't even match!  :/
Dude…one of the buttons doesn’t even match! :/

I thought about just making the neckline into a V, but c’mon!  That’s boring!  This top needs something special…like a funky zipper I salvaged from a damaged skirt!  :)

I basted the zipper in place…

This'll keep it in place!
This’ll keep it in place!

Then with the help of my machine’s zipper foot (it’s super-easy to change your machine’s feet btw!), I carefully stitched it down!


I removed my basting stitches, and my top was done!

Here’s the front:

What in the world is up with my facial expression?  The mind reels...
What in the world is up with my facial expression? The mind reels…

…and here’s the sweet new back!


I grabbed Douglas and took him along with me to get some tasty fresh local produce at the Soda City Farmers Market!

Some of you have mentioned that you’re worried that you always see me with an alcoholic beverage in my hand (Hey…you try working in state government, mkay?).  So here’s something completely different!  ;)

Just plain ol' wholesome coffee!  :)
Just plain ol’ wholesome coffee! :)

Douglas had a blast with his puppy pals…

Dachsund Overload!!!
It’s Igor, Dougie, and Max! :)

…while Dan and I experimented with accessories!

Number One?
Number One?
Or Number Two?
Or Number Two?

Cheers (in a totally non-alcoholic kind of way)!

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63 thoughts on “Unzipped Top

  1. I love the color of this top, and the summery look to it. There’s still snow on the ground here (lots of it, heaps and heaps of it) in Edmonton, Alberta. However, I’m not such a fan of the zipper. It just doesn’t look like it belongs there. It needs a more fancy closure, maybe a vintage brooch or something? Anyway, just curious. Haven’t seen many pics lately of the new fella. Is he still in the picture?

  2. Love this refash!! Very cute. The Zipper was a GREAT idea because you’re right, it is hard to camouflage the fact that this used to be jammies! Awesome job. (#2 btw, made me giggle)

  3. Looks great- You are so cute though that you would look good in a feed bag! (old farmer’s term). What happened to the love-of-your-life? Hope all is good there-haven’t seen his pic in a while here- xo Diana

  4. I know it’s none of my business, but we haven’t s seen you with your guy? What’s up, got a new one or he’s just shy? Forgive me for asking but I am sooooo nosey.

    1. Wow just realized I’m not the only one asking. Just read all the comments and I am just one of many inquiring minds.

  5. super cute!! I love it.
    I was at my local thrift store and picked up a crazy uggg-lay 1980’s styled prom dress. I oddly could not walk away from it, partly because it was so ridiculous and partly because the material is really pretty and I knew I couldn’t buy that fabric that cheap. Have you ever done a ReFashionista on a prom dress?

    1. I can’t remember what day it was but she had a prom dress that she was going to use as a wedding dress. When they broke up she made it into a super cute and chic shirt dress.

  6. I’m sure you get so many requests of things to add to your posts but what about fabric content? I’m curious what this nightgown is made of? It’s hard to tell from the pictures if the fabric is shiney or not. It’s also nice to know what the fabric is when you do your dying. Looks great! Love your stuff!

  7. So I found you on Pintrest and I think what you do is amazing……do you ever take suggestions from people on projects you could do?

  8. I am kind of amazed at all the interest in your personal life lol… if you drink it’s okay, and all the questions about her love life, she will volunteer if she wants people. She is on here to inspire us with refashion, and to occasionally throw in life tidbits! This is crazy to me!

      1. Ditto! Your personal life is yours to live, Jillian – if you want to share, that’s great; if not, well, that’s fine too! I just feel lucky that you share your talent & creativity to inspire so many people to try something different.

    1. I’m in total agreement with all of you! Personally, I drink a few glasses of wine a week, particularly when I’m out with friends, which is also a fine time to show off any new outfits. Therefore, if you find me in a picture, I’m probably out having a good time, making the picture worth something. :) I always loved seeing Jillian out with her friends in the after shots, personalizing her outfits, if you will. That girl ain’t no old bitty!!! Na zdraví!!!

  9. I like!! How on earth did you do the armseye (sp) though? Whenever I try to fold over a curve area it comes out horrible. LOL About the alcohol, the other day my daughter said “She drinks a lot”. I told her that more than likely, it just so happens that you take pics on fun outings (or innings) where people normally drink casually and that we’re only seeing a snippet of your week so in actuality it’s not a lot after all : )

    1. Oh, not, not a lot just the right amount — sharing wine and beer with good friends — sharing the love. By the way, talking about alcohol, I made banana bread, but I discovered my daughter drank up the last bit of milk without my knowing it, so I substituted 1/2 C rum (was supposed to be 1 C milk) and added 1/2 more of flour. I thought, if if works out great — it was the best banana bread ever!

  10. That’s an awesome refashion! I would have never thought to turn the shirt around!! You definitely make me see that you can literally do anything to a piece of clothing!

  11. I love it!!!!! I thoroughly enjoy your blog. It makes my day every time I see you posted a new entry on Facebook. Please keep up the good work. It is very encouraging to those of us a little less gifted.

  12. Great refashion, but that’s just you!!!! Love it! And a Night Gown!!! Really have widened my vision!!!! Thanks and keep up the good work!!! Also, don’t worry about the alcohol comments or where’s your dude questions. As someone said earlier, she’s been sewing for years and still has all 10 fingers!!! GO!!! JILL!!!!

  13. I think this turned out very cute – and I like the zipper, too! As someone said before me, I think I will stroll through the nightgown section of the thrift store more often, too.

  14. Fabulous dahling! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. I love the top. I need to start refashioning more tops. Now I’m bummed cuz I was just at the thrift store yesterday and passed up on a similar nightie cuz I didn’t have any ideas for it. (and yesterday was the day it was on sale for .49). :( Bummer. Oh well. Thanks for all the inspiration! :)


  15. Always love your vision! I can’t find the $1 bargains. I’d like to refashion some of my own things (lost some weight :-) , but most have sleeves ( I want to keep) and jackets. Any ideas on that?

  16. I have fallen for your blog… so please don’t change a tap about yourself, you have inspired me to get back into sewing!

    Love the top!

    Hello from Ireland :)

  17. Love this refash!! And about the previous response with alcoholic bev’s, I wasn’t meaning to judge you or be rude. I’m sorry if it came off tht way. I just want you to be healthy! :)

  18. I’m a bigger girl, so when I thrift, I go through the usually miniscule plus size section and call it a day. But this zipper thing was such a good idea, I may have to poke around in the average sizes for gems like that!

  19. oMg…..rrrrrreally? comments on other things in your photos, i.e. alcoholic beverages?
    I’m sooooo, sorry :(

    PEOPLE…C’mon get a life!!! … we’re reading and seeing stuff about C-L-O-T-H-E-S….CLOTHES here!!! IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS what else is in the photo!!! Move along if you don’t like what you see!!! (cept when it comes to puppy <3'in on Dougie!)

    Keep up the gggggggreat work!
    Dah-ling, You look mah-velous. Absolutely mah-velous. xoxoxox

  20. Hi :-) came across your blog on pinterest…I am loving looking through all your refashions! Am so inspired now to do some refashions myself now…thank you!

  21. I have spent HOURS on your blog, totally amazing!! I think aside from *your* favorite refashion, the simple black dress, which I love, this is MY favorite! I am def going to be on the lookout for silk nighties now!!! You are so talented!

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