April 26th 2013 archive

A Notable No-Sew Dress!

During my 366 (It was a leap year!) day project, I did quite a few no-sew refashions, but I’ve really stayed away from those as of late.  I’ve gotten a few emails asking for refashion ideas for those of you who don’t have/don’t want/are violently fearful of a sewing machine. Well…this refash is for you!  :)

I started off with this $1 thrifted little old ladyish dress right here:

Oh the possibilities!

Oh the possibilities!

I love the paisly pattern, but the fit/style is just plain off.

I didn’t feel like sewing, so I did this:



…which was quickly followed by this:

Tied up in knots!

Tied up in knots!

I tied the sleeves into what I call a “bathrobe knot”.  Not a full bow, just half of one (I really hate bows, which is why you don’t ever see them here.  Go ahead…try and find one.  I dare ya!).

Check that dress out now!

Seriously...does it get any easier than this?

Seriously…does it get any easier than this?

I added on a colorful belt to cinch the waist, and tossed on some turquoise sandals (there’s a bit of turquoise in the print of the dress, but it’s hard to see here).

I think it looks rather nice, but Douglas seems unimpressed.  :/



Meh.  Everyone’s a critic!  :/

Oh you know...just settling in to read a depressing play...

Oh you know…just settling in to read a depressing play…