Reunited Dress

Memorial Day Dress
A Sleeve Reprieve Dress

About a decade ago (OH MY GOD I FEEL SO OLD!!!), I was something close to a Junior at the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!).  I was not the most studious student, folks.  :/  While my dedication to my major (Theatre) was strong, I couldn’t quite make myself give any flips at all about other subjects like…say…Statistics.  Don’t worry!  I did eventually graduate and somehow even managed to convince someone to hire me!  :)

While I could just accept personal responsibility for my inability to choose studying over partying, I prefer to blame the company I kept at the time….specifically two of my best buds, Mike and Travis.  :)

We hadn’t gotten together to hang out in a couple of years, and decided it was time to relive our gloriously misspent college days!

And I knew JUST what I wanted to wear!

Who decided this ever needed to be a thing????
Who decided this ever needed to be a thing????

Seriously?  What is this about?  I think it’s supposed to be some sort of sleepwear/loungewear thing, but I honestly haven’t a clue.  I just hope someone was fired for this garment’s conception.

It’s hard to know where to start with something like this.  Luckily, I was already dying some of my faded black Tshirts to get them looking nice & new again.  I tossed this into the dye bath as well!  :)

Going back to black!
Going back to black!
Hop on in!
Hop on in!

After the dye bath, I began the process of turning this jumpsuit into a proper dress.  First, I removed just a bit of length from the legs.  This will make the whole thing easier to work with.

Spock helped!  :)
Spock helped! :)

Then, I trimmed the seams from the crotch allll the way down each leg.  I did the same for the back as well.

Trimmy trim trim!
Trimmy trim trim!


I put my future dress on my form and got to pinning!

First, I pinned the open front and back seams to make a skirt.


The sides got taken in a smidge as well!

Getting it nice and fitted!
Getting it nice and fitted!

I stitched all of this down on my machine, trimmed off the excess fabric with my pinking shears, and was almost done!  :)

I put my dress on and pinned where I wanted to make my final chop!

Just a litttle more!
Just a litttle more!

Then, I hemmed that bottom raw edge!


Now that dress is ready for a happy reunion with my college chums!  :)

I must say, I'm rather pleased!  :)
I must say, I’m rather pleased! :)

I styled my $1 dress with a $1 thrifted belt and a pair of TOMs (which cost a good bit more than $1).

It was great getting to hang out with my old roommates/pals!

Love these guys!
Love these guys!
Hey, Mike!
Hey, Mike!


Hi there, Travis!  :)
Hi there, Travis! :)

Many beers were consumed…

...but mostly tiny beers!
…but mostly tiny beers!


Take THAT, liver!  ;)
Take THAT, liver! ;)

Much fatty food was consumed!


And much happy reminiscing and catching up occurred!  :)

Toniiiiiight....We're not young...;)
Toniiiiiight….We’re not young…;)

Cheers to old friends!  :)


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81 thoughts on “Reunited Dress

      1. About 5 inches I think, I didn’t actually measure I just cut and sewed! I’ve got a few more to post within the next few days :) I’m going to do a 40 day 40 outfits challenge for clothes for my holiday in June :) thanks for looking at my blog!! Xx

  1. Wow…now that is a big difference. (I hate to admit this but I wore something similar I think early 90’s… it wasn’t pj’s just a summer jumpsuit) You’ve really opened my eyes to look at garments in a whole new way. I haven’t refasioned anything yet but think I’ll start with what is in my closet before I toss anything. Thanks for sharing your creativity!!!

  2. I wore a couple of jumpsuits like that when I was in middle school–can you believe a lot of girls did?!? I’m sure my mom still has the original pattern! haha. Love your results!

    1. Yep…I had quite a few of them in the early 90’s and you know what? I was totally rad when I wore them. I would have my wild, curly hair in a pony tail to the side (with plenty of Aquanet to make my already big hair even bigger), slouched socks and high-top Reeboks or LA Gears. lol

  3. super cute! i’m not sure wth it was beforehand, but you sure managed to turn it into something fab!
    ps my mom was a theatre major at the “real” usc in the 1970’s :)

      1. ha. i should have clarified. my mom graduated from the “real” usc, meaning south carolina in the 70’s. incidentally, she ended up moving to cali a few years before i was born. her teacher was emmalee and they still keep in touch :)

  4. Great re-fashion, I am an avid follower. By the way angelfairydust blogger lives in my city, please drop me a line if you read this. Liz.

  5. late eighties to early nineties … they were referred to as “party pants” and were actually really popular with kids and adults. scary, but true. they look much better as a dress, though.

  6. That’s amazing, total transformation!
    Love your blog and I must say the other day while doing a little refashion of my own my hubby caught me saying out loud, “Whirrrrrr!”, as I was sewing up some hems. Haha!

  7. That is awesome! I found some thrift store dresses (although sadly not for $1) that I’m dying to repurpose. This is great!

    Amanda @ Running In Heels

  8. Please press open your seams before hemming….would look so much nicer…great idea, though, and love the way the dye left the print but modernized it.

  9. I love the dye job! I am curious, if I use Rit dye in the washing machine like you do, does it stain the inside of the washer? Or how do you know its all out of there for the next load?

    1. It really won’t stain it if you run the machine empty with detergent and bleach when you’re done. Or you can just wait til your roomate does their laundry to be safe…;)

  10. You mean you didn’t love that … pink … jumpsuit … garment?!

    Nice job. I like how you put that belt and shoes with it. Understated but very sharp.

  11. Fab refash, doesn’t look a thing like the original piece. Also, those TOMS! I’ve had my eye on those when I saw in your winery blog pics, v. niiiice!

  12. Pretty clever! I’m curious as to how many wearings you get out of an item after you’ve refashioned it? And what do you do with them when you’ve grown tired of them, re-donate?

    1. It really depends on how much I like it. When I’m done wearing something, I either give it to a friend, or donate it. I feel like I’m releasing a rescued animal back out into the wild! :)

  13. Yay! I was so happy to Spock. I was worried you brought him to the animal shelter when you donated you shoulder pad mice toys. Such a happy family :) Nice refash too (as always)

  14. So were you at USC (I went to USC in LA) when they almost almost played Oregon State? You don’t know how hard I was rooting for the Cocks vs the Beavers. It’s still a dream of mine to see that. ;)

  15. I really like the outcome of this refashion. From an outfit that flatters NO ONE to a cute dress with many possiblities. This is a also a great refashion from trousers to a skirt.

    If you feel old by saying “a decade ago” when talking about your college days, wait until you start saying “two decades ago”. :D

  16. Nice job! But girl, we need to get you an iron for your after shot. ;-) And yes, I’m pretty sure these were not pajamas. I wore something similar in the early 90’s!

  17. Even though I an not the least bit talented in the textiles area, I LOVE your blog! You are so inspired and imaginative. I look forward to every post, as it’s like opening a surprise package. Thanks for sharing your wonderful mind with us. Have a great Memorial Day!

  18. In the 7th grade…22 years ago we called these “Bubble Suits”. My granny made one for all of her granddaughters. We loved them!! haha!! my my my how fashion has changed!

  19. Love it! And I’m glad you did this refashion, much appreciated! I’ve seen a few jumpers (adult onesies) and dreamed of turning them into dress…alas my dreams shall come true!!!

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