A Sunburnt Strapless Dress

I love dark blue!  I think it’s a good color for me and it really works with the pale skin/dark hair combo I’ve got going on.  :)

Love it!

Love it!

What I don’t love is the terribly dated look of this frock!  With that high neck and those puffy sleeves I’d die of heat exhaustion.  That cool v-pattern and those awesome buttons won me over, though!  :)

This dress fit me just fine.  But lots of things had to go!

I started with that neck tie thingy.



That one little snip led me to a chopping frenzy!



As you can see, I chopped off a little extra from the sides.  This meant I needed to stitch them right back up!

Pin.  Stich.  Repeat.

Pin. Stitch. Repeat.



Now that I’ve gotten those sides together, it’s time to figure out the top!

I pinned the top part over once and pinned it down, making sure to keep the alignment of the cool V-shaped folds.

Gimme a V!

Gimme a V!

When stitching something like this down on your machine, you’ll want to make sure the direction you’re sewing in isn’t going against the direction of the detail you’re sewing down.   For me, this meant starting my stitchery at the front middle, stopping at the back, then starting again, with the top facing the other way.




I stitched the top down with a zigzag stitch so it would be able to stretch.  If the fabric wasn’t as stretchy, I’d want to add elastic.  Luckily, I didn’t need to!

My new dress was perfect for my sadly sunburned skin!  I tossed on a $1 thrifted belt to break up the solid color a bit and make my new dress more springy!  :)

Straps would not do!  Yowch!

Straps would not do! Yowch!

I went tubing down the river with pals over the weekend.  And forgot to apply sunscreen.   :(  It was pretty miserable…

Not.  Fun.  Times.  :/

Not. Fun. Times. :/

…and you can’t even see the worst of it (be glad!)!

After languishing at home all day slathering myself in aloe goo in between cold showers, I desperately needed to get out of the house!

Luckily, The Kraken was having one of their awesome $2 beer sales!  I met up with a friend to check it out!  :)



Soooo "hoppy" to not be stuck at home anymore!

Soooo “hoppy” to not be stuck at home anymore!


Oh!  And thanks to everyone who voted in my One Dress, Three Ways series!


Lucky Dress #2 was the winner,

Sassy, no?

Sassy, no?


followed by Top #3


(although plenty of you gave Dress #1 some no-sew love too!)



Thanks for voting!  I’ll DEFINITELY be doing something like this again!


Caeley’s Reader ReFash!

One of my deepest regrets was not learning how to sew when I was younger.  When I think of all the awesome creations I could have made, the money I could have saved, and the fun I could have had, I get a little down.  :/

But lately, I’ve been reading this book:

It's an amazing read!

It’s an amazing read!

…and thinking about this quote:

quotes2 copy

For some reason, this speaks to me.  It makes me feel not so bad about waiting so to learn how to do something I enjoy more than anything else in the world.  :)

But then there’s girls like Caeley!

Meh...it's not bad but...

Meh…it’s not bad but…

Caeley is 12, and a budding refashionista!  She began began going through her closet to see what she could refashion (So jealous I wasn’t doing this at her age!  Gah!)

To get started, she marked the length of her old sweater to where she’d like the new one to fall.

Duly noted!

Duly noted!

Then, she snipped off those neck tie thingies!



She pinned and stitched up the front opening…

Like ya do!

Like ya do!

After a quick chop, a new hem, and turnaround so the front seam was in the back, Caeley’s new sweater was complete!  :)



Check it out!



She even included a pic of her holding a drink!  She’s clearly a girl after my own heart!  :)

Refashionistas are thirsty creatures!

Refashionistas are thirsty creatures!

Awesome job Caeley!  You rock!  :)


Ashley’s Reader ReFash!

I’m LOVING all of the terrific Reader ReFashes you guys have been sending in!  This week’s comes from Ashley in Philly (Hey!  I was just there!).

She began with this ho-hum dress right here:

She might just be my funny face twin!  :)

She might just be my funny face twin! :)

I found this dress at a thrift store for around 3 dollars.  I took in the sides and took off some length, chopped off the sleeves, turned the dress around so the buttons are in the back, and cut the neckline down a bit.  The after picture is taken next to the Delaware River in New Hope, PA.  I got two compliments on the dress from total strangers, which totally made my day!

Look at that dress now!

Congrats, Ashley!  You did that dress a favor!

Congrats, Ashley! You did that dress a favor!

I like how she mentions getting compliments from strangers about her refashion.  That’s one of the BEST feelings…having others appreciate something that you created!  And instead of saying, “Thanks!  I got it at *insert boring store name here*”, you get to say, “Thanks!  I made it out of something else!”

Which response would you rather give?  Which response sounds like a fun conversation starter?  I rest my case.  :)

Cheers!  Keep those awesome refashes coming!  :)