Chloe’s Reader ReFash!

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Wannabe Wednesday: Soft Joie Edition

I am so so so so SO happy with all the fantabulous Reader ReFashes you guys have been sending my way!  You are a terrifically creative & resourceful bunch!  :)

This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Chloe in San Angelo, Texas!

She started off with this 80s dress from Goodwill:


Don't let the smile fool ya.  She is not happy with this dress as-is!
Don’t let the smile fool ya. She is not happy with this dress as-is!

I found THE dress at my local Goodwill. Even on the rack, I knew it was shapeless and 80s, but I absolutely loved the pattern. (I’m obsessed with polka dots. It’s probably unhealthy how much I am.) This pattern was like a quasi-dot, but it was just great, and I loved the color  (I’ve been wanting a red dress forever) .

Ah!  I am no stranger to the siren song of an awesome print!  :)

Chloe snipped, stitched, and literally turned that frumpy dress around!  I love how she went one-shoulder with it!  I’m going to have to make one of these for myself!  :)

Lady in Reeeeeed!
Lady in Reeeeeed!


Check out the cute buttoned back!

The front is now the back!
The front is now the back!

You might not believe this (I’m not quite sure if I do), but this is her FIRST EVER REFASHION!!!  Can you believe that?

You can read more about how she executed this refashion at her blog, PurpleBees Creations.

Keep up the awesome work, Chloe!  :)


23 thoughts on “Chloe’s Reader ReFash!

    1. I’ve been sewing for 55 years and taught myself on a treadle machine. I was a latch-key child at the age of 5. I was forbidden to touch the machine, as soon as my Mother left for work, I would jump on it! That, and the kitchen stove. Stood on a stool to cook. In 1968 I received a B.S. degree in clothing, textiles and merchandising, with high emphasis on food and nutrition. Get thee to a basic sewing class and you will soar! If you can read, you can sew and cook!

  1. From school marm to artsy and sassy. You are all going to inspire me to finally break my machine out of the box.

  2. I totally love this refashion!! I remember my mother wearing those 80s dresses. How creative!! Great job seeing what a baglady dress could become!!inspiring! :-)

  3. I like how you brought this dress into the 21st Century! That’s the art of design, seeing past the tangible and exlporing all the possibilities. Good work!

  4. It looks awesome! Love the red color for ya too! looks like you should find more red pieces to add to your wardrobe the color is stellar on ya!

  5. I absolutely love this style! Very good first refashion! My sister and I just completed our first refashion as well with a pair of jeans. We would love it if you would check us out :)

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