Ashley’s Reader ReFash!

Caeley's Reader ReFash!
One Dress, Three Ways III !

I’m LOVING all of the terrific Reader ReFashes you guys have been sending in!  This week’s comes from Ashley in Philly (Hey!  I was just there!).

She began with this ho-hum dress right here:

She might just be my funny face twin!  :)
She might just be my funny face twin! :)

I found this dress at a thrift store for around 3 dollars.  I took in the sides and took off some length, chopped off the sleeves, turned the dress around so the buttons are in the back, and cut the neckline down a bit.  The after picture is taken next to the Delaware River in New Hope, PA.  I got two compliments on the dress from total strangers, which totally made my day!

Look at that dress now!

Congrats, Ashley!  You did that dress a favor!
Congrats, Ashley! You did that dress a favor!

I like how she mentions getting compliments from strangers about her refashion.  That’s one of the BEST feelings…having others appreciate something that you created!  And instead of saying, “Thanks!  I got it at *insert boring store name here*”, you get to say, “Thanks!  I made it out of something else!”

Which response would you rather give?  Which response sounds like a fun conversation starter?  I rest my case.  :)

Cheers!  Keep those awesome refashes coming!  :)


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26 thoughts on “Ashley’s Reader ReFash!

  1. <3 Great job! So funny cause I thought it was you when it came up on my facebook feed…she is your twin. Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

  2. It really is the best when someone compliments something you made. I was floating in the lazy river of our water park and a woman complimented my swim suit. I think my “thanks!” was waaay over enthused because she floated away before I could explain that I made it from scratch.

  3. I literally “LOL’d” when I read your comment after her picture cause I thought the exact same thing: she’s your funny face/pose twin!
    So bummed there’s not a picture of the refash-back. I’m sure it’s fab!

  4. I enjoy all the pictures & the re-fashioning but I would like to see a refashion from a plus size person. I recognize that the clothing is too big for the person who is refashioning & I think it would be a rare find for a plus size person to be able to refashion a garment. Keep up the refashioning….

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