Caeley’s Reader ReFash!

A Sunburnt Strapless Dress
Ashley's Reader ReFash!

One of my deepest regrets was not learning how to sew when I was younger.  When I think of all the awesome creations I could have made, the money I could have saved, and the fun I could have had, I get a little down.  :/

But lately, I’ve been reading this book:

It's an amazing read!
It’s an amazing read!

…and thinking about this quote:

quotes2 copy

For some reason, this speaks to me.  It makes me feel not so bad about waiting so to learn how to do something I enjoy more than anything else in the world.  :)

But then there’s girls like Caeley!'s not bad but...
Meh…it’s not bad but…

Caeley is 12, and a budding refashionista!  She began began going through her closet to see what she could refashion (So jealous I wasn’t doing this at her age!  Gah!)

To get started, she marked the length of her old sweater to where she’d like the new one to fall.

Duly noted!
Duly noted!

Then, she snipped off those neck tie thingies!


She pinned and stitched up the front opening…

Like ya do!
Like ya do!

After a quick chop, a new hem, and turnaround so the front seam was in the back, Caeley’s new sweater was complete!  :)


Check it out!


She even included a pic of her holding a drink!  She’s clearly a girl after my own heart!  :)

Refashionistas are thirsty creatures!
Refashionistas are thirsty creatures!

Awesome job Caeley!  You rock!  :)


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52 thoughts on “Caeley’s Reader ReFash!

  1. I love that quote–perhaps I will make a future quipple out of it. I also want to learn how to re-fash, but alas, I feel like I need a sewing machine! Luckily my friend N (who introduced me to your blog!) is going to teach me some basic sewing skills this summer. N, if you see this…I’m hoping our lessons can start in July! ;D

  2. A-DORB!!!! Great job, and never lose that light in your eyes, Ms. C! The world needs more imaginative, spirited and creative young women!!

  3. Very cute! How difficult is it to sew a sweater? If you cut the length shorter, wouldn’t it just all unravel? Or is that a dumb question? :)

  4. Great job Caeley! I learned how to sew when I was eight, from watching my mom, who sewed to be fashionable and save money. I did get into a little trouble with my first sewing experience, because I cut up some of mom’s designer scarves (believe they were Pucci and Hermes, it was the 70’s) to make Barbie clothes! Oh well…she never wore them! lol I am partially self-taught, partially high-school home-ec taught. The only awards I received in high school were for sewing and interior design, so you can see where my interests lay. I hadn’t really sewn in many years, but recently started up again, making Harry Potter dolls for my daughters for Christmas… of my own design! I now sell them through my facebook page at ElliesQuirkyCreations. I started “refashioning” as a teen, pants into shorts and capris, long-sleeve tops into short-sleeve tops, taking in clothes to fit better, etcetera. Jillian, you have inspired me to get back into it, and I have refashioned several items from the thrift store recently, including two dresses, two pairs of pants, and a nightgown. You will be seeing a reader refashion from me soon!

  5. Fabulous Re-Fahs!! Also, read this book a few summer’s ago and it was an absolute inspiration to me! I too am in my early 30s (gasp!!!) and it taught me that it is never too late to learn something new and follow your passion. I loves me some JC!

  6. I am one of 7 daughters and luckily, my Mom taught each of us to sew, starting at a very young age. ( I was using doll clothing patterns at age 6.) It’s never too late to learn. Find a class and go for it.

  7. You did an awesome job! I wish more girls your age had a passion for refashioned clothing. I teach high school home ec and none of my students are as talented as you when it comes to sewing.

  8. Great job Caeley!!! Oh and BTW, that book is AMAZING – I’ve re read it several times and never get sick of it. And it led me into more Julia Child reading/cooking, double win!

  9. LOVE the quote!!!! LOVE IT. I sometimes see people who are doing all these amazing things at such a young age and, being in my late twenties, I often feel sad that I haven’t accomplished all these amazing things like them. Then after reading a quote like this, or reading about people who have done really important things later in their lives really makes me feel better, like, “Hey! There’s still tons of time!” So, thanks for that, Jillian!

    And awesome job Caeley! :)

  10. Wow, AMAZING! So cute. I can’t sew a single thing…in fact my boyfriend recently sewed up a hole in my sweater, and helped me make curtains. VERY sad, I know. But I am learning, which is why I love this blog! It’s constant inspiration.

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