Wannabe Wednesday: Fractured Floral Edition

Windy Hill Dress
Danielle's Reader ReFash!

When I saw this dress by Juicy Couture, I was in love!

That'll be $139 of love.
That’ll be $139 of love.

As you can probably guess, this story doesn’t end with me clicking on “add to cart” and waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  Oh no, friend.  I haven’t spent $139 on a dress in years, and I’m not about to start now!

Luckily, I had this dress I found for $1 with some ganked-up interfacing coming out everywhere!  :)

I'm a lucky gal.  I promise.
I’m a lucky gal. I promise.

It’s patterned and blue!  And it’s about to have much more in common with that inspiration dress!  :)

To get started, I hacked off the collar and shortened the sleeves.

Hackity Hack.
Hackity Hack.

Now.  I knew I would need to take this dress in, but I also needed to get the shape of the top of the dress looking something like the end result before I did so (make sense?).  Soooo…I made a couple of cuts!

Deconstruction in progress!
Deconstruction in progress!

I pinned it on my dress form and used safety pins to make a v-neck and pinned the shoulders together.

Okay...now we're getting the basic idear.
Okay…now we’re getting the basic idear.

NOW I’m ready to start reshaping!  I put the dress on my form inside-out and took the sides in, trying not to make the top too fitted.  I wanted it to be a little free like the Juicy version.  :)

Coming right along!
Coming right along!

Each side went under the needle…


I snipped off the excess fabric and put my dress back on the form.  It was time to get the neckline/sleeves pinned and prepped for sewing!


I stitched all these raw edges down for the front and the back!


I’m so close to being done here, folks!  I stitched the bottom parts of the sleeve slits together…

So close to being done!
So close to being done!

…then I made a couple of straps from the leftover scraps!

Step 1: Snip!
Snip & Pin!
Stitch it down!
Stitch it down!
Add a pin!
Add a pin!
Use the pin to turn the tube inside-out!  :)
Use the pin to turn the tube inside-out! :)

I pinned my new straps to the shoulders of my dress and stitched them down.

Check it out!
Check it out!

With my straps in place, I could finally tell just how much of that bottom hem to hack off!

Douglas is my muse.
Douglas is my muse.

And now I have my own Jilly Couture Fractured & Not Quite Floral Dress!  :)  I used the hemmed bottom scrap to cinch the waist a bit (although it really wasn’t necessary).  :)

The world loves wannabes!
The world loves wannabes!


A couture copycat!
A couture copycat! 
I like palmetto trees.  So sue me.
I like palmetto trees. So sue me.

My new dress enjoyed drinks with friends, followed by Much Ado About Nothing!

Watch this film.  You'll be glad you did!  :)
Watch this film. You’ll be glad you did! :)

Don’t you want to watch the trailer of this fantastic adaptation?  :)

Much Ado About Drinking!
Much Ado About Drinking!
Much Ado about Dan's cat shirt!
Much Ado about Dan’s cat shirt!
Much Ado about Daniel's hurt hand!  :(
Much Ado about Daniel’s hurt hand! :(

Original Cost:  $136

Copycat Cost: $1

Savings: $135



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102 thoughts on “Wannabe Wednesday: Fractured Floral Edition

  1. I think I actually like your version better. On the original one there is such a disconnect between the straps and the “sleeves” that I think it looks a little awkward. I like how you did the sleeves much better. It looks nice and summery. Also, oddly enough, I like the pattern on the thrifted piece better too. Great job!


    1. Thanks! I actually meant for it to be a little more drapey than it ended up being, but hey…there’s always next time! :)

  2. Love it!!!!!!! The dress is Fantastic but I also love that you have a great sense of humor and don’t take yourself to seriously. Great Job again on the dress!!!!

  3. I love your refash better than Juicy’s!

    As I scrolled through your after pictures, I was wondering, where’s the one with the drink in her hand? Ah, there it is… in the movie picture.

      1. Shakespeare totally wrote that part for Nathan Fillion 400 years ago. Remember that episode of Doctor Who where The Doctor and Martha travel back in time to the Globe Theater and visit Shakespeare? My theory is that The Doctor gave Shakespeare a little tip about Nathan Fillion in the future.

  4. I agree with the other comments that your ReFashion is better than the inspiration and it’s a great color on you. Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOVE IT! And I love it with the straps a little wider so I could wear a bra. And I love your sleeves so much better – the original sleeves would drive me crazy on my arms and I would have to rip them off before the evening is done!

  6. I absolutly love it… Ive recently lost some weight and nothing fits right. Your blog Has inspired me to want to try refashioning my own clothing but I’m a little scared to try it. Oh wel I must invest in a sewing machine now!!!

  7. I absolutely love the shoulder/neckline refashion on this one. It looks amazing on you. I want one just like it! Now, when are you going to do that black dress with the bright flowers on it? Everytime I see it on the rack, I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  8. You’re just so creative! I’m envious that you can see a dress that hideous and see the potential. The most I can do is see a shorter hem, or 3/4 sleeve. This is one of my favorite Wannabe’s for sure–like everyone else is saying, I like your version MUCH more than the original.

  9. Your version is way better than the original… not just because of the price, but it looks more like something anyone could wear. You are just the best! I am inspired to do something too!

  10. love this refashion. As you said, this was an online find (the Juicy dress) but do you ever go to a store and see inspiration? I’m just wondering if it was difficult to refashion this dress like the Juicy one without actually seeing it in person. It looks fantastic, but I just wanted to ask! Anyway, love your blog and your confidence in sewing. Been following for a while and finally managed to comment! Can’t wait to see more “designer inspirations”!


    1. Honestly, I hate shopping. I hardly ever go where clothing is sold because I get anxious around people shopping (weird, eh?). Online window shopping is a godsend for me! :)

  11. I love this one!! I actually like your dress more than the original!! Kudos!! Also, I can’t WAIT to see Much Ado!! Joss Whedon is my fav!

  12. I absolutely love your dress. It is way cuter than the couture dress. You inspire me all the time and you crack me up with all the things you say like are from the country. Lo…:-) :-) :-) Keep on being you girlie. :-)

  13. This is one of my favorite refashions yet! Love the orginal and love your copy-cat! I need to figure out to use my sewing machine my brother got me. I’m scared. haha… better find some cheap/old clothes to practice on!

    1. Don’t be afraid! :) Just start off by making small things like camera cases, pillows, and sunglass cases, then work your way up! Enjoy the learning process. :)

  14. You really make me look at things differently. Right now I turn ugly dresses into quilts but I am definitely thinking about trying something new.

  15. I like yours better :) the straps on the first one look flimsy and like they would fall off constantly, but yours are perfect, and i love the shape they create with what you have done with the top,you have used the negative shape as well as the positive shape brilliantly!

  16. Hi there, I LOVE your blog! I have a really..eeehhem stupid question. When you put your pre-creation on the dress form and pin it to your size…get ready for it…how do you manage to get it off the form? I purchased one just like yours and struggle with that?

    1. NOT a stupid question! I just unpin one side once I have it how I want it, then when it’s off the form, I use the other side as a guide (measure and re-pin!). Hope that helps!

  17. Wow! First when I saw the original 1$-dress I thought: How will she do it? But you did it fine and your dress looks great and fits perfectly – you’re simply the best! Love your blog!

  18. I too like yours better than the original. Funnily enough for me the Juicy Couture dress looks like some one has hacked at it with scissors whereas yours looks like it was designed that way.

  19. Hi,
    I read your blog from Italy and I love refashion too!!
    That was great, love the shoulders.
    please, a request: I ADORE floral patterns on black, please, please, please refashion that dress I see in your rack on background, I’d love to see it!!
    yhank you

  20. Wow, I love it! And as usual, you look great in everything! I REALLY like the way you did the straps and sleeves on yours.

  21. Just as everyone else has said, I, too, think your version is better! I absolutely want to try this refashion as well! Thanks for the inspiration :)

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