Ruth’s Reader ReFash!

Spa Day Dress
Windy Hill Dress

Happy Sunday everyone!  Your weekend is almost over.  :/  Have you savored it?  Have you really sucked all the marrow out of it?  Are you truly enjoying it as much as you could be?

I think Ruth probably is.  You see, she had this dress…

And what a dress it is!

After stalking your blog for a while, I decided to finally submit a refashion of my own! I’m an avid crafter and make a lot of my own clothes, so refashoining an existing garment was a bit challenging. I really enjoyed it!

Hmmmmn…I was wondering who that was up in my neighbor’s tree with binoculars.  Now I know!  :)  Go Ruth for taking on a new challenge with such a lovely result!

Le Front and Le Back!
Le Front and Le Back!

Now she has an adorable frock (and an adorable smile to boot!) to enjoy a  fab weekend in!

Do YOU have an awesome refashion you’d like to share?  Just shoot those before and afters to!  You might end up right here on my bloggy blog!  :)



19 thoughts on “Ruth’s Reader ReFash!

  1. It is a great dress but would be better with maybe 3 inches added to the bottom to balance it a bit. Don’t you think?

  2. So cute! I’m always amazed at how some “funky”/dated prints can end up looking so great once the items have been refashioned. Awesome vision!

  3. I just started following your blog Jilly. I started at the newest posts & worked my way backwards to day 1 (being a busy mom of 4 I think the amount of time I dedicated to finish it in 4 days drove my hubs crazy lol) I was hooked from the get go! I was amazed at your creativeness, upset for you when life flipped upside down, bummed out when you were sick, proud of you for plugging through tough times & keeping your promises & inspired which I think was the point of your blog, to inspire people to see the hidden treasures in things that others have cast aside. Good job sweet girl! I just wish SC wasn’t so far away as I feel we would be fast friends.

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