Spa Day Dress

A Totally Tubular Dress
Ruth's Reader ReFash!

I’m about to go on a most strange and interesting camping trip (Mystery is exciting!)!  In preparation for traipsing about the woods in sandals, I decided to get a pedicure!

Before I hopped off to the spa, I needed something cute to wear.  I went with this stripey polyester number!

Ties galore!
Ties galore!

It’s hot outside and I’m lazy, so this is going to be another no-sew (don’t worry…I have some actual sewing in store later this week!).  I pulled my arms through the neck hole of the dress.  Then, I tucked the sleeves inside and pinned them together right under my boobal region.

Yes, "boobal" is a proper medical term.
Yes, “boobal” is a proper medical term.

I grabbed the neck tie thingies…


…and tied them around the back of my neck to make a halter!  After tying the original sash around my waist, I was prepared to be pampered!

Ta Da!
Ta Da!

The back turned out alright, too!  I just tucked in the part that wouldn’t zip up.

Not too shabs!
Not too shabs!

I love this color, and this is definitely one of my favorite no-sews to date!


BUT THEN on my way out the door for my pedi, I ended up getting an unexpected mud bath!  :(

Douglas mocks my clumsiness.  :/
Douglas mocks my clumsiness. :/

I washed off the mud (It’s good for the skin, right?), and proceeded to get a more conventional spa treatment!  :)

Painted toenails aren't just for women.  ;)
Painted toenails aren’t just for women, you know! ;)

I even got to catch up on my reading!


All in all, twas a fun day.  :)

Just be mindful of the mud, y'all.
Just be mindful of the mud, y’all!



31 thoughts on “Spa Day Dress

    1. OH MY GOD IT IS!!!!! Eeeek indeed! I’ll try to edit it later. I guess it’s not toooooo terrible, as I’m not showing anything that wouldn’t show in my bathing suit…but eep!

        1. Yup. Glad it wasn’t laundry day….or this would suddenly be a verrrrry different kind of blog!

  1. I like the print on that, really cute. And I never would have thought to reshape it like that and use a safety pin. Resourceful.

    Also, the puppy is ridiculously adorable.

  2. Love so many things about this!

    Firstly, the refash is wonderful.
    Secondly, Douglas is adorable.
    And thirdly, pedicures and camping are both awesome – have fun!

  3. Love this dress…whats would look awesome is cut it from the right knee down in a V shape to the left hem, then cut off the opposite sleeve….. Would look great on you, as everything does…..keep up the amazing work, you always have me checking to see what you do next…

  4. You’re adorable!! Sometimes your head is tilted funny when you smile… LOVED your smile in the “final-product” picture today. Good angle!! Great no-sew too. Excellent job.

  5. Love it! Defo one of your best no sew re-fashions. Such a brilliant idea too!
    Had too laugh when I saw the picture with Douglas! My dogs do that on a regular basis too me. Happened more than once that I had to change my office clothes just before leaving for work because the dogs made me all muddy when I brought them out into the yard (They spend their days there.)

  6. i think this one is my favorite no-sew refash to-date. You look soooo adorable. and maybe it is my screen, but i couldn’t see the see-throughness.

  7. Very creative with the ties and v-neck – how do you see the potential for things like that?! Looks great. And Douglas is still cute. And helpful. :)

  8. One of my fave things is how you always have your hair and make up done in the after pics! It goes to show that clothes don’t make the women and you do need to put a little more effort into looking presentable most of the times. (I say this as I’m wearing jeans, sperry’s, and a headband-ed pony tail at work… :-P )

  9. Your clothing origami never ceases to amaze me! I’d just look like I had pinned shit together and my outfit was in danger of falling off. You look adorable! Great job.

  10. I would have never guessed this dress started out as a hideous polyester 70’s housedress. You made it so cute and current! Super job!

  11. Yep, really cute no sew — but I have to agree with Anna though, It’d look like I pinned stuff together if I tried it — the making of a Hot mess for me! But you? You always surprise me with the cutest refashions! I’m so impressed! and Douglas is ADORABLE!

  12. Very clever! Very chic!

    I have to ask – how did you stop the zipper from creeping open in the back – another safety pin?

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