A Totally Tubular Dress

A ReFashionista Transformed?
Spa Day Dress

Ah!  Whatever was I to wear for just another typical weeknight of music with friends?

Why this, of course:

It’s hot here, folks!  There’s no way I can wear this sweater dress as-is…even if I wanted to!

Let the choppage begin!

Chop without mercy!

Chop without mercy!

I look forward to working with that top part this fall, but for now, I’m going to concentrate on the bottom!

I put that bottom part on my dress form, like ya do, and measured how much I would need to take this dress in on one side.

Measure for Measure!

Measure for Measure!


PIn, then sew!

PIn, then sew!

Once my new dress was all taken in, I still needed to deal with that raw edge on the top!  And deal with it I did!





I left a small section unsewn so I could work some elastic through my new casing.  To do this, I used a safety pin!  All you have to do is thread it through!

Just a lil ol' pin!

Just a lil ol’ pin!

After a bit of accessorizing, I was all set!

Like the new 'do?  :)

Like the new ‘do? :)

My new dress really enjoyed some tasty noms by Joe Turkaly!

His Mac 'n Cheese is epic!  :)

His Mac ‘n Cheese is epic! :)

The music was pretty amazeballs too!

Which one wins?  Dan's shirt or my hair?

Which one wins? Dan’s shirt or my hair?

From my days with Andy Warhol's Factory!  ;)

From my days with Andy Warhol’s Factory! ;)






  1. I had look twice to even see that it was YOU! Wow – the hair is crazy but I LOVE it too – a wig I presume? You look fabulous though – such a hot chick and a nice job on the dress too!

  2. LOVE this refashion!!! I’m working on losing my excess weight so I can wear something like this again!!! Thanks for your inspirations!!!

  3. Wow this is great! and the hair is amazing! i wish i could wear something like this! keep up the great work!

  4. oh em geeeeeee!!!! I have gone through your entire 2 years and I just realized this is the last day (today)!!! :(

  5. Love this and love the hair! You could really pull off that red! Thank you for your inspiration, love your blog and check it religiously every day :)

  6. Love the tube dress & especially the hair. That style bob really frames your face nicely. Another great refashion

  7. The black dress you linked to, under the first picture, was my all-time favourite of your refashions … this one is cute, too, especially with the hair :)

  8. I love the dress and your hair! You’re so talented, inspiring, and amazing at what you do. Keep it up!

  9. PLEASE tell me that is NOT a wig!!! I love the colour and it looks SO GOOD with that dress! Straight out of the sixties! Jillian, you’re frickin awesome.

    • I’m so so so so so sorry to break it to you that yes, it is indeed a wig. :( Sadness.

  10. Love it! and love your final look as well…by far your hair beats Dan’s shirt…so sorry Dan!! :)

  11. Lovely! Much more suitable for hot weather. It’s baking here at the moment so I’m starting to appreciate what you are usually dealing with :) love the wig too ;-)

  12. Just recently started following your posts. Your refashions are beyond impressive, wish I had your talent. This dress is super cute, and love love love the hair. Oh and I have a brown/tan Doxie, I’m so in love with them.

  13. I totally love your creations and sense of humor, you seem such a fun and smart gal!

  14. The wig is awesome! And your dress is very pretty. You infected me with the refashion-fever by the way.

  15. woah! crazy hair!! I love it! and the dress as well. Its so easy to dress up or dress down and I love the shade of purple.

  16. I love your refashions, but almost all of them are sleeveless or strapless and I don’t wear sleeveless or strapless clothes. I would love to see some refashions that you leave the sleeves on.

    • I usually do go sleeveless or strapless in summer, because it gets sooooo very hot here (and my car doesn’t have A/C…yipes!). If you look through the archives and go to fall/winter months, you see more refashions with sleeves. :)

  17. You make me want to run out and buy a few of those dated sweater dresses.

  18. You seem to have such great friends and end up in the most fun parties! =D

  19. I LOVE that wig! Who the heck is Rainbow Dash? I saw it and thought, Rainbow Brite! Beautiful refash, as always…I’ve been lurking for a few months, and I’m getting the hanker to submit a reader refash…Stay tuned! :) Also, thanks for the AWESOME blog.

    • I think Rainbow Dash is a My Little Pony character….the only reason I know is b/c of my 4 y.o. daughter…or so I tell people!

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