Q&A Monday: A Pay it Forward Sewing Machine Giveaway!

Q:  One of the most frequent questions I get from my readers is, “What sewing machine do you use?”

A:  The kind of machine I sew on is far less interesting a story than how I came across it.  You see, there was a time (not so long ago) when I didn’t sew.  Not only did I not sew, I had no idea how to sew.  I was in a rut, folks.  :/  I needed a creative outlet.  I kept talking about getting a sewing machine and learning how to use it. “Ugh…but it’s too expensive!” and “What if I’m not any good at it?” and “What if I just lose interest?” were my three best excuses for not following through with my dream.

Thankfully, my boyfriend at the time (now good friend and all-around swell guy), Alex got sick and tired of listening to my excuses.  One day, he showed up at the door of my apartment with this:

My faithful companion!  :)

My faithful companion! :)

You’re looking at the Brother XL-3750.  This is the machine I learned to sew on years ago, and the machine I still use to this day.

Sometimes I think about how different my life would be if Alex hadn’t provided the push I needed by giving me such a wonderful present.  This blog might have never happened.  I might not be nearly as happy and fulfilled a person as I am today.

It's me, Alex, and his awesome girlfriend Meghan!  :)

It’s me, Alex, and his awesome girlfriend Meghan! :)

I’ve decided, that much like the plot to a terribly sappy movie…

It’s Time to Pay it Forward!

Haley Joel Osment would dig it!

Haley Joel Osment would dig it!

ReFashionista.net is giving away a brand new Brother XL-3750 to one lucky reader!  :)  It’s a machine that I love and I hope someone else does too!  Even if you already have a machine, why not enter so you can give it away to a friend?


Here’s how to enter:

First, do one of these things:

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Then (yep…that’s 2 steps!)

Leave a comment on this post.

The random winner will be announced next Monday August, 12.  Everyone is eligible to enter (even those of you who live across the big pond!).  One entry per person.

Good Luck!