Q&A Monday: A Pay it Forward Sewing Machine Giveaway!

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Q:  One of the most frequent questions I get from my readers is, “What sewing machine do you use?”

A:  The kind of machine I sew on is far less interesting a story than how I came across it.  You see, there was a time (not so long ago) when I didn’t sew.  Not only did I not sew, I had no idea how to sew.  I was in a rut, folks.  :/  I needed a creative outlet.  I kept talking about getting a sewing machine and learning how to use it. “Ugh…but it’s too expensive!” and “What if I’m not any good at it?” and “What if I just lose interest?” were my three best excuses for not following through with my dream.

Thankfully, my boyfriend at the time (now good friend and all-around swell guy), Alex got sick and tired of listening to my excuses.  One day, he showed up at the door of my apartment with this:

My faithful companion!  :)
My faithful companion! :)

You’re looking at the Brother XL-3750.  This is the machine I learned to sew on years ago, and the machine I still use to this day.

Sometimes I think about how different my life would be if Alex hadn’t provided the push I needed by giving me such a wonderful present.  This blog might have never happened.  I might not be nearly as happy and fulfilled a person as I am today.

It's me, Alex, and his awesome girlfriend Meghan!  :)
It’s me, Alex, and his awesome girlfriend Meghan! :)

I’ve decided, that much like the plot to a terribly sappy movie…

It’s Time to Pay it Forward!

Haley Joel Osment would dig it!
Haley Joel Osment would dig it!

ReFashionista.net is giving away a brand new Brother XL-3750 to one lucky reader!  :)  It’s a machine that I love and I hope someone else does too!  Even if you already have a machine, why not enter so you can give it away to a friend?


Here’s how to enter:

First, do one of these things:

1.  Like ReFashionista and Share this giveaway with your friends on Facebook!

2.  Follow ReFashionista on Pinterest and Pin this giveaway so your friends can see it too!

3.  Follow ReFashionista on Twitter and Share this giveaway to your fellow tweetlings!

Then (yep…that’s 2 steps!)

Leave a comment on this post.

The random winner will be announced next Monday August, 12.  Everyone is eligible to enter (even those of you who live across the big pond!).  One entry per person.

Good Luck!

1,523 thoughts on “Q&A Monday: A Pay it Forward Sewing Machine Giveaway!

  1. I’ve liked you on facebook and here is my comment! My 12 year old waits for your posts every day – she wants her own sewing machine soooooo badly!!!!!!

    1. I have an overwhelming urge to buy a muumuu and turn it into some form of CHanel knockoff. Or maybe just a elastic waisted skirt. Hmmmm.

  2. Funny that I LOVE Your blog but had never taken the next step to following you on the other social media outlets. So done, done, and done – what a great (and kinda sneaky) way to get more followers :-) Love, love, love you and if I don’t win the sewing machine, I hope it inspires someone else to refashion!

  3. So glad I found your blog! I’ve been inspired to pull out my clunker of a machine and try some small things. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  4. I love that you are paying it forward. I’m in a similar boat – I just don’t have the funds to spend on a sewing machine right now.

  5. Absolutely love this blog and have read every post! It has inspired me to start refashioning!

  6. I would love to win! I have been following you on Facebook for a while, and have shared the giveaway on my timeline. You rock!

  7. I love your blog and the good you do for everyone out there! I am using my mother’s sewing machine from the 70’s and though nostalgic and sturdy, I wouldn’t mind updating to the 21st century :) I’d for sure pay it forward!!

  8. I would love to win! I just discovered your blog a few months ago and have fallen head over heels and read every post (yes, I do have a day job). I’ve already got a stash of thrift stores clothes that I’ve started hand-sewing but I’ve been considering my sewing machine options since I don’t own one! Buy used? Craigslist or thrift store? Can I afford a new one? Ask to borrow my mom’s? WIN ONE FROM MY FAVORITE BLOG EVER?!?

  9. That’s awesome!
    I was supposed to get a sewing machine from a family member, but it was lent out…then that person gave it to someone else…
    I don’t have twitter, but I’ll share on other outlets :)

  10. So exciting! Followed you on Pinterest – I love the idea of sharing your love of sewing with others! :)

  11. I already have a machine but I have a girlfriend that has always wanted to learn to sew but can’t afford a machine right now. This would be for her!

  12. How spiffy! I get a lot of pleasure from seeing an idea in my mind and then holding the finished product! Great to see that enthusiasm in others too :)

  13. It would be *amazing* to get this beautiful machine! Mine is very very basic (but I still love it), but I would love to be able to do more projects! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway, and creating this blog! It’s such an inspiration to me!

  14. I love this blog, and this is such a cool idea! I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew, but never could motivate myself (or afford the machine), so this is a great opportunity!

  15. I’m all in! I’ve been following your blog since… well, probably since you started it! I’m desperate for a new machine, because I let someone borrow mine over a year ago to make a quilt, and then they slyly disappeared with it :( Fingers crossed!

  16. Oh tank you for the awesome giveaway!! And to include us form the other side of the pond! ;-)

  17. Oh, goodness! I love your page, blog, and Pinterest – which is where I originally found your blog! Good luck to everyone <3

  18. I would love to win this for my 14 yr old daughter. She wants to learn to so really bad. She has all kinds of ideas running through her head on what she can make with a sewing machine. Hats, toys, clothes, etc! :) I love your blog and I would even love to sew and try out some refashions. Thank you for giving us a chance to win this!

    1. Btw, I followed you on twitter and Pinterest! Not sure why I hadn’t done that sooner. Just didn’t think about it since I ‘like’d you on FB and read your blog. Glad to be following you on Pinterest now! :)

  19. I liked, shared, tweeted, reposted & was happy to do it. I love this blog. I love your refashes and appreciate the inspiration. I am still too scared to sew (but am in desperate need of a creative outlet) but you did inspire me to use fabric scraps to make a cat bed. My cat thanks you. Hoping for a win (fingers crossed!)

  20. You rock, darlin! What a cool thing to do. All shared, liked and retweeted!! :) Keep it payin’ forward!

  21. Jillian, if this giveaway gets the Refashionista word more widely spread then it’s genius. Well done!

  22. Good to know you’re on Pinterest too. I really like your refashions and I am VERY happy that I am allowed to take part in a competition on a blog, as this is normally only open to US citizens. Hooray for the Refashionista!

  23. Love your blog, lady!! Ok ok it’s more than love, it’s a sick addiction. Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  24. Discovering your blog has inspired me to think about things in a whole new way! Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

  25. I have been following you by email and on Facebook for a while and now on Pinterest. I love what you do with clothing. I cannot follow a pattern to save my life but I can cut up clothes and repurpose them now with less fear because of your blog. Thanks!

  26. I didn’t read the first line of doing ONE of the things…so I did all 3! Following you on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook! Love your blog and would love to win!

  27. I’ve liked you on fb (long time ago) and shared post. I hope I win as my daughter is preparing her portfolio to apply for fashion design major and her machine is in the shop AGAIN. She really needs a spare!

  28. I have a machine that I love (Walmart for $83). Actually it is my second one. My daughter “borrowed” my first and she and it are living happily in San Francisco…refashioning EVERYTHING!!! If I did win, I would donate it to a super awesome single mom that I know could really use it. Not that I mind her borrowing mine, but someone like her should really have her own.

  29. Just bought my first sewing machine on Friday but would love to win for a friend. ReFashion Party!

  30. Just pinned on Pinterest to my “AWESOME” board, cuz that’s totally what this is! I’d love to have more than just the 2 stitch options I’m currently workin’ with! :-)

  31. WOW! I was looking at this same machine, but am a poor, starving student and keep putting it off. I followed and re-pinned on pinterest, and I totally already liked you on facebook. Thanks for doing this contest!

  32. I would love a new sewing machine! I’ve been sewing for 60+ years on old second-hand machines. It’s time I had a new one!

  33. I like you on facebook already, I followed you on twitter when I discovered your blog bit unfortunately I just cant get on with twitter! You taught me to be brave with my charity shop finds and even to pin before I sew. I use soany pins that I got myself some pretty pearly ones on one of those wheel thingymajigs!

  34. Love your blog! :) I would love to learn to sew and attempt to make some of my own refashions! :) I have been wanting to get a machine after being inspired by your blog.

  35. I love your blog….every time I get a new email about new refashions I get very excited. It is encouraging to see that sewing isn’t that complicated :) thanks so much for all you do and show us each week!

  36. So cool! Your blog has really inspired me to refashion my own clothes into more mom/nursing friendly styles (since those clothes can be crazy expensive!). I am also trying kick my shopping habit and your blog has been a huge help with that. Thanks!

  37. Thank you so much for this! I am an avid follower and am very intimidated to start sewing. This could be the kickstart I need!

  38. I have been trying to get a second hand machine now for ages. New would be even better. I have been following you now for almost a year. Love the blog! Thanks for the entertainment.

  39. Love your blog and FB page. I have followed your creativity for a while now. I am inspired to refashion my teenagers cloths for my toddler. My machine broke so my piles of cloths are getting shoved into storage bins! A new machine would certainly help me get those piles reduced to toddler fashion cuteness in no time!

  40. This would be so cool! My friend and I love sewing and both only have a super old machine. I read this blog all the time and love it.

  41. I love your blog! I love what you do and strive to one day be on your level. If I win, I want to learn to refashion and maybe one day I’ll end up on Reader’s ReFash. *fingers crossed* that I win. Thanks for having a great giveaway either way!

  42. Followed/pinned on Pinterest, and also liked/shared on Facebook. I love your site and your endless creativity!

  43. I follow you on pinterest and facebook already!!!! I do not have a twitter account. Gotta love paying it forward! Cheers to the lucky winner!

  44. I would love so much to win this! My own machine died a couple of years ago, and so I’ve been borrowing my mom’s when I can.

  45. Gah!!! I NEED a new sewing machine. I’ve been using my husbands grandmothers machine, and it’s nearing its last days. Thank you for giving us a chance to win one!!

  46. Just followed Refashionista on Pinterest, and pinned the giveaway! Having my own sewing machine would be amazing!!! I could make my own refashions then! Super excited!! :D

  47. I LOVE your blog! I’m entering to win so I can pass the machine along to my sister. She does a lot of sewing for her family and friends and deserves a new machine.

  48. I love love love your blog! I have been talking about getting a sewing machine for three years now. You heard me right! Three whole years! I keep giving out the same old excuse, I can’t afford it! Any project I do I hand stitch which drives me crazy and discourages me from wanting to do bigger things! I would love to win this!

  49. I’ve been thrifting and learning to make pieces my own for a few years, I don’t have a sewin machine so I’ve just been hand sewing them… I’m glad I found you’re website cuz you just make me wanna thrift some more!! :)

  50. My sewing machine is hanging on by a thread :O) Love your blog! Thanks so much for a giveaway!

  51. I love yor spunk & personality. I’ve been inspired by your blog & have been sharing it w/ as many others I can. Thanks for sharing your joy!!

  52. Wow! He is a swell guy and with good taste, too! I would love to have a sewing machine that can keep up with my sewing needs. Thank you for this opportunity!

  53. Love your blog. I follow you already on FB and now Pinterest. I always look forward to seeing what you are up to. You are so creative and inspirational!

  54. I ran across one of your refashions on Pinterest and was hooked. I am constantly amazed at your creativity. My sewing machine had a catastrophic accident and cannot be fixed. Went to go buy a new one and made an impluse buy instead, a Juki serger. I’ve been refashioning old t-shirts from my local thrift into little girl dresses, but still miss my sewing machine. My birthday is coming up. I think I will start dropping hints to my husband =) Congrats to you and your success.

  55. Fb: Check. Pinterest: Check. Twitter: Check.
    I’m so happy you’ve decided to do this. I’ve been following your blog for a while and I absolutely love it. *Fingers crossed!*

  56. I’m so excited to be your new Pinterest follower (somehow I didn’t know you were on Pinterest even though it makes complete sense.) Followed, Pinned, Patiently Waiting for your week-away announcement. :)

  57. What an awesome giveaway! This would be the kick in the pants I need to start learning and not just being jealous of what you create! I follow you on Pinterest and I pinned the contest. Thanks for the opportunity!

  58. Love reading your blog! I followed you on Twitter and tweeted the giveaway. I’ve been wanting to get a sewing machine, but winning one would be even better :)

  59. I liked you on Facebook months ago, but I just shared this post. I already own a sewing machine, but it is really old (it was passed down to me when my grandma passed away).
    I look forward to all your wonderful posts. It makes me want to just do all the sewing projects I have sitting waiting for me.

  60. Love the idea, that initial hump can be tough. This alleviates one of those impediments for sure.

  61. Love seeing new blogs in my inbox :) I haven’t quite gotten to the doing stage yet- but your blog makes me kick myself everytime I see a new cute design…so maybe eventually I’ll get motivated enough to copy cat you!

  62. I don’t know how to sew, but after spending almost every day for 2 weeks, looking at every.single.post, I now want to take up sewing!! I get SEW excited when a new post shows up in my Bloglovin feed!!!! :D

    I already Like & follow you on Facebook + shared the giveaway
    Just followed & re-tweeted on Twitter
    Also followed & re-pinned on Pinterest

    YAY!! :)

  63. Just pinned on Pinterest…I wish I hd a more creative comment than the cliche ‘thanks for the inspiration, I love your blog!’ ones! Thanks!

  64. I really enjoy your blog! I am just starting to get back into sewing after a long hiatus and love checking out your refashions for inspiration.

  65. Liked and shared on facebook! :) You inspired me to try my first refashion a few months ago, very basic but nothing i would of been confident with before, Thank you!

  66. Following you on facebook now. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and I love it. It’s so awesome of you to do this. Whoever wins will be a very lucky person!

  67. I’ve actually bought myself a clothing rail a-la-jillian so all the items I want to refashion is in open view, not hidden under the bed anymore!

  68. Fb: check; Pinterest: check; not on twitter :(
    I’ve followed you for quite some time (even explored ALL of the archives) and love what you do. I’m a mad, crazy sew-geek but hadn’t really explored the world of refashioning until reading your blog (I usually just use a pattern). But refashioning is so much fun! If my husband cleans out his closet, i’m right there snatching up old shirts etc. So, thanks for the inspiration! I wish we lived near a goodwill warehouse but sadly, it is 6 hours north :(. Keep up the good work & amazing refashioning!

  69. I want to go to there! Seriously though, with the necessary pant alterations that hubby requires and the baby stuff I want to make, plus the stuff that I see from your awesome site – I wants!!

  70. I LOVE following your blog!! Love your refashes! I have fulfilled the contest obligations and am excited to have a chance to win the sewing machine!

  71. I have been following you since I saw you on a morning show! I love watching and seeing what you have coming up. I have seen a ton of your posts on pinterest, and I love following whats on your facebook page! I can’t wait to move to cali so I can get my hands on a few thrift stores to start working on some refashioning of my own! Thanks for always inspiring. I also am finally ordering my dress former this week!! I can’t wait and I hope I can win this machine!

  72. Pinned the giveaway on Pinterest. I have a sewing machine, but my friend has been talking about getting one. :)

  73. Sewing is something I’ve wanted to get into for a while. I’ve borrowed my mother’s sewing machine a couple times and I like to take on ambitious projects – like buying a pattern and fabric and sewing a Greek Goddess-type halloween costume for my sister’s birthday present with zero experience. The project/process was awesome and I loved the results, but everytime I think about buying a machine, either new or used, I never actually go through with it. I’d love to WIN a sewing machine, that takes the pressure of wasting money off the table!

  74. I’ve been looking at getting a new machine. I have a trusty yet dated, Early 80s Montgomery Wards. My mom bought it used and handed down to me. I’ve been using it for a good 20 years!

  75. Of course I already had you liked on Facebook, and I’ve been meaning to share your blog with my mother (we’re sharing a new re-fashioning obsession). What better way to introduce her to you than sharing an awesome giveaway?

  76. I would SOOOO love to win. You basically described me, I want to learn to sew, being inspired by your blog and by a friend of mine who has become such a great seamstress in such a short time! Please pick me!!! :D Plus, I did ALL 3!!

  77. I found you on pinterest and have been following you for a while (and spent several days looking at past entries! but my boss DOES NOT need to know that! :)) I follow you on Facebook and now on pinterest….sorry don’t tweet :( I am very impressed by the things you do…and I LOVE to sew! But with 3(almost) children, and full time job…I have no time…so I live vicariously through you! Thank you!

  78. Wow this is an awesome giveaway !!! I have been following your blog for a few weeks now .. as I am also thinking of getting a sewing machine but havent yet for the exact same reasons you stated in this post hehe .. so I SOO wish to win this lol .. Gd Luck to everyone =)) and I just shared on pinterest x x x

  79. Ok, I don’t do Facebook, Pinterest, or twitter (I’m old) but I also don’t need a machine. I am only leaving this message to let you know how awesome I think you are. AND, I think it’s a great idea to give away something that can change your life. I refashion all kinds of things for both myself and my daughter and I am always so flattered when I get compliments. Keep up the great work. I get so excited when a new post shows up in my mailbox!!

  80. I had a sewing machine when I was in high school and I lost interest. I’ve regretted not keeping it for years.

  81. I love your blog…I’ve been following since you were bald–That makes me sound like a stalker.

  82. Always excited when I see a post from you! I’ve been researching machines for, oh, three months. Maybe one just needs to arrive on my doorstep!

  83. I love your blog. It’s really inspired me to look at the clothes around me in a different way. I followed and pinned on Pinterest.

  84. I’ve been wanting to try all this stuff for forever but haven’t put down the money for one of these…I love reading through all the posts!

  85. If I win, I vow to give the machine to my friend Kalyn, who has always wanted to learn how to sew. Here’s hoping!

  86. I absolutely love your blog and your creativity is outstanding. I discovered you about a year ago and was so inspired by your story and what you do. I even refashion a lot of my own clothes now :) Absolutely love you! Also my sewing machine is a dinosaur and I can’t afford a new one. Student budget, you know haha. Keep on being fantastic!!

  87. Do we have to share all 3? Or can we do the ones we are currently using?
    I don’t use twitter… and I’d really rather not.

      1. Alright I got two shared :)

        This is a really awesome give away. Your blog is incredible… it really is.

  88. I’m not going to lie, I want this! :) I have a Brother, but it’s a very basic model. It still works wonderfully, but I could use an upgrade. If I win this, I am giving my older machine to my sister. Thanks!

  89. I’ve sewn since I was a kid. My mom taught me. In recent years I’ve been deterred from sewing because of the ridiculous prices of fabric in the stores near me. Finding your blog opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at clothing. I’ve also always thrifted, but for some silly reason it never occurred to me to put the two together…duh! Now my bags overfloweth at the dollar a pound Goodwill and fill a bag specials at local church rummage sales. As an environmentally conscious (and cheap) individual, refashioning is the perfect hobby for me. Thank you so much for turning me on to it! You already paid it forward to me, even if I don’t win the machine!

  90. You inspire me to be crafty!! I am in college and can not afford one, but could surely use one! There’s only so much I can do hand sewing and with fabric glue. If I had one I could finally make a shirt and some purses with the awesome fabrics I’ve been hoarding in my closet. And of course refashion some thrift finds!

  91. Thank you! Your blog has inspired me to dye a few things and do simple re-fashions that just involve scissors and/or hand sewing but I have yet to take the leap into major sewing projects.

  92. Hi, I never learned to sew clothes and if I win, I probably won’t sew clothes (altho I love seeing what you and your readers do), but I love making stuff out of other stuff. I bought a little cheap machine just to make light-blocking cloth shades for my room out of a heavy comforter and I even made my own bias tape! If I win your cool little machine, I will pass my almost brand-new one on to someone deserving! Thanks for the fun!

  93. I have been a fan for a very long time and liked you on facebook over a year ago, and also follow your Pinterest boards. What a lovely thing to do, give away a sewing machine. Perchance you will start a new hobby for someone else; maybe me [I do sew, nearly every day]

  94. done, and done!!! I love your blog…I’m green with envy with your FINDS, and how you are able to be creative enough to see something NEW in something OLD….count me in for the giveaway!!!! and please, keep being creative!!! I live vicariously thought you! :-)

  95. My machine broke a long time ago and I have desperately been wanting a new one! Following you on Pinterest, my favorite. THANKS!

  96. I already own a Brother, but I’ve been dying to teach my best friend the sewing ropes and a new machine would bring us oh-so-much closer together! =) Pick me!!

  97. It’s really swell that you’re doing this giveaway! Thanks for being so nice! I love your blog. It even makes me think of how we can refashion clothes for my little girls.

  98. Following you on twitter and re-tweeted. I would love a sewing machine so I can finally learn how to sew!

  99. Please, please please let me bless someone else with my $5 garage sale sewing machine when I pay it forward. If I get this I will start my own blog about refashions for extra tall and large women. My 36″ inseam thanks you!

  100. Oh man. I would love that. My mom had a singer but I am now a “grown up” and so I don’t have my own sewing machine! But not grown up enough to afford one. :P I have been following you for about 6 months now and I looove everything you do. :)

  101. So excited! I don’t really know how to sew but this machine doesn’t look as intimidating as some of the others. Plus Brother is a great brand!

  102. i already follow you on all 3 so that was easy!!! love your blog and love you!! i would also LOVE to win the sewing machine!! it would save me so much time from having to drag all my stuff to my mother’s house to use hers!

  103. I shared on FB and pinned on Pinterest! Fingers crossed – this is such a great giveaway!

    (Also, longtime lurker, but I LOVE your blog. Can’t even tell you how much you’ve inspired me to look at my closet in a whole new way. Thank you!)

  104. Been reading your blog for a while. Started following on Pinterst and pinned this giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  105. You are such an inspiration and make us all want to refashion! I am glad I happened upon your blog on pinterest almost a year ago! I think it’s awesome you are paying it forward to one of your readers!

  106. this is an awesome site and an awesome gift you are giving out! i retweeted on twitter and am following you on Facebook. looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

  107. HO-LEEEEEE crud that’s a long list of comments already. I could so use this machine, I’m severely limited by the fact I have no machine so any time I sew, I either have to do it by hand, or go over to someone elses house and use their machine.

  108. My current sewing machine is a 1950 Singer. I love the old girl, but she could use a break!

  109. I love your blog and look forward to your posts on Facebook! Last year my parents got me a little sewing machine for Christmas because I was raving about your blog! I’ve made small things like headbands and wraps, and eventually will start altering my thrift shop finds (by the way if you come to Augusta, I know of a $1 thrift shop)! Of course I’d love to win the sewing machine, but whoever does, I hope they enjoy it!

  110. This is the most awesome post/pin I have seen all day!!!!! I would be soooooooo happy if I won this…what a great thing to pay it forward! If I win it I will make something for someone else and pay it forward too!! :))))))

  111. I have a Kenmore that I have been using for more than 15 years! Not sure if I could switch machines! but I would certainly give it to a great friend!

  112. That rocks!!!! I have started refashioning myself and have fallen madly in love with it! Thank you!!!!!

  113. I would love to win the sewing machine. I have never touched an actual sewing machine, but I would love to learn how to sew. I am just looking for someone to give me a kick in the behind and some motivation. This might be exactly what I need. ;)

  114. OMGOSH!! This is so me!!
    Am I starting to learn too late? Will I like it? Stick with it? Master it?
    I personally think I’ll love sewing (well, maybe not the ironing part! ;))! My goal is to create something for everyone I’m buying for this Christmas! Better get started!
    Shared on all three!! *fingers crossed!*
    Good luck everyone!!

  115. Thank you for this great giveaway! I like that you always have a drink in your hand in your posts, it means you’re celebrating a great new outfit!

  116. You’re blog is the bees knees, what a giveaway! Would love to win, but more importantly, your blog has given me great inspiration, I have refashed so many things since I started following your blog!! Thank you Gillian, queen of the sewing machine!!

  117. I like you and follow you now! I would be so excited to win a sewing machine! I have been wanting to learn to sew for so long, I keep pinning ideas! Fingers crossed that the next time I go to the thrift store and see that ugly dress I can change it into something cute like you do!!

  118. Wow, what a great giveaway! I love it,and followed you on Pinterest as a result of this. I am trying to spend less time on Pinterest, and now I think I have been sucked back in.

  119. Love your blog and would love to win the sewing machine. Please keep it up with the awesome refashions!

  120. I know someone who could use this the same way your friend bought yours for you. So I reiterate what several others have stated, thank you for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  121. Already following on facebook, twitter & pinterest but this is my first comment. You have totally inspired me to look at old clothes in a whole new way!

  122. I keep saying that I am going to learn how to sew but I haven’t taken the time yet. I have a ton of old t-shirts I want to turn into a quilt. Winning a sewing machine would help me get started on that! Also, August 12th is my (gulp) 30th birthday… every 30 year old should know how to sew.

  123. My 10 year old daughter and I have read every single post on your blog! We’ve collected our thrift finds and are about to start on a new wardrobe for school.

  124. Aw, this is a good idea. :) I remember the first sewing machine I had was an old black Singer with just a few basic functions. I don’t know if I would have even gotten into sewing if it hadn’t been for my mom teaching me and helping me through many problems. My current sewing machine works just fine, but my mom’s keeps having issues and I have a friend that recently expressed interest in sewing. So if I were to win the machine it would either go to my mom or my friend. Thanks again for all your ideas and for sticking with sewing and sharing them for all of us.

  125. I didn’t even know you had a ReFash Facebook! I’m so lame! Will “like” in a minute and cross my fingers! :-)

  126. I’m so happy I came across your blog last year! You inspired me to start refashioning and sewing for myself and it’s gotten me some costuming gigs at a few local theaters – and I am so excited about this! Thank you so much!!

  127. Jillian, this is so amazing! This might be my push, also. I definitely need the outlet and something positive in my life right. Thanks!

  128. What a generous prize!!
    What a exciting opportunity, I love your blog and the inspirational is incredible
    I am a member of time bank at the local voluntary centre and planing to start running free art sessions the machine would be an amazing asset. I love the film too! I would log everyone who had a lesson so you could see the it being passed forward,!

  129. Repinning now!!! I’ve been trying to save for my first sewing machine but this would be way better!!!!!!!!

  130. Hi. I love your blog. I don’t need another sewing machine, but there’s a great program called SEEDS for Autism that is teaching young adults with autism how to upcycle/refashion thrift store clothes and other items to sell to support themselves. They’re running a Kickstarter campaign right now in order to buy more sewing machines. Since the winner of your giveaway is randomly determined, the chances of them winning your sewing machine are low. But might you consider highlighting their group and/or Kickstarter campaign in your blog? Here’s a link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/633192035/seeds-for-autism-sewing-our-way-to-independence

    I read your blog every day and love seeing what you’re doing! Thanks.

  131. I shared on Facebook. Inspired by you, I went “shopping” in my basement and found a few things that I loved a few years ago but needed updating. Maybe if I had a machine it would go a bit faster!

  132. I love your blog!! I’m an aspiring refashionista myself and this would be a great start for me! Crossing my fingers! Thank youuuuu.

  133. I just recently began refashioning things, but I mostly do so for my 4 year old daughter. She loves to wear dresses and these days the stores are asking so much for them. So as a stay at home mom on a budget i make what i can. Its such a blast going to goodwill on 99¢ Sundays. I’ve found myself not looking at the clothes as what they are (a dress, skirt, blouse etc.); I see it as cheap fabric. You are a great inspiration for new ideas to try. I really enjoy your blog.

  134. First of all, what an awesome guy to buy you that! Second of all, your blog has gotten me through the cold, miserable, lonely winter in Nova Scotia (I’m from Texas going to school here) I have gone back through all the archives, and bookmarked tons of pages I want to try whenever I get enough money to buy a machine and learn how to sew! Being in university doesn’t allow for such extravagant purchases as a sewing machine :) I’m having my mom help me refashion my wedding dress this fall, so I’ll have to send in a Reader ReFash! Anyway, I love your blog and forgive me for waiting to comment until I could get something out of it.

  135. Love this pay it forward idea and look forward to the posts everyday, they are a day brightener and make me want to start refashioning too.

  136. Hello! I liked and shared on Facebook. I had a sewing machine of my own, but my father broke it, and I’ve been meaning to get a new one. Here’s hoping I get this one (I’m crossing my fingers and my toes).

  137. I would love to give a sewing machine to my sister. Hers broke and yours truly now does her sewing. Thank you!

  138. What a great give away! Thanks for your great ideas and cost-saving fashion! I’ve been inspired all summer and finally started sewing again!

  139. My 1st machine was an Elgin, all metal and weighed a TON but it was a work horse. Because of you, I look at clothes a whole different way now.

  140. I love the machine my Mom & Dad gave me for my 21st birthday but let’s just say its getting up there in years! Would love a new machine but will always keep my old one too. You have inspired me to actually do some of the refashions I’ve always imagined but thought were too crazy to actually DO!! Love you girlie, you are my star!!

  141. I love your blog! You are such an inspiration for people to get out to the thrift stores and refashion something! I love to watch how you quickly refashion an item and you end up looking so beautiful in it. You make it look so easy. I would love to win the sewing maachine so I can follow in your footsteps. Thank you for sharing!

  142. What a cool idea! My 9 year old daughter has been wanting to learn to sew, and I would love to teach her on a decent machine. (And then I could pay it forward and give away my old sewing machine!)

  143. I love your blog and all the cool transformations you do! I’m using a sewing machine that my Grandfather bought my Mother more than 20 years ago, it’s a good machine but I have used many sear words while using it so I think it’s time for a new one!!! Pick me Pick me!!! Lol!!!

  144. All steps completed! Love your blog and wait eagerly for your updates. :-) I have been desperate to try refashioning my thrift store finds but the machine I got in high school is not in the best condition after 10+ years and countless moves later. Fingers crossed!

  145. You are awesome…I do have my own and I use it a lot…good luck to all you….Jillian you have a heart of GOLD…and thank Alex for making you a new more confidant person…hugs

  146. I have liked, shared and pinned! I am kicking myself for not following you on Pintrest before, it never even crossed my mind. So now I am up to date. Keep up the great work!

  147. What a great way to encourage people to continue on their path of sewing, re-fashioning, following whatever passion they want to pursue! I have a good friend who is beginning her sewing journey and enjoying it immensely! Her own sewing machine would be such a gift!
    Thanks for this opportunity to give “the gift tha tkeeps on giving” :)

  148. You have inspired me to try more than just taking in shirts and hemming pants! I even want my own dressform now. Crossing my fingers for a nice sewing machine to add, if not me I know it will brighten someone’s day considerably. :)

  149. Alrighty, fb and pinned. lol Oh, you have a new follower now, my sis Roxie. We want to try to get together and do a fan re-fash!

  150. When I first discovered this blog I was intrigued. Now, after many months of reading and following it and you, I am inspired. When I go thrift shopping now I am on the lookout for things that I could refashion, or try to refashion. I haven’t redone anything yet, bc when we moved I somehow lost the cord to my sewing machine and had to buy a new one. I’m still searching through boxes for my sewing basket.

    But, THANK YOU for showing me how refashioning can be inspiring and fun!!

  151. This would be perfect timing! My very low end brother machine just basically died and I have been unable to so any sewing! I follow you everywhere and have been reading your blog for several years now. I love that you are doing a giveaway like this. Spread the joy of sewing and creation!

  152. I liked and shared on facebook and pinned! I really hope I win because my machine is all sorts of broken down.

  153. Your story is so familiar to mine. I have always said I wished I could sew. I even tried taking a sewing class at a technical college after I finished grad school but it turned out to be a group class and not helpful. Your blog still causes me to dream about learning.

  154. All done :) I adore your blog and it makes me smile every time a new post pops up in my inbox! Xx Chrissie Oates xX

  155. Oh I could do so many things with this sewing machine! I could finally make all the things I’ve planned to make from Pinterest!

  156. I have literally been thinking the exact same thing about a sewing machine! I know I need to take the plunge and teach myself! Thanks for all of your great refash ideas :)

  157. Mis read it with all the excitement and I’ve done everything ha ha x I too have recently learned to sew on a Brother machine…thanks for opening the competition to everyone!! English army wife currently living in Cyprus …eeekkkk exciting!!

  158. I Have A Baby On The Way And Have Literally Been Dreaming Of Sewing! I Would LOVE To Win!!

  159. LOVE your blog. Don’t have a machine right now but I’ve done a few refashions sewing by hand. *DUM DUM DUM* I know, I know…a pain and very time consuming, but I love it! Keep up the good work!

  160. I already have a machine,but my daughter has always wanted to learn to sew. I can’t afford a machine for her and we live in different states….She just had a new baby with heath problems and has two teen age girls, I would love for her to be able to have some fun sewing outfits for all of them!!

  161. Your site is amazing and you are such an inspiration for me! My school provides sewing machines, but I won’t have access after the summer. Hopefully, I’ll get my act together and send in a reader refashion before I leave!

  162. My daughters are having a blast thinking of ways to refashion. Thanks for your inspirations!! Following you on Pinterest and blog!! <3

  163. Love your blog! It has inspired so many of my own refashions! Thanks for sharing your art with us.:)

  164. Shared and liked on Pinterest and FB…I don’t do twitter…I love bargain shopping at Garage Sales and thrift stores and friends always compliment me on my finds, but being able to alter items would be an all new high!!:)

  165. Following on Pinterest! Would love to learn to sew and make baby carriers for other new mamas!!

  166. I would just love a new sewing machine. I have one (that my boyfriend got me, because he got tired of my excuses. Yay!), but it’s r e a l l y old and actually no good anymore.

  167. Love your projects, and following you has inspired me to bust out the old sewing machine and get back into the swing of things!

  168. Hey there. Did everything on the list. Just want to say that your blog is pretty awesome. Would love to be able to refashion my own clothes and a sewing machine would be helpful. :-) keep up the great work.

  169. you’re so rad!
    I have some curtains that I think would make an amazing skirt!

  170. Yeeha! I’d love a new sewing machine, not that the circa 1965 from my grandma isn’t great, but I’m pretty sure there are more functions these days than straight and zig-zag!

  171. I have the cutest shirt all ready to be sewn into the proper configuration, but I have yet to buy a sewing machine so I can actually fix the damage I’ve done with my scissors. It’s already looking better, though! I love your blog. Now I’m obsessively reading every sewing blog I can find so I’ll be ready when I finally do invest in a sewing machine.

  172. Love your blog….have been collecting Goodwill finds but haven’t but still haven’t figured out how to use my sewing machine…would love for my daughter to take up sewing
    with me…hoping having a sewing partner will do the trick!!! You’re amazing!

  173. PLEASE PICK ME! PLEASE PICK ME! I need a sewing machine and IF I win one from YOU….. Hummmm….it might have SPECIAL POWERS and I can create designer fashions too! Well it MIGHT rub off on me? A little? Anyway, win or not, I LIVE for your next post!! Thank you for your GRAND inspirational ideas. Until I saw you holding up a big navy n white polka dot outfit I would have NEVER have become addicted to YOUR POSTS, AND THRIFT STORES sooo THANK YOU!

  174. I’m a huge fan of your blog and this is awesome! I have been a facebook fan (Chris Pertz) and now I shared this giveaway. I cannot believe I did not know you had a Pinterest page, (christinapertz) but that is now remedied! And I’ve retweeted your Giveaway tweet to my followers! @crazyamazinlife christina[dot]pertz[at]gmail[dot]com

  175. Thanks for the opportunity! Maybe I’ll be able to “un-permanently-borrow” my MIL’s machine? My sewing machine got stolen in high school and I would love to have my own again!

  176. I learned to sew on my grandma’s old Singer. But the first machine I bought for myself 25 years ago, was a Brother. I think after 25 years, it’s time to upgrade to a newer (and might I add, more reliable) model!

  177. I like you on FB and shared your giveaway :) What an awesome giveaway it is! I teach sewing lessons and there is nothing I love more than seeing the excitement of someone when they finish their first project by themselves!

  178. I would love to win a machine! I have the same excuses you had all those years ago and, with planning a wedding, I have no funds to spare for a machine!

    Best Wishes!

  179. done done and done! my sister and i love your page, we follow you religiously! xoxox keep up the great work

  180. I hope that I win this because both of mine have crapped out on me & my sister wants to start her business into overload T AT Ty for the giveaway and I hope you wish of good luck rubs onto me XD

  181. I am so in love with your blog, and the message behind it! I follow you on FB and shared your giveaway.
    p.s: I used to love sewing, and made creepy stuffed animals, complete with costumes, which I then gave away to unsuspecting relatives. What was up with that phase, I don’t know.

  182. Liked you and FB and shared the giveaway! Love your blog and would love to win. :)

  183. Only just started getting your email alerts, but look forward to them every day. Being a bit dim, I didn’t realise I could follow you on Pinterest too! So dutifully done!

  184. What a sweet thing to do for your followers. I really hope that it inspires someone to dive into sewing. I just finished my first refashion thanks to the inspiration you’ve given me!

  185. I have been filling you on FB. So I shared the giveaway. My daughter wants a sewing machine for her birthday, she will be 8. Thanks!

  186. Aw this is so nice of you! I love your blog and always wait to get an email about your posts! I have baskets of clothes to sew, this would be helpful!

  187. Love your blog! You inspire me. I originally found you when I repinned one of your genious refasions, but didn’t know you were on Pinterest. Going to find you now and follow.

  188. Consider yourself followed! (on Pinterest, that is). I already follow your blog on Bloglovin and LOVE your refashions. I’ve even done a few myself – some good, some…. we won’t talk about those. I’ve got a 1950-something machine and would love to see how a new one stitches. My Singer is very dependable, but zigzag would be a HUGE step forward! :0) Thanks for the chance!

  189. Finally think it’s about time I took up sewing. My mum always made my sister and I clothes when we were little. I like to look different to everyone else and this will be just the ticket to help me to continue to do so…….fingers crossed!

  190. What a nice thing to do…..would love to win am starting to get my grand daughter interested in sewing she sits on my lap and helps. I am having a great time teaching the next generation to sew!

  191. My sewing machine became possessed and started sewing crazily by itself this morning, so it would be so awesome if I won this if mine can’t be fixed. Also I followed you on Pinterest.

  192. I liked and shared the post on Facebook. Your blog is totally inspiring and I need a sewing machine to start refashioning my own thrift store finds!

  193. I love this blog….i would love to start something like it of my own but i dont have a machine hence the reason I followed you on pinterest to enter your giveaway.

  194. Ooooh So exciting! I already follow you on Pinterest and pinned this, liked and shared on FB and just love your blog all the way around!!!

  195. I love the idea of paying any good deed forward, and in particular this one would be soooo great. My old old machine (I call her Nance, and she grumbles a lot and likes to chew on material!) is on her last legs and has tension issues and can really only do wonky lines at the moment, so I would so love a new machine. I adore your blog and look forward to each post. But more than that, you have already been playing the pay it forward game because you have inspired me to tackle lots of refash’s. Thanks!!!!

  196. Oh, this couldn’t have come at a better time! My mother just gave me one of my grandmother’s old black and gold Singer sewing machines to try and attempt my first EVER sewing refashion. It’s a beautiful machine but sadly, just isn’t right for me. It needs a lot of TLC and I simply don’t know what to do for it. Winning this would be fantastic!! I’m off to share all the rest! Thanks so much!

  197. Just like everyone else, I too love your blog. I already follow you on Facebook but now I also follow you on pinterest and twitter. I have reposted this on all three social media’s. I just hope none of my friends need a sewing machine which would decrease my odds of winning. :-) Thank you for paying it forward.

  198. Shared the post on FB. What a wonderful giveaway! My mom’s old Brother is what I first started sewing on, and I’ve never looked back.

  199. I repinned the giveaway on pinterest, now this is my comment! Been wanting to learn how to sew for long time :)

  200. I love your blog! I retweeted (@japetree) an I would love to learn to see before I have my baby!

    1. Oops that is supposed to say “and I would love to learn to SEW” before I have my baby. I got too excited by the prospect of winning! I also shared on FB :D

  201. This would be a wonderful prize to win. Thank you for the chance. Hope to hear from you soon. :-)

  202. I am happy I’ve stumbled on your blog – You are very inspirational, and I appreciate how you show how easy it is. I have done some repurposing of my own after scouring all your pictures. Thanks for all the fun pictures. I’ve passed your blog along to my daughters and several other crafters I have meet. Keep up the good work.

  203. This is a wonderful give-a-way. My sewing machine is about 20 years old and a new one would be great.

  204. I already follow you on all three networks simply because I’m obsessed with this blog, and I repinned this, so here is my comment. I’m a high school senior who is about to go to college next fall. Obviously my cash flow is minimal right now, which is horribly effecting my want to learn how to sew and the amount of clothes I buy. This opportunity. Is huge for me and I hope to win, but If I don’t I hope whoever does has a great time using it. Thank you!

  205. Hi! I love your ideas and how you don’t care what people think. You do your own thing and move on. Thanks for this opportunity! It would be great for my future sorority days as well as refashing!

  206. You are so creative! With your blog you’ve made me look at my clothes in a whole new way. Thanks!

  207. I’m about to attempt my first ever refashion thanks to you, Jillian! Happy to share some Refashionista love on Facebook and Pinterest.

  208. I think what you are doing is wonderful! I have two girls that like to sew, my mom is a seamstress and I sew for my girls and friends! It is becoming a lost art and I would love to win to be able to pass the art of sewing along to someone else.

  209. I have been wanting to get a sewing amchine for a long time now…..maybe this will be my luck day. :)

  210. Followed you on pinterest and repined this awesome giveaway. I have wanted a sewing machine for so long and my excuses sound a lot like yours did. This would be such an amazing opportunity – thanks!!

  211. You inspired me to start thinking in refashioning terms before throwing anything out. It would be nice to sew on a modern machine for a change. :)

    (I pinned the giveaway on Pinterest)

  212. Been following you on pinterest and think the things you create are amazing, would love to be able to try some of your refashions

  213. it would be amazing to win the machine!! my birthday is in 2 weeks, but i would probbly give it to a friend, she has been going through a lot.

  214. OMG! Your blog seriously made me go back to the sewing machine again, for the first time since high school. During my HS days, I was known for refashioning shirts into skirts, dresses, etc. But now, at 25, I’m doing it again. Only thing is, my sewing machine isn’t what it used to be. I would luuuuurve to get a new machine!! I already like your Facebook page. :)

  215. I love your blog. You have inspired me to do some of my own thrift store refashions. A sewing machine would be awesome and give my fingers a rest from hand stitching.

  216. Love the blog and, even if I don’t win, I want you to know what an inspiration you’ve been! I’ve been told I’m losing my job at the end of the year and I’m hoping to start my own business selling retro clothing. No doubt I’ll end up doing some refashioning myself! It’s an exciting/wonderful/scary prospect and you make my day with every blog showing me how much fun breathing life into old clothes can be. Thanks!

  217. Liked you on Facebook and followed on Pinterest! I love your blog and get so much inspiration from what you can do on a small budget! Hope I get the sewing machine!!!!

  218. So happy I’ve found your blog! You make all your refashions look so easy and inspires me to want to try my own! I’m literally in love with your tone and sassiness on your blog– we would be the best of friends!

  219. You are shared on fb and pinned :-) I love your ideas. I’m brave enough to refash t-shirts but haven’t moved beyond that. I’m a plus sized gal and I’m afraid it won’t turn out right! That being said I probably shouldn’t care if it’s something from the thrift store or something I’m giving away anyway right??? Well I’d love to give the gift of refashion to a friend! I have a couple that would love it!

  220. I love that you have Pinterest and Facebook pages as well!! Thanks for all the work you do and willingly share it with others! What a sweet giveaway! It’d be awesome to upgrade and donate my machine to other refashionistas!

    I’ve done several refashions inspired by you. I bought 5 “third grade teacher” dresses (think: tank top maxi, but in other fabrics) to redo. (PS-hilarious that you call it that! I am a 4th grade teacher!) One I shortened and made v-neck, one I turned around unzipped to make v-neck and turned into a shirt, the bottom of that is going to be a flowy top (similar to your skirt is shirt) if I can figure out how to get armholes. I still have several waiting. Any other suggestions for them?

  221. Hope I can win this machine for some of those fancy stitches my OLD machine (metal machine from the 50’s) doesn’t have. Would be nice to advance my skills. Thanks being an inspiration :)

  222. Your blog has been an inspiration to me! I recently graduated from high school and couldn’t find a dress that I liked (or was within my budget) so I decided to make my own. I honestly have minimal experience with sewing, but with enough help from YouTube, lots of spare time and some luck, I made a dress that I’m really proud of. I’m lucky that my mom had an old sewing machine lying around, but I’d love to have my own when I go off to college this year. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful projects!

    You can see a picture here: http://pinterest.com/pin/260786634645490828/

  223. I like you for always I have loved you for a while now… as long as I win my best friend you’ll forever be. :)

  224. Thank you so much for doing a giveaway! I would love to win, but even if I don’t I hope some other refashionista wannabe benefits. Fun!

  225. I liked and shared the post on Facebook! I’m new to your site, and I just HAD to read every single post! I love what you’re doing here, and I’m so inspired!

  226. This is such an amazing and potentially life changing give away! How exciting, I hope whoever wins (hopefully me) makes hundreds of beautiful re-fashions with it. Now off to the thrift store!

  227. You are a great inspiration to beginning sewers, sewers who have been doing it for a while but haven’t tried refashioning things, and anyone who is looking to make the most out of their clothing budget (you have done some awesome no-sew refashions). And you do it all with wit and sincere appreciation for your viewers! We are all a little bit more creative due to your blog and the Brother sewing machine giveaway is just the icing on the cake.

    (I shared the giveaway on FB and pinned on Pinterest)

  228. I will now be enjoying my daily dose of Refashionista on ALL my social media and shared for everyone else to enjoy as well!!!!! I think it is awesome that you would ” Pay it forward” this way for someone else to enjoy! You Rock!!!!!!!! =) Good Luck to all!! XoXo

  229. I love to refashion (usually upcyclin’ old Tees into dresses for my 3-year old), but hate my current machine! Have been following you for awhile now on Pinterest and good-old-fashioned emails. Thanks much for this generous contest!

  230. pinned!!! I’ve been wanting to learn how to sew but I’ve been put off by the cost….

  231. I’m following on Pinterest and pinned the giveaway on my Win It Board! I always look forward to seeing your next project

  232. August 13th is my birthday, This would be a rockin’ birthday gift! Shared on FB and Pinterest!

  233. Happy to “like” and “share” ! I don’t sew, no time and no machine, but my husband has hand sewn some curtains !!! Lol, I also have friend who started sewing this year and I introduced your blog a couple months ago, she’s been hesitant to get into adult clothes, maybe she needs a ‘nudge’!

  234. I’ve recently gotten reacquainted with sewing and had to steal my mom’s machine – would be so great to have my own! Love this blog and all the great pins!

  235. This is such a great idea! I’ve followed the blog for a while but didn’t connect the other outlets. Now we’ll be pinning together! I would love to win the machine – my little sister and I have decided to take up sewing as a bonding activity and this would be so helpful!

  236. Thanks for all that you do. You’re such an inspiration  to me. I’ve been dreaming of getting a sewing machine for a long time, but I’ve not been able to afford it. Unfortunately, every time I manage to scrape up the money an unexpected expense for my family occurs that requires the money more than I do. I would really love to win this sewing machine not only for myself, but for my family as well. My husband is very rough on clothing and my daughter grows faster than I can keep up with so it would be nice to be able to repair his clothes as well as get some extra use out of my daughter’s clothes with some simple refashioning. Even if I don’t win I appreciate the consideration, and the fact that you’re paying it forward in such a great way. Thanks again! :-)

  237. I followed you on Pinterest. Thanks for the giveaway, it looks great! I love your refashions, you even got me started doing them!

  238. This giveaway is so awesome! I would love to get a sewing machine so I can start refashioning for myself!

  239. You don’t even know how inspiring your refashes are! Really. My closet is more full, more fun, and better-fitting because of you.

  240. my fingers are crossed !I’m still sewing things by hand whenever I get the itch to sew.

  241. I follow your blog and I love it. I’m into fairtrade clothing and having been buying used for quite some time … mostly I just take in things I find at Value Village, but you’ve been a great inspiration to get a little more creative! My mom has a super old sewing machine that I’ve been using, but I’d love my own.

  242. I followed and pinned on pinterest and here is my comment! I actually found your blog through pinterest and ended up reading all the back posts in about 2 days. I love your creativity and that you save old clothes and give them new life.

  243. Woo hoo! What an awesome gift for some lucky person. I’ve been wanting to share a refashion of my own but I am terrible at remembering to take before shots! One of these days I’m bound to get that step in and then I can share what you’ve inspired me to do.

  244. Excellent idea. Fortunately I love my machine, cause twitter is another universe to me.
    Love the postings

  245. I would love to win this! I’ve been trying to get into the world of refashion :) Thank you for your blog and for this awesome giveaway ^_^

  246. I know a girl with diabetes who would just love to have her own machine. She comes over to use mine. I would love to pay it forward! (Step 1 also completed!)

  247. A hopefull comment from “across the pond”, more precisely Sweden. Have followed you for a while in blog-land and, as of today, also on pinterest (and have liked this special post as well of course). :) I love sewing and spend a lot of my precious little free time (don’t have a lot since I’m working, studying and raising a toddler at the same time) thinking up new and fun projects. Your blog is a constant source of inspiration! However, I do desperately need a machine since I suspect my mother is getting tired of me constantly popping over to use hers… Crossing my fingers, and looking forward to your next refash. Local thriftstore is open tomorrow, might get some new ideas. :)

  248. I LOVE your blog. Makes me want to sew more than curtains or pillows! I still use the low tech little Singer my husband bought me shortly after we got married 35 years ago.

  249. Pinned, shared and retweeted! After all of the abuse my machine has taken sewing cosplays and costumes this year, it probably would love a best friend to share the workload with :)

  250. I have liked and shared on facebook and twitter i have repinned on pinterest i am in the middle of recovering my dining room chairs with a small battery operated £15 machine. So to win this would be a god send

  251. I found you through a friend.. I keep meaning to learn to sew..I am 42 haha.
    So I could very much use a first machine.. :)

  252. Love your refashions! You present everything in a way that makes me confident that I can try it too. Thanks for all your sharing and I hope to win this sewing machine so I can give it away to my mom.

  253. I’ve “liked” and followed you for some time now (I swear, I’m not a stalker!). I pinned your giveaway on my Pinterest refash board. Your blog has inspired several refashes of my clothing that would have otherwise ended up in the trash, but by far the most awesome inspiration was one that helped my 9 year old daughter fit in at day camp this past summer. Many of the girls wore very trendy and very expensive clothing (200 dollar sneakers! On a 9 year old!), which left my daughter feeling very uncool and in tears on more than one occasion. A few snips and 10 minutes of sewing on my mother’s late 1980s Singer turned one of her favorite (but to her, babyish) tops into a snazzy one-shouldered blouse she’s been wearing nonstop!

  254. While a new machine would be awesome just finding you on fb and pinterest and twitter was a win win win .:)

  255. HI!! I have been reading your blog for some time now thatnks to a friend from work. I have been following you everyday since and I am completely obssesed with your blog. You really are a very talented person and I would love to be the winner of this sewing machine. I have never sewn because my crafting skills are towards making Jewelry and Crochetting. Adding this to my arsenal would really be fantastic so I can jump on to this next step for myself :D Thank you so much for posting as often as you do and sharing your knowledge with those whom can benefit from it. <3

  256. Hi there! I am so glad you are doing this giveaway. I say to my husband everyday that I want a sewing machine so that I can start learning to sew. Right now it is not in the budget and it is driving me crazy! It would be great if I could win this. Love your blog and follow it faithfully.

  257. Yes, please! Liked you on Facebook and I’m crossing my fingers and toes. Would totally come in handy for the kids stuff.

  258. I first found you, Jill, through blog hopping some time in 2011. I love you’re silliness, creativity, out of the box ideas for crazy-looking clothing that would normally end up in the Goodwill bag. I also appreciate you sharing your personal ups and downs with everyone. I never missed a day of your 365 challenge.

    So, here is my comment to qualify for the Pay It Forward contest…..
    I would love to “pay this forward” to a lady who could use it to make charity baby blankets.

    Angel Blessings ~ Melisa

  259. Pinned on Pinterest!! Would love to win this so I can give my Mother-in-Law back her sewing machine, which she generously has lent to me, so that i too, could try my hand and sewing. (which i totally have fell in love with)

  260. I follow you on twitter as @redmelbug and tweeted about the blog post and retweeted your tweet too! Thanks for a great giveaway, I’ve been inspired to try sewing again after seeing your blog posts!

  261. I love following what you do! I have not sewn for years and now I’m thinking maybe I need to take it up again. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  262. I’ve liked, shared and pinned! No tweeting for me, twitter just confuses me O.o I’d love to win a sewing machine, I left mine behind in the States when I had to move back to the UK, I miss it sew much (Sorry, I know, I know…) and would dearly love to sew again.
    Your blog has been very inspiring to me and has lead to a whole new area of the web that I never knew existed, so thank you for that.

  263. After pinning this, here’s a comment from not just across the pond, but in the pond! Bermuda to be exact! Have been enjoying your blog very much and would love to give refashioning a try! You’re a great inspiration, keep up the wonderful work!

  264. What a great giveaway. I have a tiny machine meant for mending, but I still try (usually unsuccessfully) to force it to make full-size projects.

  265. Well I retweeted your post and started following you on twitter. I’m sure there are more deserving people than me but I am a fashion design major and it would be awesome to have my own sewing machine. My old Brother machine finally died. I have had it since I was 8 so it did its job. I love your posts so keep up the hard/good work! Look forward to seeing a new refash! Oh and hope you do a little back story on whoever wins the sewing machine.

  266. I did all three! I would love the opportunity to win a sewing machine! My family just opened a thrift store Heartland Thrift in Montclair Ca and I see the potential of many refashons in my future!

  267. I started sewing in high school. My mother was a home-ec teacher for awhile. I had not sewn for years until I happened across your blog. You have inspired me to get back into sewing. Thanks. I absolutely love your creativity.

  268. I currently sew on my grandmother’s old Elna sewing machine (purchased in 1974) that I inherited when she passed away. In fact, she taught me to sew on it, so it has lots of sentimental value. That thing is a power horse and will hopefully last the rest of my lifetime. However, I do yearn for having more digital features to make some of my bigger projects easier and more time saving. I’ve had my eye on a new Brother for quite some time, and I’d love to have this one! :)

  269. I follow you on Pinterest, LOVE your blog! I am constantly amazed by what you come up with – I love looking at the ‘before’ picture and wonder how you are going to make something cute and fun out of something so frumpy and outdated. Then you do it, and it’s perfect!

  270. I’ve been following your refash board for several months, and you’ve inspired me to make a few minor refashions. :-) I liked on your blog FB, followed all your boards on Pinterest and posted the giveaway on both places.

    I already have a Brother machine, and I love it! However I have a friend who could use a new machine (hers is from the late 1950s!) Best of luck to all who enter! :-)

  271. Thx for the contest! I read your blog all the time. I now follow you on pinterest and pinned your conest. :)

  272. I found this site in the beginning of the summer and I love it! Not only do I love the awesome transformations and style but I find your writing to be refreshingly witty!

  273. Thank you for this great giveaway, I would really love to win :)

    (I shared your post on facebook.)

  274. Although I am a die-hard thrift shopper (I buy next to nothing new), I have learned so much through reading your blog about how to make great thrift finds fit better. Thank you for being so generous!

  275. by the way… i did all you asked, including the facebook ‘like’ and share – but my facebook account is under Amanda Palmer, not wanderartist… so’s you know.

  276. My daughters and I been looking into refashioning clothing. They love going to the thrift store to get some new pieces of clothes and making them new again. Would love for them to have a new sewing machine. So they can really get motivated. I can sew in a straight line, do some hemming and few basic sewing. Love your blog getting lots of great ideas. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us.

  277. Your blog is so inspirational! Thank you for showing others how to reuse clothing and be frugal fashionably! :D I pinned your post.

  278. I love your blog and you’re soooo creative! You have inspired me to take my sewing to a “whole nutha level!” My daughter is enjoying most of my refashions, I never knew how much she loved funky, antique buttons. Now she wants to learn to refashion but doesn’t own a sewing machine! So I would be paying it forward to an upcoming refashion-er. LOL.

    Keep blogging, we all love your ideas and Douglas!


  279. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Love your site. I look forward to each blog post.

  280. Found you on Pinterest a few months ago and knew I had to follow your blog – I look forward to each and every post – I’m hooked!! Love the contest and so excited to find you on Facebook as well!! Love to upcycle/refashion for my 6 yr. old re-fashionista!!

  281. What a fantastic giveaway! Love seeing you in my inbox every day! Thank for this and for all you do.

  282. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and touted your awesomeness quite often on my Facebook… but I never realized that you had a twitter and a Facebook that I could follow too! I learned how to sew 15 years or so ago in HomeEc class, and just bought myself a cheap singer sewing machine two years ago and have been teaching myself to sew. Your blog is an inspiration!

  283. Wow… this is wonderful. I have been trying to do more sewing, and especially altering clothes. It seems like every time I sit down to do a project something is wrong with my sewing machine that I have to fix. It is an old ’78 Kenmore. A good machine, but older than I am. I think it might just be about to wear out. I was on the phone with my mother who has the same model trying to troubleshoot, and she said it may be time for a new machine. A couple of hours later, I got the email with this post. Perfect timing. I have pinned the contest to my sewing projects board. Thanks for doing this drawing!

  284. I started following your blog a long while back. I shared you on all three pages. My mom taught me to sew when I was young and I got a sewing machine for my graduation back in 78. Didn’t sew much until many years later. Watching what you and others do has inspired me to get back at it. Starting to take a look in my closet to see what I can update and transform. Thanks for sharing all that you have with us…. it’s been fun!

  285. Done! Keeping my fingers crossed! Really look forward to your posts. Very inspired by you!

  286. Reading your blog makes me want to learn to sew! Thanks for inspiring me to at least put “learn to sew” on my list of things to learn in life. Just let me know when you start a “Learn to Sew like Me” tutorial and I’m so there.

  287. My machine is 25 years old my husband gave it to me as a graduation gift. Much to my roommates confusion! I still use it but an updated machine would be excellent!

  288. This is an amazing giveaway! I have REALLY been wanting a sewing machine so I can make clothes for my daughter, but I can’t really afford one right now so it would be fantastic to get one. I’d thank you and Alex both ;D

  289. What a wonderful give away. Hopefully who ever wins will be inspired to start some refashing. I started refashioning my clothes back when I was in high school, there have been some good ones and some not so good ones :) Someday I’ll have the forethought to actually take some before pics instead of just grabbing something from “the bin” and start chopping and sewing :) And maybe someday start blogging!

    You are such an inspiration, you can take anything and make it beautiful!!


  290. I’m hooked on your refashionista blog, have been known to stay up wayyyy to late looking up all the past blogs. Now I have taken your blog with me on vaction to Costa Rica. Don’t want to miss one :) hope you do this blog for a long time. Thank you.

  291. I’m a nerd and I did all three, because what the hey might as well get a dose of you an all the sites! I currently sew on the machine my grandmother gave me, its a beast that is in a cabinet and basically weighs a million pounds. I’ve thought about purchasing a stand alone machine multiple times to take to friends houses for sewing parties and to teach them, but hello expensive!

  292. I have been following you for awhile, but I don’t know how I did social media follow you until now! I have been borrowing my mom’s sewing machine when I go home, but I don’t have one of my own!

  293. A good sewing machine is a must to do all the amazing things you do! Thank you for being an inspiration!

  294. Funnily enough my reason for never getting a sewing machine is that I’m worried I’ll be no good! Love your blog and your refashion ideas :)

    I repinned your pin on pinterest and am now a Facebook fan :D

  295. I followed you on Pinterest and pinned this giveaway. Thanks so much for the chance to win this sewing machine! What a great addition that would make to my craft room! Your blog inspires me!

  296. What an amazing offer. I’m glad you are doing this because I never thought to look for you on FB even though I have been reading your blog religiously since finding it on Pinterest. Thanks for all of the sewing inspiration and reasons to stay away from all of those “fast fashion” stores.

  297. Pinterested! You are officially my inspiration to finally be one of those awesome people who sew! Have wanted to for a long time and say the exact same things you did! Well even if I don’t win I’ll take this as a sign to just go for it! Thanks for the chance to enter and for continuing to inspire us all!

  298. Someone just gave me a box of fabric. I’m either winning this machine or buying – but I’m not wasting the fabric just because i don’t sew YET!

  299. Yes…I completed the two step process even after a long day at work and making supper and kids’ activities…I need a new sewing machine :)))))

  300. You are inspiring! I am going to learn how to sew with a machine instead of by hand which is kinda time consuming. ;) i am shortening a tunic now. Your blog is so fun for all of us readers. Thank you!

  301. Pinterest! Woo hoo!!
    I love your blog, thank you for the awesome inspiration on refashioning! I love it. :)

  302. Followed on pinterest and liked on facebook! Would love to win since I am using a klankly old Kenmore, circa 197-something….! You do inspire me! I have reworked blazers, dresses, and some t shirts! Keep it up!

  303. Thank you for making Monday morning feel like Christmas morning …in August! (Which makes it even better ;c) I shared your great give away on Facebook and Pinterest…and invited others to check out your great reinvisioned fab fashions.

  304. I have followed your blot for a while now, I found it from pinterest but I never followed you there….unroll now. Thanks for paying it forward and maybe providing that spark to someone else.

  305. I’ve likes you all around the social networks! You’re such an inspiration for me! I’m still such a seeing rookie :) Can’t wait to see who wins! Thank you for being so awesome!

  306. I love your blog! I hope I win the sewing machine I need a push. You have inspired me. Thank you!!!!!!!! :-)

  307. I follownyou on pinstress and facebook. As a mom of 5 little ones who just lost a lot of weight.your site helped me get ideas on refastioning my now to big to wear cloths ans.help me save money since I csnt afford to by all new.plus I find it more fun to refastion than to buy new.thanks for all the ideas and look forward to more.

  308. Oh wow, this is great! Inspired by your blog, I purchased a shirt from the thrift store to refashion… I still have it but not sure what to do or where to start… having a sewing machine would help :)

  309. I LOVE reading your blog! I recently acquired a couple garbage bags of clothing from my sister-in-law and since they are larger sized items, I have been working on refashioning them for my new work wardrobe. I have the same Kenmore sewing machine my awesome grandma gave me over 30 years ago. (Thank you Grandma!) But it would be lovely to have a machine that had more features. Thanks for the killer give-away!!

  310. Ok. Tomorrow is my birthday and I would love it if I won and gave the machine to my Mom. I did not use Twitter, cause I am too shy to tweet. Thanks again, what a great thing to do.

  311. didn’t know you were on facebook, so now I have “liked” you and will get news that way too! enjoy your submissions or re-fashions :)

  312. I found you on pinterest a while back and you inspired me to dust off my sewing machine and refashion some out-dated stuff (maybe one day I’ll submit my own) but in the midst of sewing I damaged by he power cord connection’ I would love to have a new machine to keep my momentum going!

  313. I would love to learn to sew! Liked, shared on FB, shared & followed on twitter, followed on pinterest and pinned the contest! Thanks for the chance!

  314. I would love to win this for my friend who needs to sew but doesn’t have a sewing machine. I use my sisters old one or my grandma’s yard sale find which I guess I could give to her and keep the new haha, I’ll decide when I win!

  315. This is an amazing give away, and I have tons of fabric laying around waiting for a project!!

  316. I didn’t think to look for you on pinterest! I also didn’t realize how much work it took to just to keep your website going. :( Sorry …. But I’m thankful for all the work you put into it! Hopefully my friend will see this because he is the one who needs the machine :)

  317. So many of my friends have been talking about learning how to sew from me. It would be awesome to be able to give one of them a sewing machine to learn on! I’ve shared this with all of them :)

  318. I follow you on Facebook and shared it with all my friends – would LOVE to win this!!!!

  319. I am starting my own custom made things business and this sewing machine would be an AWESOME addition!

  320. Wow what a great thing to do for your Fans! I have never used a sewing machine but would love to learn how! I get so excited every time you post a new blog post and can not wait to read it! Thank you so much for your awesome re-fashions!

  321. I haven’t sewn anything for so long. This would be a good push back in to the hobby. FYI – the ziggy-ziggy background makes reading nearly impossible!

  322. Got you liked and posted on my FB page. About time to replace my one of my sewing machines, too expensuive to keep repairing them – the “new” one is from 1973! Forward, backward and (when it’s in the mood) zig zag…..the others were my Grandmother’s 1920’s Singer and my Mom’s 1944 Singer – both forward only, if you’re lucky! They get the job done eventually, but with a 7 yr old grand daughter now with us, she wants to learn to sew, too!

  323. Did all three! I’ve attempted a couple of refashions so far but none of them have been picture worthy! My machine is super old so this would be a real treat!

  324. Thanks so much for your blog, it has inspired me to be much more fashion conscious and start refashioning myself! On mums old machine that is making funny noises…

  325. Dear refashionista,
    your creativity has inspired me to refashion some of my thrift store finds. Keep inspiring us!

  326. I love seeing your posts pop into my inbox! I spend my morning break at work with you :-)
    Thanks for the generous opportunity to win that great little machine!

  327. Ahh! I feel like I’m in the same rut you were in. I’ve been trying to find a hobby I’d be good at and I’ve been considering getting a sewing machine but finding myself making the same excuses “I don’t know how to use one.” “What if I get bored/lose interest.” but I’ve loved all the no-sew refashions I’ve found via pinterest – I’d love to try my hand at doing some real sewing! (Maybe I’d even start a blog too!)

  328. I didn’t even know you HAD a Pinterest… (I should have known!)

    So excited to be following your pins!

  329. I actually have a sewing machine, but I want to enter and win one for my friend Nicki. She needs one.. she has many great things in her head needing a vehicle to escape :)

  330. I did all of them I hope I have a chance my machine is braking down and I love your tutorial s , you are so inspiring! And I totally can relate to your story!

  331. What a great guy! Thank you Alex for getting our Refashionista started! And aren’t we all glad he did?! Nothing like a shiny new machine to get the stitches started! Cross my threads and hope I win :)

  332. I love your blog and you have inspired me to do my own refashions with clothing in my closet! This would be amazing to receive and I’m actually entering to win it for my sister…she is so creative and often adds things to clothing as no-sew fashions but she doesn’t have a sewing machine and just had a baby so she won’t be able to get one for awhile. Keep up the amazing work!!

  333. I do not have a sewing machine. I haven’t sewn in a reallllly long time!….high school. This would be awesome. I love the refashions I’ve seen since following you for the past few months, and would love to refashion the pile of odds and ends that I just can’t part with! After cleaning out my closet yesterday, no small task I may add, I decided to challenge myself and not buy ANY new clothes for the next year….we shall see! :)

  334. What an amazing prize you are paying it forward with. It’s funny that my daughter has been encouraging me to get a sewing machine and give it a try. I haven’t sewn since home ec in junior high school. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.
    I liked and shared on Facebook (Donna Pierson Wilson); I follow you and retweeted on twitter (@disneymom917); and I follow you on Pinterest and Pinned this contest: http://pinterest.com/pin/28006828905973901/

  335. I gave myself a sewing machine for mother’s day over a decade ago, and just recently my mother has adopted it since she lost hers. I never win these, but it would be just in time to get costuming for Ren Faire!!

  336. Thanks for a chance at one of these machines. mine is from the 60’s or something!! very old!!

  337. Love your blog. Love you. Hate my current sewing machine :(. Maybe this would give me the oomph I need to tackle that box of ill-fitting garments hiding in my closet!!! :)

  338. My sister introduced me to your blog because I announced that I was going to try and refashion a thrift store dress. I have refashioned it (but I had taken a selfie of the original dress before I knew you prefer people not send selfies to your Reader Refash) and discovered that it is very similar to your Windy Hill Dress. Anyway, your blog inspires me and I don’t own a machine (I do my work by hand) and would love to step up to a machine.

  339. I did all 3….Er….2 steps! Lol! I love this blog and look forward to the emails each day. Thanks for your inspirational ideas!!!

  340. hey jillian! i am 14 years old and LOVE your blog. i think its cool that you are doing this. anyways this is my comment!

  341. I adore your blog and you’ve inspired me to refash to save my new hubby and I some money! Can’t wait for more posts!! :-)

  342. What lovely timing! I’ve been following your blog for a while (love it) and just this past weekend my sister was going to teach me to start using my clunker of a machine (it’s a Singer from the 50s, apparently a real tank as far as sewing machines go), only when she went to plug it in the rubber on the cord disintegrated in her hands leaving bare wire!
    And I really wanted to start learning how to refashion my own clothes!
    I’ve followed you on Pinterest, and repinned the contest.
    Good luck everyone!

  343. Love this blog!! Just started sewing a few months ago! Would really like a new brother machine!!!!

  344. I know I have a better chance getting struck by lightning, but a girl can dream! I have 5 babies and love to sew, my machine just died so I’m borrowing a friend’s machine. Winning this would be such a blessing! Good luck to all!

  345. Thank you! I have a basic Brother machine going on 11 years old and still running strong. Would love this upgrade!

  346. Love your blog, I check it everyday and love to see what you have “refashioned”!! You have inspired me to shop in thrift stores and see what can be found instead of purchasing from retail stores!! Keep up the good work!

  347. I’ve been following you for over a year now and always look forward to your posts via email! You are such an inspiration and I love your creativity! I have yet to actually refashion anything but I have a pile of stuff I cleared from my closet just this week that is now too big for me. (THANKS WEIGHT WATCHERS!) Some of it is being given away, but some of the better stuff that has potential is in my “refashion” pile. I don’t need to go to the thrift store – as I already have plenty of potential projects!

  348. I already had the page liked.. though it should be ‘loved’ And have now shared the contest. So excited for whoever wins! If it’s me, I suppose I’ll have no excuse to not learn how to sew myself. :) Good luck everyone!

  349. Love this blog! I would love to be able to move from no-sew or hand sewing projects to a sewing machine.

  350. YAY!!! I think I first heard about you while watching Rachel Ray. Ever since, it has been so fun to watch you create something new and fun, from something that would be someone else’s trash. I’d love to win a sewing machine, and start creating as well. :0)

  351. Your blog is the only one I read, I’ve been hooked for years! I love everything you’re doing. Thanks so much for putting together such an amazing contest, and obviously, for doing what you do.

  352. I liked you on facebook & followed on Pinterest. Your blog is inspiring! I would love a new machine – I have an oldie from the 70’s which I’m in a love-hate relationship with.

  353. Jillian, you are soooo fantastical!!!! I used to live in SC and sometimes think if I hadn’t left we could be friends…. or pass each other on the street and I would wave at you like we knew each other, and I would come up to you and tell you how awesome your are and you would be like “yeah… thanks” and… anyways… I digress ;).

  354. Will do all 3 things — love following you everywhere you are, you are an inspiration :) It’s so nice to see that you are still great friends with the original giver of this super-cute machine, too.

  355. Love your blog. It would nice to be able to give my mom’s sewing machine back to her. I have been “borrowing” it for almost a year

  356. I envy your mad sewing skills. I bought an old Kenmore at a yard sale last summer to teach myself, I was doing pretty well until the bobbin ran out. At least I have some crooked curtains and a pair of shorts to show for it.

  357. I have been wanting a new sewing machine ever since the one I “inherited” from my mom stopped keeping consistent tension, so happy you’re doing a giveaway!

  358. I would love to win a sewing machine. I share one with my sister right now. My daughters and I look forward to your posts because you inspire us. We just need to find a good thrift store!

  359. What a great giveaway! I liked and shared on Facebook. If I win, I’m giving it to my daughter, who really needs a new machine.

  360. I followed you on Pinterest/ added a pin of the post to my wish list board!! I keep talking about getting a sewing machine but don’t know how to go about picking one! Love love love your blog!! :)

  361. Followed you on Pinterest and shared your post on Facebook. Just started learning to sew myself!

  362. Just started following you on Pinterest and pinned the contest there too :)
    what an amazing giveaway!
    A new machine would be great, mine is an ancient little thing that doesn’t always cooperate with me. thanks.

  363. Wow, it took forever to get to the bottom of this! So many comments!
    I love your refashions, and I don’t know where to start either. I’ve been meaning to get one-but you’re right! It’s expensive to start!
    Thanks for the opportunity to receive one.

  364. Your blog is awesome, I get so excited when you have a new post! I love how you incorporate you creativity while also experiencing new brews. I love having a blog that inspires me and I can relate to :)

  365. Wow! Scrolling down through 666 comments was like being in a disco (with your background!) I think this is great! I know so many people who would like to sew but can’t/won’t front the cash for a sewing machine because they aren’t sure whether they’ll be able to do it! This is extremely generous of you! I’m following you on Pinterest, I think my username is Wardr0beSurge0n or something like that.

  366. I have been following your blog for a few months and look forward to every new post! It would be super cool to win a machine to try out all the things I’ve learned from you!

  367. I have to say I love your blog and I always look forward to the new refashes. Thanks to you me and some of my friends want to have a re-fashioning party.

  368. I love your blog, I check it almost every day! I sew by hand often, but sewing machines are daunting. Would love to learn how to do everything you are able to do!

  369. Wow, what a great giveaway! I’d love this for my daughter who’s always making something out of nothing. I’d love to see what she could do with a sewing machine.

  370. Your blog has changed my closet. For the better of course. What a great machine and a great giveaway! :)

  371. I started following your blog about a year ago, and because of you I’ve finally gotten up enough courage to try a few sewing projects of my own. You’ve taught me how to see things in a thrift store differently; there are many things that you pick to make over that I would have skipped in a heartbeat! I’m always impressed by what you come out with! I would love to have my own sewing machine instead of battling my husband for his old Singer (he’s worried that I’ll break it).

  372. Having a sewing machine like this would make it much easier to sew baby clothes for my little girl! Thanks to you I have grand plans of repurposing my & my husband’s too small clothes and thrift store finds into cute little outfits. :)

  373. Well, I don’t tweet and I don’t print (if that’s what you call it), but I’m lucky to have my daughter as a friend on Facebook. If this nonconformist post qualifies as an entry, I know my daughter would love to have a machine. She does all of her work by hand now.

  374. I love following your blog! I am very new to the sewing thing and I love all the pictures you give. It really helps someone like me. I have been saving up for my first machine ~ this would be awesome! Thanks and keep it up! Can’t wait to see your next Re-Fash!

  375. Thanks for a great opportunity. I have a VERY old machine(circa 1977) and it was never easy to use in the first place.

  376. Love you Jill! You have inspired me to start my own refashion challenge. I have no idea how to start a blog so for now I’m just sewing everyday & taking lots of pictures! Hoping to get better each day!

  377. Great giveaway! I would love to win this machine. Learning to sew would mean that I could mod things to fit my frame and that all the repairs I do now by hand, which hurt my wrists and elbows could go by much quicker and I could hopefully save some money for my family on clothing. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I pinned on Pinterest.

  378. I have my mom’s old sewing machine and it hasn’t worked for a while so that’s been my excuse to not learn to sew. i have so many projects that i want to do…maybe this giveaway would force me to stop making excuses!

  379. Thanks for all of your inspiration! You certainly get my creative juices flowing, I just don’t have a machine right now so if I won your give away I would be in sewing heaven!

  380. I wait for your posts every day and find myself spending hours at a time going through your old posts for inspiration! Not only do I love your refashions, but your sweet pup pics and inspiringly happy/up beat personality too! Keep them coming!

  381. Umm… an actual, real sewing machine would be amazing to have… Then I could give away my cheapo Singer. :-)

  382. First of all, I totally stalk your blog and have recently given up buying for my kiddos at other stores and have started trying to refash for them by hand (not so pretty mind you) until I can get my Pfaff fixed up! Secondly, I think what you are doing is AMAZING! I believe in pay it forward with all my being and you doing this is awesome :D Thanks Jillian, you continue to be an inspiration!

  383. Love all your refashions! I’ve been a follower since almost the beginning…
    I love the pay it forward. Thanks.

  384. This would be amazing. My sewing machine died. :-( I love to refashion especially for my little girl and I haven’t been able to sew in months because we can’t afford a new machine right now.

  385. Thank you for inspiring me! I love your blog, and thanks to this give away, I now can follow you everywhere!! I currently use a mint green Singer sewing machine, that I got for $8 at Goodwill 15 years ago. It has done me well, but I would love to win a new sewing machine!!

  386. I’ve been reading your blog religiously for a couple years now…and I just love it! A few years back I learned to crochet and then knit and I always wanted to learn to sew! I’m moving in a couple weeks and I need to seriously purge my closet in order to combine it with my man’s closet. (He’ll be doing the same.) I am dreading it because I know so many of my clothes (and his) could be refashioned into things I would wear! Keep doing what you do, girl. You rock!

  387. What a great person you are to be giving this away! You really inspire me to use outfits in a different way! What a great pin or tying the sleeves can do! I am already following you on facebook, and now on pinterest and twitter! I would LOVE to win this!

  388. What an inspiration! I love shopping at GoodWill mainly for sweaters I can recycle into yarn to support my yarn habit but now I have another reason to go there! Lol. I use an old dinosaur of a machine. A hand me down Kenmore from the 1930s. It still works great! But if I win I will give it the retirement it needs. Lol. Thanks a million!

  389. You are such an inspiring person whose creativity I adore and whose posts I cherish! Thanks for putting so much effort in this blog for others to enjoy!
    I am a fourteen year-old seamstress and have done many refashions myself, and I love looking at what others have made! Wow, a sewing machine giveaway! I never thought I would enter in one of these but I just can’t pass up the chance for a new sewing machine! Thanks!

  390. I already have a Brother sewing machine; if I were to win this, I’d give it to a friend, so she too gets a little nudge in the right direction. No more excuses! :)

  391. I recently learned to sew on a friends machine. I only got to make 3 things and I only learned out of necessity. But in being forced to sew, I learned that I really enjoyed it. It really was a great creative outlet! I have been thinking about buying one the past couple months, it would be great to win one though!

  392. I, like you used to be, am so intimidated by a sewing machine. I have always talked about getting one and I am not getting any younger :( now would be a great time.

  393. I haven’t sewn in quite a few years (20) then I ran across your blog on Pinterest. You have inspired me to go through the boxes I just stored to find a way to reuse the items that were packed away. My machine is in the shop (MIL handed it down to me from her mother as none of the girls in the family sew) and I am anxiously waiting to get it back so I can jump in.

    It sounds like you have had an emotion-filled and busy year. Thank you for sticking with it! I am almost through the earlier posts (going backwards is pretty interesting. The finished products are super cute. Can’t wait to see what else comes up.

  394. Oh yes! I have followed, followed, liked and shared on all available media. I totally need a sewing machine of my own, because my poor mother’s machine is suffering the effects of my enthusiastic seamstressing, and I saw this and thought “yay! I love Refashionista!”

  395. You’ve been liked by me on facebook for quite a while now, so I will head to Pinterest! If I won, I’d be giving the machine to my little sister for Christmas. She would be SO blessed by it!

  396. I would absolutely love to win this! I just started sewing at the beginning of this year and I love it :) you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for starting this blog!

  397. This is so great! I really love to see what you make and I would like to win a sewing machine so I could give it away because I already have one. I’m so excited that there will be a winner, even if it’s not me! Great idea!!

  398. Liked and shared on all social medias! This is my favorite blog. I started refashioning when I was in high school and I am now 23 with a daughter. I refashion her clothes as well :) Love you fabulous Refashionista!

  399. I have always wanted to learn how to sew! I found you on Pinterest and have been hooked ever since! I love getting your emails!

  400. I already follow your blog, but now I’m following you via twitter as well! :) I hope to win the new sewing machine, but if I do I hope that it will work over here in Europe!!

  401. I am in love with your blog!! I have a granddaughter who is waiting for a sewing machine which will come from me so maybe I might have a chance at winning her one. Thanks for paying it forward!!!!

  402. Omg! This would be perfect timing for my birthday gift! I look forward to your refashions everyday. I find it funny that I have the same excuses. I’ve been reading your blog for a year now & have visited a few bargain stores but chickened out on refashioning. If I won, I’d definitely be on my way to cutting, snipping, seam ripping, pinning, & of course, sewing fun! Love this blog!

  403. I’ve followed you for about a year now and you inspired me to be proud of my refashioning. I Started refashioning my clothes into tiny barbie clothes when I was 11 because I couldn’t afford buying the barbie outfits. Growing up I realized I could make my own clothes. I’m a poor college student and am currently using my mothers old sewing machine to make my outfits. It is a brother sewing machine, however, she attained it about 10 years ago so it is now broken and missing a couple parts so it’s quite difficult to work with. I would so treasure this sewing machine for the rest of my days!!

  404. Shared! Love each refashion you post and this has been the sewing machine I’ve always wanted!

  405. I just found you and have been following your blog. and on Pinterest Now Facebook also. Great incites. It is exciting to see someone enjoy life so much.

  406. I’ve been following your blog for a year now and didn’t know you had a facebook until today! I love your posts. So inspiring.

  407. I hope South Africa counts as across the pond???
    I am wanting to start a little side business for my creative side, and having to pop to friends / family to sew is A MISSION!
    Shared / liked / pinned / tweeted :)
    Visit your blog each day for a little creative inspiration during a dull work day :)

  408. A chance to win a free sewing machine, yes ma’am I’m in. When I was younger I loved to sew and would like to start doing it again.

  409. I love your blog, you’ve inspired me to look at sewing completely differently. This is a fantastic giveaway. Shared on Pinterest and Facebook x

  410. Awesome giveaway! Crossing my fingers! If I win, I’m gong to hand my machine down to my daughters, who want to learn to sew.

  411. I followed you on Pinterest and shared, Thank you for the opportunity to win a new sewing machine. I recently learned to sew and have my mother in laws hand me down machine. It would be awesome to have a new one to use to make my kids clothes.

  412. I Facebooked and will cross my fingers, although I’m one of those overseas readers. I have a vintage machine that only does straight stitch and I’d love a machine that zigzags.

  413. Done, done and done. Shared, Pinned and Retweeted. I’ve been following this blog for AGES and you have inspired me to try some refashions of my own (the IKEA furniture refashions in particular are looking amazing in my spare room!). I, too, cannot afford a sewing machine so I’m crossing my fingers here like crazy. I’m currently hand stitching a cosplay gown which is doing wonders for my hand sewing skills.

  414. Liked your page long time ago and shared this wonderful news with my friends. Was talking about sewing 50s style dresses not long ago with another mother who stays at home taking care of kids (and today she told me she just got pregnant as I did a few months ago!). But it’s always hard to take the very first step — she doesn’t have a sewing machine and I always feel I don’t have time and thinks it might be complicated to learn how to sew! What you just shared made me feel a bit guilty and I should have started long time ago. Anyway, thank you very much for your lovely giveaway!

    Go on enjoying our beautiful lives~

    Shel Wang

  415. I’m the same type you are – dreaming about learning how to sew for some years right now. And I even got a sewing machine for my birthday last year…. and still never used it. I’m in a phase of reading some sewing/refashioning blogs and geting ready to finally take my preaciouss machine out of the box. Hopefully it will happen this year ;)
    I love your blog – you’re a huge inspiration and reading about your refashions has that motivational effect on me which pushes me forward with every post! :)

  416. Nagyon tetszik amit csinálsz, csodállak, és szeretném azt a varrógépet is megnyerni, itt nagy hasznát venném neki. Jó egészséget, és örömöt.

  417. I so hope I can win this new toy! I bought a machine for my daughter and she has been trying to do her own refashionista, but the machine SUCKS!

    My daughter and I wait by the computer until we see your newest post! Keep up the great job on keeping up with the fashions!

  418. I really wish I had the guts to refash – I think I worry so much about it going wrong that I don’t even try!

  419. Those were my excuses too before I started watching your blog and decided that I really want to do this and even though I like hand sewing, a sewing machine would be extremely helpful for more complicated projects. Keep up the great work!

  420. I check your blog for updates ALL the time. I love your funny faces and your awesome projects. You have inspired me to refashion and I hope to start my own refashion blog….if I could just get off my butt and do it!

  421. What a lovely thing to do – was thinking of you this morning as a pal dropped round a dress she wants me to refashion for a weeding she is going to in Michigan later this year!

  422. Yay! What a nice idea! :) Your blog has inspired me to buy a sewing machine (a real cheapie from IKEA) to try my hand at refashioning, and it tastes like more! Even though my cheapie sewing machine is actually not too bad, I could give THAT ONE to my best friend (who was kinda jealous) while keeping a new one for myself. :P Yes. I am that kind of person.

  423. Love your blog – you’ve got me all excited about sewing again! I just need a reliable sewing machine to make the process that bit less stressful, as i’m self taught and need all the practice I can get.

  424. Wonderful idea! I have been secret santa and secret easterbunny.

    This machine looks so more sophisticated then mine! I think would keep it and give mine away.

  425. Liked on FB and shared! Wow this is an awesome opportunity you are giving! Thank you! I would love this awesome machine!

  426. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve been wanting to lean to sew for ages but was intimidated- re-fashioning looks like a great place to get started!

  427. oh what a wonderful give-away! I have been a long time lurker but never commented before so here goes! Your blog is inspirational – I love that you make sewing so easy, no complicated patterns to put off beginners, just straight forward refashions. I would love to start sewing, I definitely need a new creative outlet, I am itching to try it out! There’s no way I would give away such a beauty of a machine but how about I promise to make some clothes for friends and family if I win it?!
    p.s. I repinned so hopefully am in with a chance! Thank you!

  428. Just shared your link and started following you on twitter! I look forward to your refashions every day!

  429. I love seeing how creative you can be with such frumpy clothing. I’ve been wanting to give it a try for a while now. I just don’t have a sewing machine :(

  430. This is such an awesome thing to do!!!! I would totally keep it and put it to good use! :-)

  431. Absolutely love your blog! My boyfriend and I often thrift, and it’s now evolved in finding $1 frocks that I can refashion! Would love to put those in action!

  432. I hope I win! I would really love to have a new sewing machine! This one looks awesome. The one I have is an OLD Singer. My mother in law gave it to me. I could use a new “high tech” machine!!!!!!!!

  433. Shared on Facebook!
    I love your blog! You have inspired me to start refashioning my own clothes. Thank you!

  434. Great giveaway, just pinned it on pinterest – I love your blog!!! I’m both impatiently awaiting your new entries, as well as reading through old stuff…it’s a great distraction from my actual task at hand (writing my dissertation). I’ve actually decided to reward myself with a dress form once my next chapter is submitted. Yay!

  435. I’m always excited when I see your emails arrive, I’m always showing my mom ” See what she made, she started with this and this is what she turned it into” I’m always impressed and wishing I could do it too!

  436. Ok ok, so I can see by hand and have always wanted a machine. Everytime I see clothes I visualize how to change them also to fit my figure( cuz nothing is just right( goldilocks reference))
    Anyway I believe if someone or something doesn’t happen I’ll just always wonder and wish;(
    Ba ba bum….
    I now have a new addiction with your blog and filled with ideas!!!!
    Could be a dream come true!!!
    American in italy

  437. Been following you on FB for a while now. You’re great! Very inspiring. You make it look so easy.
    Shared, pinned & shared.

  438. I always look forward to your posts. They’re always cute, creative and sometimes a little funny. Love the pics.You do agreat job. Thanks for sharing and keep up the goodwork.

  439. I discovered your inspiring blog a few weeks ago and gone through the entire archive in one night. It gave me the courage to start refashioning some of the pieces in my closet (best one so far: an unwearable t-shirt with my university’s logo turned into a cute bow-backless top), all sewn by hand, since I don’t have a sewing machine. I’ve got a bunch of ideas that would take a lot of time to complete by hand, and I’ve been dreaming about a great machine for a newbie like me, so I definitely love your sewing machine giveaway idea! It would be cool if I won. :)

  440. Love your blog. I also love to sew. I would pay this machine forward to my daughter. She is 11, that is the age I was when I began to sew. A great thing for a girl to learn.

  441. Ooooh awesome give away!! I love your blog, and I am soo thankful to Alex for gifting you with this machine so that we could all benefit from your incredibly creative mind!

  442. I so want to start sewing, but have no idea where to start… winning this just might help! Love your blog :)

  443. Greetings from Slovenija! :) I adore pinterest from the first day, so I did my job there :) Keep doing what you do best, you are my inspiration :D

  444. Followed and pinned! I’d love to have a machine that works! mine I inherited and won’t zig zag to save its life.

  445. I love your blog. It’s amazing that you can see something old and ugly and turn it in to something so cute! You have inspired me to ‘refashion’ some of the old unwearable things in my closet. I’ve been sewing by hand to prove to myself that a deserve to buy a sewing machine (I’m not sure what my logic is there). But I love seeing your creations!Hopefully I’m brave enough to show off mine soon! :)

  446. I did steps 1 and 2, I have yet to become a tweety bird ;) I love your blog and check it every. single. day. I have no life clearly, so winning a working machine (I have 3 in various states of distress) would give me something else to do. :)

  447. Liked and shared on FB and Pinterest!!! Love your stuff so much!! I have my grandma’s old sewing machine, but I know of a dear friend who would LOVE LOVE LOVE a sewing machine of her own!!!

  448. Awesome giveaway! I love getting your posts by e-mail! You have inspired me to turn my cute maternity clothes into things I can still wear. Love your blog!

  449. Ahhhhh!!!!! I’m 15 and I lovelovelove your blog!! I visit it EVERY. DAY. (an unhealthy addiction I’m sure…) getting new ideas for what I will refashion once I get a sewing machine of my own!! :D Thanks for this awesome opportunity!!

  450. Just love your creativity and imagination! Gives me inspiration to take chances with my clothes, give them a refashion ;) x

  451. Thank you for this fun giveaway!!! I love reading your blog and look forward to seeing new posts!! I haven’t done a refashion yet, but hope to get the courage to ‘jump in’ soon!!!

  452. I have been following your blog for a few months now and I sew want to learn how to sew one day! now I feel like I know what machine I need to go out and get! I think this is a great giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  453. Love your blog. My girls and I follow it and check out your fashions all of the time. I’ve been sewing since fifth grade, but have kind of gotten away from it as far as fashion goes. My youngest daughter is going to be taking “Home-Ec” this fall and is eager to learn to sew.

  454. I’m following you on Pintrest and here’s my comment! I always check your blog to see what new and amazing things you have made. I wasn’t super interested in clothing until I found your blog and now I want to try and make my own refashions! Thank you for being so awesome!

  455. You have inspired me to refashion so many items. One day I will have the guts to send you a pic lol. I already have you on my facebook and I have followed you on Pinterest. Would love to be entered to win the sewing machine. Mine has been a little finnicky lately. Thanks so much from Canada :)

  456. I liked, shared, pinned, and tweeted. I love what you do with what most people consider unwearable clothes. If I won, I’d keep the machine and give my simple machine to a friend who wants to learn how to sew.

  457. I liked your Facebook page! Have visited your blog numerous times in the past and have enjoyed it tremendously. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas and offering the sewing machine give away. I hope I win!

  458. I’ve been following you on facebook for awhile. How did I miss you on pinterest?!?! Thanks so much for the giveaway chance :) I keep hoping I’ll bump into you in real life one day so I can compliment you in person. You do such a great job sewing and writing! Thanks so much for sharing your blog and inspiration.

  459. I LOVE, LOVE your re-fashions! I am always plesantly surprised at how well your creations turn out. The before shots are usually clothes that I would NEVER give a second look. Thank you for the inspiration!

  460. My niece is 11 and an avid budding refashionista She has been asking for a sewing machine a lot lately so this just seemed like kismet! Love your posts and keep inspiring!

  461. Hi! I’ve been wanting my own sewing machine for a very long time. Ever since I started reading your blog actually well over a year ago. I’m in the same situation. Buying a new home starting school not a lot of extra income for clothes or sewing machines. Winning this machine would mean the world to me :)

  462. I would LOVE this machine….I would LOVE to teach my kids how to SEW!!
    I’ve tried a BUNCH of times to repost on twitter but I can’t sign IN!! :( I tried capcha a ga-gillion times to no avail! :(

  463. Thank you for this blog – I’ve gone though year two TWICE and even did my own no-sew refashion (skirt into dress!). I’m looking forward to using you as inspiration for creating my own maternity wardrobe (Because I can’t fathom buying a ton of VERY EXPENSIVE clothes for a few months of wear)