A No-Sew Aquatic Muumuu Dress

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A Little Housekeeping and ReFashionista on the Runway!!!

As I began getting ready for a friend’s birthday party, I realized at the last minute I had nothing to wear!  I was already running late, and had to act FAST!

Fortunately, I had this little numba right here:


Like I said, I had no time for this refashion.  I almost didn’t bother with photographing it as I was running that late!  Buuuuut…I think it’s important to show that a refashion doesn’t have to be a lengthy process every time.  Sometimes a quick fix will do quite nicely!

I noticed there was a small run at the bottom of my future dress.

Hmmmnnnn....What to do?
Hmmmnnnn….What to do?

So, I  grabbed my scissors and made a quick chop to get rid of it!

Chop off that hem!
Chop it!

I thought the sleeves could use a little shortness as well!


Since this fabric is of the polyester non-fraying variety, I didn’t even mess with hems.  I just grabbed that bottom scrap, tied it around my waist, and headed to the party!  :)

Look!  I'm tall!
Look! I’m tall!

Of course, I forgot it was a pool party!  Don’t worry, I still got in the water!

No diving allowed!
No diving allowed!

But, I was jealous of everyone who remembered to bring their bathing suits.  :/

They look so cool & relaxed!
They look so cool & relaxed!
Mini pool volleyball!
Mini pool volleyball!

My new dress kept me cool with its shortened length!

The hat doesn't hurt, either!
The hat doesn’t hurt, either!

Methinks the Birthday Girl had a great time as well!

Happy Birthday, Karen!  :)
Happy Birthday, Karen! :)
I don't think I've ever seen Brad in a picture smiling like a normal person...
I don’t think I’ve ever seen Brad in a picture smiling like a normal person…
C is for Cookie...That's good enough for me!
C is for Cookie…That’s good enough for me!



32 thoughts on “A No-Sew Aquatic Muumuu Dress

  1. Love it! And for a muu muu, the print is actually not bad. I like the stacked stripey thing on the side. Shortening and cinching really made it look modern. I also am pretty envious of your giant ring.

    I love that adult “pool” party. Baby pools and alcohol are all you really need.


  2. Very cute transformation! I LoVe doing quick, simple refashions! If it’s too involved it often never gets finished for me :/

  3. I can’t tell you how jealous I am! I used to own this dress (found it at my favorite Goodwlll) and recently sold it at a garage sale (for like a buck!) Wish I had held on to it a little bit loner and I could have *copied* your alteration! Keep up the creative work :)

  4. I’m curious, because you said you had nothing to wear (which I know is girl code for “I have plenty to wear but I don’t want any of it”) but how often do you re-wear your refashions?? So many have turned out so great that I would think you have a closet full of great things!

    1. Everything from Year 2 was donated to Revente’s Last Call to raise money for a local Women’s Shelter, but I’ve kept most of everything else. :)

  5. My question is–does the refashion on this piece stop here? Or is it going to meet the scissors and sewing machine further down the road? Love the pool party, too funny!

  6. My refashions tend to be of the involved variety, so I enjoy the quick-and-easy inspirations. I’m *really* looking forward to wearing cinched-around-the-waist things again… I’m almost 39 weeks pregnant right now… Wanted to send in a maternity refash but couldn’t get it together. Blame my 3-year-old. ;-)

  7. What a great idea for a pool party when there’s not a full-sized pool!

    And once again you show that sometimes the smallest changes – like shortening the length – can revive a garment.

  8. I am a fairly new reader, and I have to say…I am TOTALLY jealous of your cool friends and the awesome social events you go to. I am the one always throwing cool parties, but our lame (but lovable) friends never reciprocate. I am completely rethinking our circle of friends. Love the quick refashion too!

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