Jamey’s ReFashion Show Creation!

Krystal's ReFashion Show Creation!
Erin's ReFashion Show Creation!

This muumuu I found for Jamey’s SHE Greenville refash wasn’t very attractive at first.  :/


Buuuuut…after I dyed it, removed the pockets, took it in, raised them hem, made a sash from the scraps, and reattached one of the pockets, It’s quite the cute summer frock!  :)

A much happier Jamey!  :)
A much happier Jamey! :)

I have just a couple more ReFashion show creations to share with you!  I hope you like them all!  :)



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9 thoughts on “Jamey’s ReFashion Show Creation!

  1. I too like to use dye to change up things. It’s also an adventure as to what’s going to happen when the original color reacts to dye color. Lovely frock!

  2. This is one of my favorites that I’ve seen you do!! I was sad when you said you removed the pockets, but then I saw that you put one back! So cute!

  3. I swear you can refashion anything. Could you please take a few pictures of things that don’t turn out and have a bloopers post? :)

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