Elephants on Parade: From MuuMuu to Pre-Fall Top!

Scrub Upcycle!
From 80's Meh to 60's Mod!

Liz likes elephants.  Liz’s grandmother knows this, so she gave her this:

White Elephants on Parade!  :)
White Elephants on Parade! :)

While the thought behind this gift was very sweet, Liz felt guilty for keeping this muumuu that she knew she’d never wear, so she gave it to me!  :)

Don't worry, Elephants!  I'll give you a good home!
Don’t worry, Elephants! I’ll give you a good home!

I was thrilled!  I looooove a good muumuu refashion!

I also loved those elephants, but I didn’t love that stark black-and-white color combo.  You can probably guess what I did first!

This should be a nice color for early Fall!
This should be a nice color for early Fall!

I knew I couldn’t handle this busy of a print on a dress, so I did a bit of chopping!

Don't worry!  I saved that scrap!
Don’t worry! I saved that scrap!

Next, I began taking my new top in!

...and whirrrrr!
…and whirrrrr!

I ended up losing the pockets, but concessions must be made!

I'll miss you.  :(
I’ll miss you guys.  :(

My new top was looking better, but I didn’t like those poufy sleeves, so I cut them off!


As I cut the second sleeve, I managed to make quite a mess of it.  :/

Geez!  Was I paying attention AT ALL?
Geez! Was I paying attention AT ALL?

That’s what happens when you’re snipping late at night while watching Sherlock episodes on Netflix.

I blame you, Benedict Cumberbatch...you weird handsome alien!  :)
I blame you, Benedict Cumberbatch…you weird, handsome alien! :)

I certainly managed to Cumberbotch that up, eh (har har!)?  :D

I restitched that messed-up seam, and was back in business!

Totally fixable!
Totally fixable!

I pinned my new arm holes down, and stitched them up as well!


After adding a hem to the bottom of my new top, I was ready to head out to a friend’s art show!  :)

It's Michael Krajewski!  :)
It’s Michael Krajewski! :)
Wholly Moley!  :)
Wholly Moley! :)

I recently interviewed Michael for my column in MidlandsBiz, and I was really excited about his show!

Can't wait to see his work!
Can’t wait to see his work!

His paintings were just as awesome as I expected them to be!

Don't believe me? Go ask Alice!
Don’t believe me? Go ask Alice!
But wait...there's more!
But wait…there’s more!

I even managed to snag a couple of pics of the artist himself!

"Look at something over there!"
“Look at something over there!”
Michael explains his work.
Michael explains his work.

While perusing, I ran into my fellow Theatre Critic, August!

Everyone's a critic...or at least we are!  :)
Everyone’s a critic…or at least we are! :)

If you live in Columbia, SC and would like to see more of Michael’s work, be sure to swing by HoFP Gallery!

I do so enjoy Columbia's art scene!  :)
I do so enjoy Columbia’s art scene! :)



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51 thoughts on “Elephants on Parade: From MuuMuu to Pre-Fall Top!

    1. Thank you! I think so! I can’t decide if I want it to be a skirt, or a new pillow for my guest bedroom…decisions!

  1. is the dye easy to use? i always worry that there will be some left over in the washer and that all my clothes will end up ruined. any tips? love the top btw!!

    1. It’s super-easy! You just want to make sure you follow the instructions provided with the dye at to how to clean your machine afterwards! :)

    1. He’s the swooniest! :) I can’t wait to find out why the last season ended like it did. Best cliffhanger season finale ever!

  2. Love it, Jillian! And I agree, the stark black/white contrast is too much. Thanks to your blog I’ve rescued several garments now that just needed a good dye job – thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I just have to say – I have SEEN someone wearing that exact same dress! I recognize it! I much prefer it as a top and in green – what an improvement!

    1. Whoa! I think Liz’s grandmother got it for her while on vacation somewhere. Looks like someone else took the same trip!

  4. Yep! This one rocks too! Great choice to dye green…I was like NOOOO, here comes the muddy look again but it is perfecto. The length is also perfect to wear over the black tee dress or what ever is under there. Love it…so right!

    1. Also love that you included the boo-boo that we all make cutting material, plus your fix it job. Hilarious read!

    2. Yay! No mud! That comment reminds me of my high school art class where I’d try to mix different colors, but always ended up with baby excrement brown.

  5. Terrific color change and adorable top…and all that fabric left over for ??? I know you will come up with something. Mini skirt?

    1. You guys have had some terrific suggestions for the fate of that bottom scrap. Maybe I should leave it to a vote. :)

  6. Why, pray tell that shade of green?
    Is that what you had on hand?
    Or we’re you feeling military?
    But more important, what did that cute little wiener dog, Douglas think of it?

    1. I thought the dark green was a good fall color (even though it’s still 80 degrees here). :) And I had it on hand.

      Douglas seemed to like it. Or at least he enjoyed jumping all over it when I had it on the floor to cut it!

  7. Nice colour! Could use the left-over bit to make something elephanty for your friend? I still feel slightly guilty for receiving a skirt from a friend, fixing it up so it wasn’t dowdy, and then keeping it. :)

    1. I think I might end up passing the top back to her. I feel kind of bad for keeping it (much like your skirt situation), and we’re about the same size. :)

  8. So impressive – I even made my 18-year-old son check out this transformation (the Sherlock reference was a hit, of course).

  9. –I certainly managed to Cumberbotch that up, eh (har har!)? :D–

    I love your blog and have never commented but had to once I saw that comment! You are amazing!!

  10. So cute and easy, and you look great! What a difference a change of color makes, it mellowed out the pattern a bit and made it all a bit more boho chic. Lucky elephants ;c)

  11. i didn’t even think of dyeing it when i saw the dress.. you really are a genius at refashing..

    and waah… Benedict!!!! i didn’t expect to see him in this post… ehehhehe.. and he really is quite a distraction, i know how that feels. ^0^

  12. LOVE IT!
    I’ve been loving your muumuu refashions and I have to say, I’m now tempted to go to the Goodwill Outlet (I live in Austin and am super bummed I didn’t know you were here) and dig up some muumuu’s for $1.39 a pound!
    Can’t get enough of your refashions…LOVE’EM!

  13. Love your refashions. I think your friend Liz could use a tote bag or a mini skirt out of the scrap. The fabric is so cute. The top is fabulous. Super idea.!!!!

  14. I love the top and the new dye job! I was really excited when I saw you were making something other than a dress. I just wish you would have paired it with skinny jeans instead. Or cute capris/cropped pants. It’s way too billowy to be worn with a billowy bottom. I was always taught in my fashion classes that baggy and baggy do not go together. Especially on such a small frame. Try a tighter top with a loose bottom or vice versa? Just something to keep in mind :) I hope you don’t take offense in my friendly suggestion. Love your blog!

  15. I don’t know who’s shirt I love more your’s or his. It is a toss up being equally obsessed with Depeche Mode and Refashioning.

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