Sheri’s Reader ReFash/ Let’s Add Some Sleeves!

A New Blue ReFashion!
Windy Hill Tiered Skirt

Living in a warm climate presents an interesting challenge when it comes to sharing winter-friendly refashions with all of you who live in areas that actually get realllllly chilly.  “Show something with sleeves!” you cry to the heavens!  While I think I do quite a few refashions that have sleeves, Sheri, an awesome refashionista from Germany(!),  has taken arm coverage to a whole new level!  :)

I inherited this gorgeous vintage maxi dress from my husband’s Grosstante (Great Aunt) with the explicit instructions to (re)make it into something I would actually wear. She sported this brilliant orange gown only once, when she was a bridesmaid in 1967, and it lived packed away in her cellar until I was lucky enough to be invited to root around & pinch what I wanted from the many boxes-of-awesome residing there…

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That dress is pretty darn sweet as-is!

The fancy schmancy fabric is a divine combination of transparent polyester & crushed velvet! As the dress was only a wee bit too big I initially decided to simply remove the sagging sash & chop the length…but once the skirt was shortened I realized I had more than enough fabric left to create some groovy sleeves, yay! After a re-visit of my splendid sleeves tutorial my beauteous new dress was born!

Sheri is ready for a groovy Fall!  :)
Sheri is ready for a groovy Fall! :)

This fabulously bright number will definitely be on heavy wardrobe rotation!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m SUPER-INSPIRED to try out her sleeve tutorial to make some groovy dresses of my own!

Want to check out more of Sheri’s sweet refashioning?  Just head on over to her really lovely blog, Confessions of a Refashionista aka Awesomesauce & Asshattery (HOW I love that title!) and peruse even more tutorials!



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