All the Southern Ladies (All the Southern Ladies)!

We're Not in Kansas Anymore - Kat's Darling Dorothy Costume!
Carrying a Torch Dress

It’s not always easy being a Southern Lady.

Huh?  What lady?
Huh? What lady?

No no no!  Not me!  The dress!

I do declayah!  :)
I do declayah! :)

I like the pattern of this dress, and that neck tie thingy is actually pretty cool.  But it’s a bit frou frou, and I don’t really like pale pink that much.  Sadly, the washing instructions label had been cut out, and I wasn’t quite certain of the fabric content for this frock.

I decided to give dyeing it a go anyways!

This should muddy up that pink a bit!
This should muddy up that pink a bit!
Hmmmmnnnn...I dunno...
Hmmmmnnnn…I dunno…

Sadly, this Southern Lady didn’t really take much of the dye at all.  :/  Oh well…I had to try!

I noticed several small ink stains on the bottom half of my new dress.  Southern Ladies can be a so spotty!

See what I mean?
See what I mean?

I decided to just forgo the whole dress idea and make myself a new top instead!

First, I made a cut right above where the ink stains started.


While the brown dye didn’t do much to change the color of my new dress, it certainly brought out the discoloration of the armpits!  :/  No worries!  I had to take it in a couple of inches, so that effectively removed the stained parts!  Whew!

Just a smidge!
Just a smidge!

Each side went under the needle!


I cut off the excess material with my pinking shears, then closed up that bottom raw edge.

Pin it!
Pin it!
Sew it!
Sew it!

After a quick press, I was ready to head off and acquire some awesome local art!

Pretty, eh?
Pretty, eh?
View from above!
The view from above!

I really like this top!  It’s quite versatile too!  While I’ve styled it with jeans and simple flats for its maiden voyage, I could easily pair it with a pencil skirt and heels for work.  :)

I wore my new top to meet up with Michael Krajewski to pick up an awesome commissioned painting.  :)

Of course it's a sewing machine!  ;)
Of course it’s a sewing machine! ;)

After that, Dan and I met up to pick up a drawing by the very talented Emilee Harper!

She's pretty great.  :)
She’s pretty great. :)

What’s that?  You’d like a closer look?  Okay!

Caw!  Caw!
Caw! Caw!

Dan and I were quite pleased with our new acquisitions!

He's not a communist, I promise.
He’s not a communist, I promise.

We ran into other friends as well…


…and shirt-swapping commenced!

What the what?!?!
What the what?!?!

I, of course, was waaaay to fond of my new top to give it up that easily!

It's just you and me, top!  :)
It’s just you and me, top! :)



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20 thoughts on “All the Southern Ladies (All the Southern Ladies)!

  1. Jillian,
    I saw some stuff the other day that might just make you smile. Since you acquire a lot of items that have polyester in them, did you know they make a dye that is supposed to specifically work for it? I saw it at JoAnn Fabric the other day while attempting to change a white vest into a green one for Halloween. I wasn’t quite sure the color they had would fit what I needed, so I instead bought some fabric paint and it covered the polyester vest quite nicely. It feels a tad stiff, but it might work out with a washing, so that’s another option if you’re feeling adventurous. Anyway, love the dress to shirt, the neck is awesome!

  2. You could always use a little fire to determine the fabric content. With a scrap see if it burns/chars (natural fibers…yay!) or if it bubbles up into a plastic mess (boo…petroleum based synthetics). Then you’ll have a better idea if the dye will take.

  3. I second the notion to burn test (so fun!) and then use iDye Poly if it burns into goo. The iDye works great and makes luscious bright colors. I think I found it at my local chain crafty fabric store and was able to dye a black and white print polyester skirt a deep cobalt blue.

  4. P.S. The iDye does stain the plastic parts of your washing machine if you use it to dye. I don’t particularly care because I dye so much in my washer and I bought it used. Just FYI …

  5. What I love is that you don’t follow any rules at all. You see it. You do it. It’s gawgeous! From one southern lady to another, I am so impressed with how you take blech and turn it around. Well done! And, the dye seems to have given it a funkadelic look even though it wasn’t what you were looking for.

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