A Trace & Stitch Dress!

Dress to Top and Fun Life Things!
Midnight at the Mountain Oasis: A Dress to Top ReFashion!

Happy Halloween Everyone!  :)  Ghouls might prowling about during their one day vacay from the netherworld, but this dress would probably scare them off!  :)

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

It gets better!  This one’s a two-piecer!

Double the horror!
Double the horror!

It gets even BETTER!  This dress is a bizarre combination of velvet and thermal fabric!

WHat the What?!?
What the What?!?

I didn’t even want to think of what the heck I was going to do with that jacket part yet!  Ugh!

Soooo…I started working on the dress.

First, I separated the velvet top from the thermal skirt.  Ne’er the two shall meet again (at least not under my watch!)!

Gotta keep 'em separated!
Gotta keep ’em separated!

Then, I pulled out a dress I own that fits me really well, and a bit of chalk.  Next, I traced the dress onto the skirt and drew on some sleeves as well!

Prepare your mind to be blown!
Prepare your mind to be blown!

When I removed the dress, it looked like this:


I pinned along the chalked line…

Pin it right there on the floor!  :)
Pin it right there on the floor! :)

Then, I cut off all that extra fabric to make my dress easier to work with!  I also went ahead and cut open my sleeve holes.


I stitched my new seams down, then stitched down that top part that was still open.  I made sure to leave a nice neck hole.  Since I was using the original hem, I didn’t need to worry about finishing the edge.

Hello Future Sleeve!
Hello Future Sleeve!

I did have to add a hem to the bottom of my new dress though!

A brand new hem!
A brand new hem!

And here’s what that once-scary dress looks like now!

BOO! ;)
BOO! ;)

Okay…here’s a better look!

Not too shabs!
Not too shabs!

My new dress was perfect for a tour of the French Broad Chocolate Factory!

If you can ever take this tour, you should!
If you can ever take this tour, you should!

I was deeply impressed with the effort the owners make to create their chocolate masterpieces ethically & organically.  :)  If you’re ever in the Asheville area, you should definitely swing by for a tour!

Totally hyped up on chocolate!!!
Totally hyped up on chocolate!!!
Erin is not impressed my my vogueing.  :/
Erin is not impressed by my vogueing. :/

After nibbling all sorts of marvelous chocolate, I developed a headache, and needed a painkiller.

I’m not talking aspirin, folks.  I’m talking theeeese:

Yes.  That sugar cube is on fire!
Yes. That sugar cube is on fire!

This delightful cocktail cured all ills!  ;)

Our pains are gone!
Our pains are gone!

Later that night, we caught Nine Inch Nails in concert!  :)

Layered up outside!  :)
Layered up outside! :)
Don't worry.  Trent is just as angry as he ever was!
Don’t worry. Trent is just as angry as he ever was!



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53 thoughts on “A Trace & Stitch Dress!

  1. Ah yes- Velvet and Thermal- a definite influence from the late 80’s, early 90’s Grunge era perhaps? Class that thermal up… And lo’ and behold… You did. Great job!

  2. This just demonstrates how to not dismiss some huge baggy crazy dress at first glance and see the possibilities. Great refashion!!! Love the forest green. And you just need a little green cap with a feather and a bow and arrow for Halloween :)

  3. Lovely! It’s amazing to see what you can come up with from some of these rather … interesting … older clothes :-).

  4. I thought you were Peter Pan!! So cute!! As for Trent, meh, doesn’t sound all that angry to me! That’s what marriage and 5 years off will do to ya! Guess we’ve both grown up, lol. Glad ya had fun!!!

  5. Great idea! Now you have to do something with the jacket. That flaming sugar cube is way too cool, now I want one. And Trent–knew him way back when, he was in a band with a good friend……….he was such a nerd when we were younger. Glad to hear he still puts on a good show.

  6. Amazing! It looks great. I used to make my dolls dresses with that method but they never looked that good :)

    I have concluded that you are equal parts magician and comedian. You could probably charge for performances.

  7. This is my favorite reconstruction of yours by far. Funny everyone mentioned Peter Pan because I created my son’s Peter Pan costume by cutting the very same shape for the tunic. It was so easy to make. I will absolutely be using this method for myself seeing as you’ve pulled it off so well!

  8. No Fair, ;-) super cute dress, chocolate, cocktails, and NIN! One of my faves so far… You are great inspiration. Need to schedule some sewing time this weekend!

  9. Another great refash! Also love that you have been listening to the requests for sleeves. :)

    I have to ask, when you do your pinning on carpet, do you find you’ve pinned the fabric to the floor… or is that just me?

    1. Haha, this is me, too. I then tried using the pool table. That…didn’t go so well.

      This is one my absolute favorites! I never thought of just drawing sleeves on. Guess I’ll be hitting up Goodwill this weekend for some horrible old skirts.

  10. I follow you all the time, when this post came up, I thought how the heck are you ever going to make something out of that ugly thing. OMG, refab is awesome!!!!! I mean really awesome!!!!!!!!

  11. I’m glad to see how you did those sleeves. I wasn’t sure when I saw the chalk lines!! I love how it turned out. You could so easily add …a red belt, or a yellow belt for a little pop of color. I love your creations

  12. Do you think Trent is angry because you separated the velvet from the thermal? I wonder if he’ll write a song about it…
    The new dress looks amazing on you.

  13. I just wanted to mention that this week I refashioned an XX Lg 100% cashmere sweater into an XS tunic sweater that I’ll give to my mom for her birthday – and I feel like I have you to thank. Not because I followed any of your tutorials, but because regularly reading about your refashioning efforts gave me the confidence I needed to hack into the cashmere, not to mention the vision to see the cute tunic in the huge turtleneck. Wish I’d taken a before picture so I could submit it for a reader refash. Thanks!!

  14. I love the dress you made from that nightmare of a two-piece get up! It’s so sassy and a perfect neutral. I’m from Asheville, NC and love reading your blog. It’s great to see my hometown mentioned on your blog so I had to stop by and say such!

    – AK

  15. How do you seam and hem knits like this without the edges getting all stretched out and lettuce-y? I never have much luck getting them to look like normal seam and hems on my machine. The refash is gorgeous, btw – but you already knew that. :-)

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