Dress to Top and Fun Life Things!

From Frumpy Dress to Funky Sweater!
A Trace & Stitch Dress!

Hello!  Welcome to November!

I’m happy to start this new month with some pretty big news!  :)  As most of you know, I don’t just get to hang out at home refashioning all day.  I, like many of you, have a full-time day job.  I’ve been working at the South Carolina Arts Commission for seven years as their Grants Manager.  It’s been real.

But sometimes you just need a change.  I’m very excited to announce I’ve accepted a position with the United Way of the Midlands!  :)


I’ll be working as the Program Assistant for the Health Council and the Financial Stability Council in UWM’s community work.  This will include organization of community impact work, grant management & development, and program research.  I’m greatly looking forward to helping the underserved through my work with this terrific organization!

But this doesn’t mean the refashioning can stop!  Heck no!  I needed to make something fast for a relaxing movie night with friends.  I thought this lovely black dress would work nicely.

Did I say work nicely?  I meant twerk nicely!  ;)
Did I say work nicely? I meant twerk nicely! ;)

I’m about to make yet another top (don’t worry, I’ll get back to dresses again soon!).  All I really needed was a big chop.

Thanks for the help, Douglas!
Thanks for the help, Douglas!

I could’ve taken it in, but I was in a loose & flowy mood! :) I couldn’t just leave that raw edge fraying away, so I gave it a hem.


I used the bottom scrap as a sash to give my new flowy top a bit of shape, and ran out the door…but I didn’t go it alone!

Every outfit pairs well with a dachshund!  ;)
Every outfit pairs well with a dachshund! ;)

Yep, I still have my sweet little foster kid, Bandit.  He’s doing great, and he really enjoyed the movie too!  :)  If you think you’d be a good furever (see what I did there?) home for him, you can check out his profile on Little Paws Dachshund Rescue’s website.

2013 has been an awesome year full of new things, hasn’t it?  :)



19 thoughts on “Dress to Top and Fun Life Things!

  1. Congratulations. My husband and I love volunteering with Fox Valley United Way here in Aurora, Illinois. They are great people to work with, as I’m sure you will be too in your neck of the woods. Thanks for all you do. You really do make a difference with everything you do. So glad to have come across your blog.

  2. Congratulations on your new position. I volunteer for an organization that gets some of its support from United Way. Julian, I found your blog sometime ago and you inspired me to start creating again and to rejoin my community. Thank you.

  3. Congratulations on the new job!

    The fact that you squeeze your refashions in around a full-time job speaks to your high level of energy – which is a wonderful asset for the United Way.

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