From Frumpy Dress to Funky Sweater!

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Hiya!  Wow!  No posts in over a week!  What the heck?!?

Ugh.  I’ve been crazy busy lately with taking care of any loose ends at my old job so I can go to my new one, as well as a bit under the weather with some awful lung gunk that’s been circulating around Columbia, SC.

But I’m back!  And I want to show you my newest $1 dress!

So warm!
So warm!

I love that dark blue and those bracelet-length sleeves!  I was also intrigued when I discovered I’m a size 12!

Don't you wish all garments listed measurements instead of just arbitrary sizes?
Don’t you wish all garments listed measurements instead of just arbitrary sizes?

With temps dropping below freezing, I just couldn’t bring myself to keep this as a dress.  Plus, I have plenty of blue dresses already!  Do you know what I don’t have nearly enough of?  Cozy warm sweaters!

A big chop had to happen!

Douglas supervised!
Douglas supervised!

Don’t worry!  I have plans for that bottom scrap!

I got to hemming the bottom of my new sweater.  I used a zigzag stitch and stitched riiiiight on the edge of my new hem to keep it from fraying.


Yay!  My sweater was done…but it wasn’t terribly exciting.  :/  So, I reached for my spool ‘o ribbon and cut off two different lengths.

Here we go!
Here we go!

Next, I stitched each raw edge of each piece of ribbon down.

Mini-whirrrrrr!  ;)
Mini-whirrrrrr! ;)

I pinned the ribbon bits onto my sweater…

First pin...
First pin…

…then I stitched them both down!

...then stitch!
…then stitch!
Then repeat!  :)
Then repeat! :)

I pressed my ribbon accents down, and my new sweater was ready to head off to hang out with my friend, Michael Krajewski!

Pretty neat, eh?
Pretty neat, eh?
Well...wouldja look at that?
Well…wouldja look at that?

I really like this one!  I think my new sweater is sort of a more modern take on a 1960’s style!

My new friend agrees!
My new friend agrees!

After hanging out for a bit at Michael’s studio, we hopped on over to Motor Supply for some yummy seasonal cocktails!  :)

So relish!
So relish!

The weather outside was frightful, but we stayed happy and cozy with our warming libations!


Michael and I have a pretty exciting collaboration coming up that I can’t wait to share with you (mystery is exciting!)



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29 thoughts on “From Frumpy Dress to Funky Sweater!

  1. I have had the same lung gunk here in Cleveland going on two weeks now! Being home for that amount of time and bring sick is boring! I was wondering what you were up to! Misery loves company! And I sure love that sweater simple but chic!

  2. Yep – St Michael was Marks and Spencer when it was proper quality (gone downhill over the last couple of decades)…but they do make lovely moussaka!

    1. My guess is that the dress had shrunk in the wash and so your new sweater is probably a size 6. I’m definitely going to keep a sweater refash in mind the next time I see a sweater dress. Cute!

      1. I can’t believe this got such a low star rating!

        I love it, and the ribbon detail is perfect! It really looks like something you could find in a high-end shop. :)

  3. I agree with you about posting the measurements. Because of the all the vanity sizing that goes on in US fashion, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what size you really are. I don’t even follow the recommended charts because sometimes that sizing was waaay off. I can’t tell you how many times I followed the sizing chart and ended up sending the garment back because it was waaaaaaay too big! When I shopped RTW, the salespeople thought I was nuts because I was always measuring the garment with measuring tape before I tried it on.

    P.S. – I like the dress-to-sweater conversion. The ribbon gives an interesting focal point.

    P.S.S. – DOUGLAS!!! AWWWWWWW!! I think I’m going to start a Douglas Fan Club.

  4. This is awesome! I wish I knew how to sew, I always give my thrift ‘transformations’ to my mom or friend to help me. It’s probably good that I don’t know how to sew because I’d be at the thrift store every day finding gems!

  5. I love your simple makeover! A makeover doesn’t have to be huge and complicated to be a total success….sometimes good bones are already there, and YOU just know how to recognize and use them beautifully!

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