Black (And Yellow) Friday Dress

1 Frumpy Dress = 1 Funky Sweater + 1 Fab Miniskirt!
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Happy Day After Thanksgiving!  :)  I’m hoping you’ve all recovered sufficiently from your tryptophan hangovers and you’re avoided the Black Friday masses!

After my original Thanksgiving plans were dashed, I was extremely thankful to be invited to a fun feast with friends!  :)  I knew just what I wanted to wear!

I'm having such good luck with prints lately!
I’m having such good luck with prints lately!

You’re looking a strange jacket-type thing I found for $1 at one of my fave thrift joints.

Not quite a dress...Not quite a jacket.
Not quite a dress…Not quite a jacket.

The print is great, but I really don’t need a totally functionless garment.  :/

I decided to do what I needed to do to turn this weird jackety thing into a dress!

First, I needed to stitch down that open gapey party under the buttons

Pin it down!
Pin it down!
Stitch it down!
Stitch it down!

Then, I got to work on closing up those sides.

Pin & Stitch these guys as well!
Pin & Stitch these guys as well!

With all those gapes closed up, all I needed to do was shorten this frock.  :)

Bandit checks my progress...
Bandit checks my progress…
Hem it!
Hem it!
Stitch it!

After tossing on a thrifted obi belt, my dress was ready to hang out with some pretty terrific people!

Oh hai!
Oh hai!
Today I'm thankful for my sweet thrifted Tory Burch boots!  ;)
Today I’m thankful for my sweet thrifted Tory Burch boots! ;)

I spent the day in the company of some wonderful friends!

DSC_2685 DSC_2684 DSC_2694 DSC_2692 DSC_2686 DSC_2698


Cheers to a Happy Thanksgivivukkah!  :)

Harrison is quite the artist! :)
Harrison is quite the artist! :)


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28 thoughts on “Black (And Yellow) Friday Dress

  1. Ok, this is probably my favorite of your refashions so far. I love it! I love the dress, colors, and the cute obi belt you added to it. :)

  2. LOVE it! I’m so envious of your vision! As a re-fashion newbie, I am having a hard time figuring out the dress length measurement issue – any tips? :)

  3. It would be funny if you ever ran into the original designer of your refashions.
    You took the strangest pattern and made it work!. Love it!

  4. crazy cool garb. just to let you know, you are the only blog I follow. I predict great things for you! with mucho $$! but, even if you are rich, I know you will always shop at the thrift shops.

  5. Very Nice! I wonder how to deal with shoulder seams that hang down long – ignore them? or ignore the item? this one looks good. Also, a Happy Thanksgivukkah back at you…or Harrison.

  6. I just started reading your blog on Thursday – and just now I made it through the whole thing.
    normally, I don’t like to write comments, as I have nothing new to say – but I really want to tell you – I love it :)

    I don’t like every refashion or every picture you post, but somehow, even if I personally don’t agree with a style, it fits wonderfully in the part of your world you are showing. it makes me happy, every single piece of it.
    you have posted ideas that I love more than anything (fashion wise) in a long time. the most recent example being the t-shirt dress with the unicorns.
    you make me want to try some refashions myself – as soon as I can find some kind of thrift store here in Austria.
    well, and next year. I made a promise to myself to buy nothing but groceries during the whole of December.

    however, that’s not the point. I love what you do, what you show to the world and how you inspire people and make them think. and dream.

    please keep up with your great work, and continue to make your readers happy.

    and – thank you so much.

    1. Thank you so much for your really kind words. Don’t worry. I don’t plan on stopping this blog anytime soon. :)

  7. This dress is awesome and I am seriously drooling over those boots. I’ve been a silent follower of your blog for quite some time now and your refashions are always super sweet and stylish.

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