1 Frumpy Dress = 1 Funky Sweater + 1 Fab Miniskirt!

Dreaming of a White (Elephant) Christmas!
Black (And Yellow) Friday Dress

Hey guys (but probably mostly gals)!  Remember this frumpy sweater dress?

Remember me?
Remember me?

Come on!  This wasn’t that long ago!  Okay…just check out the original refashion.  It’s alright.  I’ll wait.

I wasn’t lying when I said I had plans for that bottom leftover scrap!

You see, there is a master plan for you!
You see, there is a master plan for you!

This is a pretty simple one, folks.  This scrap obviously wants to be a cute skirt.  As I don’t have many skirts, this is what I want for it too.

I started pinning that top edge down, creating a casing.


Then, I stitched it down, making sure to leave enough space to thread some elastic through.

Dude...clean your sewing table.  :/
Dude…clean your sewing table. :/

I grabbed a scrap of elastic salvaged from an old fitted bed sheet (every scrap is sacred!) and threaded it through.

In ya go!
In ya go!

Then, I stitched it together.


And that’s all it took to turn this into a totally no-waste refashion!  Huzzah!

I paired my new skirt with my favorite tee (ethically made) and a refashed cardi.

It's alight.  :)
It’s alight. :)

I’ve been a bit down lately, so I thought channeling Julia Child was worth a go!

What Would Julia Do?
What Would Julia Do?

I’ve been making a lot of recipes from her masterpiece, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, realizing I’m not hungry, and then freezing my creations or giving them away.  At least I’m keeping busy.



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39 thoughts on “1 Frumpy Dress = 1 Funky Sweater + 1 Fab Miniskirt!

  1. I hope you find happiness and get out of the frumpy dumpy stage, we’ve all been there. So I feel ya. You’re a gorgeous woman, and very talented…oh – and AWESOME. I love seeing your blog in my emails…it always makes my day. Keep it up.

  2. You go, girl! Love your refashions and you are inspiring me to get back into sewing. I, too, am going through sad times and hope that sewing and other crafts/hobbies will keep me busy and distracted. Hubby decided that 34 years together was enough and walked 4 days before our anniversary. It’s been tough but keeping busy helps. You are my inspiration!

  3. I like the skirt. Looks cute on you! With every “before” picture, I keep noticing one particular dress hanging there in the background…the bright blue one with the blue lace sleeves. What on earth is going to happen with that? It keeps jumping out at me for some [unknown] reason.

  4. What Would Jillian Do!?! Great refash, very chic! I’m very sorry for the recent suckness – and I’m impressed with your great ‘tude! Thanks for the posts, I look forward to them :D

  5. Love the new skirt. I did a similar one last week when I realized that my closet needed a black skirt.

    Hang in there, friend. You are crazy talented, and obviously lots of fun. Life will get better!

  6. Two for the price of one, gotta love it! As for the cooking spurt–just think how glad you will be to have all those things in the freezer for when life gets hectic, or you just don’t feel like having to think about cooking.

  7. Your “two-fer” was such a simple fix….with great results! I’d wager that 95% of us would look at things on the rack and just pass on by without investing the creative thought or energy to repurpose a bargain into TWO great pieces! Good job!

  8. Hang in there. Times are hard for you right now, and you probably wish this hadn’t happened during the holidays. There are a lot of lonely people out there, so light a candle and send your light out to meet theirs. I’ve been among the lonely many a time! And sometimes I’m surrounded by people. As Marilyn Monroe said in The Misfits, “if I’m going to be lonely, I want to be alone.” Thinking of you!

  9. Feel better and know of all the blogs I follow ( and there are quite a few) yours is the one I never skip over. I love your creativity and your sense of humor. Keep up the wonderful work…you inspire me!

  10. Julia would definitely keep smiling despite the sad situation. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be delicious. I think making meals for others and spreading the love is a great way to attract more love and happiness to you. Your blog makes me very happy, and I want you to know I’m sending happy thoughts your way. :)

  11. Love the project as always. One request for the suggestion box. In a recent post, you had a dress that was roughly knee length, and you mentioned how it wasn’t “a cute length”. First, let me say, you have *great* legs, and always look cute in your short skirts. That aside, I thought the knee length actually looked really awesome on you as well, and I’d love to see a refashion make use of that length – I think partially because it’s not what you tend to do. You’re so adorable that you make anything work. But here’s one vote for giving that length a go. Cheers! Stephannie

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