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This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Trish in New Jersey!  It’s a good bit chilly there.  I mean, that town will rip the bones from your back!  It’s a suicide rap!  She’s gotta get out while she’s young!

Sorry…too much Bruce Springtsteen at too young an age!  New Jersey is actually quite lovely, I hear (They don’t call it the garden state for nothin’).

Anywho…Trish had these two coats:

Two Coats...both alike in dignity.
Two Coats…both alike in dignity.

I’ve been seeing trenches with leather sleeves and have really wanted one but wasn’t willing to spend the money on another coat. I knew this would be a cool project for class but didn’t have the pieces until I raided my old clothes at my parents house.

My sister had a pleather jacket that she used to wear from Limited Too (just to give you an idea of how old that coat is) and I had an olive-ish trench that I just never wore. Fortunately my mind put the two together!


Isn't this awesome?
Isn’t this awesome?
It's gorgeous from the back as well!
It’s gorgeous from the back as well!
Sleeve close-up!
Sleeve close-up!

And here’s Trish in her gorgeous creation!

Awesome job, Trish!
Awesome job, Trish!

You can read more about this refashion on Trish’s blog, Mini Pip!

Well done, Trish!


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31 thoughts on “Trish’s Reader ReFash!

  1. Oh my gosh, this is a fabulous, cool, hip and everything refashion. I have a horribly boring tan trenchcoat that I bought because it was “neutral” but it is so boring. I’m going to dig around thrift stores to find something pleather/leather that I can cut up to use for sleeves. It makes such a difference. thanks for the inspiration, Trish.

  2. That refash is the COOLEST I’ve seen! This is the BEST outerwear refashion that I’ve EVER seen. Nearly all of the outerwear refashions were either too subtle (resize or shorten), or unfortunately looked like someone cut it up and sewed it. This one not only looked like the coat was manufactured that way, but it was able to look modern yet timeless. Well done, Trish!!

  3. Hey! I think you’re pretty good at what you do. I wish you mixed an matched shoes more. seeing your boots every time is kinda a bummer.

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