Send in the Clowns Vol. 2

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Hi!  I’m back!  :)

I was woefully absent last week for a few reasons, including being busy, being a little under the weather, and completely botching 2 intended refashions (Yep…it happens to me too).  :/  I hate hate hate when I mess up a refash, especially when it’s from being rushed and/or careless.  I get frustrated, and it makes me not want to try again.

I’m going to salvage my Wannabe Wednesday flop this week (I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!!!), but in the meantime, here’s something fun for you.  :)


Wait…did you miss that?  Here it is again.

Well hello there, stranger! ;)
Well hello there, stranger! ;)

You are looking at a very strange handmade jumpsuit.  That’s right.  Someone went to the fabric store, chose the most terrifying thing they could find, then made something truly frightening from it.

I mean…seriously.

Hi kids!  Allow me to haunt your dreams!
Hi kids! Allow me to haunt your dreams!
There is something truly evil lurking in this fabric.
There is something truly evil lurking in this fabric.
Why?  Just...why?
Why? Just…why?

Long-time readers of my blog know I’ve dealt with a clown suit refashion in the past, but could I handle this one?  Yikes…even I wasn’t sure, especially with two recent failures under my belt.  :/

But I had to try!

First off, I needed to hide those awful clowns as much as I possibly could.  I tossed the jumpsuit into a bath of dark navy dye.

In ya go!
In ya go!

I left it in its bath for about 40 minutes or so.


The dye job was a HUGE help in de-creepifying this one.  :)

Unfortunately, it was still a jumpsuit, and a jumpsuit that gave me a worse case of camel toe than the Prancercise Lady‘s.  :/  Not to worry!  I unpicked the inner leg seams, right up through the crotchal region.

It's a finicky business.
It’s a finicky business.

I put my soon-to-be dress on my dress form, and pinned those legs together to make a skirt.


Then, I stitched my new front and back seams down.


I cut off that extra fabric, then turned my dress right-side out.  I cut off some of that length (which thankfully removed a couple of those scary clowns).

Sorry guys. :/

I gave the bottom of my new dress a new hem, and was all done!

The final step!
The final step!

I think this garment is much less scary now, don’t you?

One of my faves!
One of my faves!

It was a tad chilly out, so I added on a simple black cardigan.

Just warm enough!
Just warm enough!

I rocked my new frock at the World Beer Festival with friends!

Ready to taste 200 beers!  :)
Ready to taste 200 beers! :)
Bluetooth Disco!
Bluetooth Disco!


Love these guys.  :)
Love these guys. :)

After tasting many many beers, I had to head off to a super-secret X-Marks the Spot dinner event!  The location and theme were completely unknown until I showed up at the designated meet-up point to get my map.

Imagine how surprised I was to be dining in Hades!

Hmmmn...Hades doesn't seem all that bad actually.
Hmmmn…Hades doesn’t seem all that bad actually.

I initially felt pretty awful for poor Persephone…:/

Don't eat it!
Don’t eat it!

…but was eventually distracted from my concerns.  ;)

Stay Gold.
Stay Gold.
Look!  The underworld even has tasty cocktails!  :)
Look! The underworld even has tasty cocktails! :)

Such a perfect day!  :)



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68 thoughts on “Send in the Clowns Vol. 2

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while now, but man this is amazing! That was hideous before and you made it into something simply amazing! You are an inspiration!

  2. That fabric was KRAZY – perhaps it was someone’s Halloween costume? Yikes! Turned out SUPER cute though – love it now and the Beer Fest looked pretty fun oo!

  3. I think this outfit was handmade for an unusually shaped child. This answers the fabric choice and proportions. Unfortunately, I don’t appreciate this refash as much as others. However, I do immensely enjoy your blog and look forward to everyone. And, Prancercise lady was a magnificent treat!

  4. i like very very much the way you transform all the clothes, it’s so ingenious and inspiring. thanks and good luck in everything you do!

  5. awsome again ! You suprise me with every piece of clothing ; you Always turn the most horrible things into wonderfull things ! You are such an inspiration to me ( and many others )

  6. That was most hideous before the refashion. Now you can say it is a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The color turned out great! U r the bestest!

  7. Love it! I think it’s a little funny though that there is a clown hand right in the boobal region in that one photo. Lol! That Hades thing looks amazing, too! That couple looked a little afraid of the gold guy.

  8. Hi there! I write you for the first time, I am been looking your blog and always is a refreshing time to read it.
    I found you very talented and creative so congratulations!! By the way I am from a far distant country: from Chile , so even here you are well known.
    Thanks for your time.
    bye bye

  9. s refashion was truly amazing! It was pretty hideous to begin with, so I didn’t know where you were going to go with it, but you did a great job. The Prancing link was hilarious too, good segway. I’m still looking at the puffy bright blue dress that you move to the right hand side of your hanging rack.

  10. Wow – just wow! It’s hard to believe you ever have a problem with a refashion because you have rescued some of the oddest things so successfully!

  11. Okay, that had to be the fugliest thing I have ever seen, what were they thinking?!?! And yet you managed to turn it in to something cute. That dinner looks like it was fun too!

  12. Do you have a energy sensing washer? Does the lid lock? I’m trying to figure out how to do it with my machine and cant seen to figure it out.


    1. Do you mean a high-efficiency washer? If you do, don’t try to dye in it! It won’t work. :/ You’ll have to use the stovetop method.

  13. At first look, I didn’t think it possible to salvage that scary jumpsuit in any way possible. Wow. Just wow. But not only did you salvage it, you made something cute! Way.To.Go!

  14. I love that you use the term “crotchal region.” I thought I was the only one!

    You made this… thing… muuuch more palatable. Good job!

  15. I would like to see some of your “epic fails” too. We can all learn from your mistakes!! I really enjoy your articles. :)

  16. I hope who ever made that jumpsuit was making a costume of sorts! I like how after it was dyed the original buttons popped against the blue, taking away from the scary clowns. PS I hope you didn’t eat the pomegranate seeds in hades!

  17. Um I’m pretty sure I had a similar jumpsuit when I was 13 or so. It was store bought with fish on it. Yeah I wasn’t real fashion aware back then but hey nobody in the late 80’s was.

  18. Got to admit……I’m one of your biggest fans, but I did NOT think you could successfully refashion that jumpsuit/fabric. However…..that cute little dress looks NOTHING like it’s predecessor! Great work! Never again will I doubt you. Blessings…..Jill

  19. You are too amazing. I love all of your work, but this has to be my favorite refashion you’ve ever done! I don’t even know how you saw that fabric and envisioned it looking so adorable. Love it!

  20. Yup, that jumpsuit could have easily traumatized small children pre-Rit. It turned out really well with the dye and the re-fash. A real unique creation, conversation piece and a cute outfit!

  21. Oh my gosh! I just did a post on altering what I considered a clown jacket! Too funny! You are way more talented than me, though, in the refash department! Sorry if this is a repeat, but the first one didn’t want to go through.

  22. There’s something epic about your turn-around of this Something-Wicked-This-Way-Comes frock. The evil clown-devils appear to have been pretty well vanquished, but as with any good horror story there’s always a bit of a question lurking at the end, right? Are they gone or aren’t they? Did the heroine win or didn’t she? In this case, the coast looks clear, except for that creepy clown hand on your boob.

  23. Amazing. I am a bit embarrassed to say, I totally would have been attracted to the original in a thrift store, and probably would have spent a few good minutes staring at it and trying to figure out what to do with it. Your solution is perfect! And it reminds me…I have a few hideous things in my refashion pile just begging me, “what would the ReFashionista do???”

  24. I laughed so hard at this!! I loved the camel toe comment… and that video? Whaaaat! Lady, staaaaaaaahp! And if anyone didn’t know what the phrase meant- well ya do now!

  25. Just found your blog and it has opened up a whole new world for me as I had never heard or re-fashioning clothes like this! I think with this clown jumpsuit I would like to have seen it re-done with the original colors. I wonder if it would have been possible to sew the fabric in pleats so the clown design is not so apparent. Anyway, congrats for being on GMA and thanks for inspiring me.

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