A No-Sew Sweater for Douglas!

Wannabe Wednesday: Johnny Was Edition
Wannabe Wednesday: Ressica Edition

Remember the Trace & Stitch Dress I refashioned for my trip to Asheville a few months ago?  Here…let me jog your memory.


I dug the dress, but just couldn’t come up with a good way to save the jacket part…until a surprisingly chilly day when my little Douglas didn’t want to go outside, that is!

First, I cut off one of the sleeves!

A simple chop!
A simple chop!

Then, I cut a hole through both sides of the sleeve that was big enough for Dougie’s legs to fit through.

Holey Moley!
Holey Moley!

THEN, I trimmed off the part of the sleeve that was too long for my pup.  :)

Just one more chop!
Just one more chop!

Just look at my comfy cozy pooch now!  :)

Snug & Warm!
Snug & Warm!

This sleeve trick is great for Dachshunds, as they’re usually too long for normal dog sweaters.  Normal dog clothes tend to make them look like little puppy strippers wearing midriff-bearing crop tops :/

Luckily, Dougie gets to stay classy AND warm during this cold snap!  ;)

Thanks, Mom!  :)
Thanks, Mom! :)



49 thoughts on “A No-Sew Sweater for Douglas!

  1. I did this in 2012 for all 4 of our cocker spaniels! I had 2 shirts that were way too big, one hunter green thermal and one burgundy thermal. I cut all 4 sleeves off, made armholes, trimmed according to each dog’s length, and POOF!!! We had 4 sharp-dressed pooches, all ready for Christmas in their green & burgundy shirts! I plan to head to Goodwill and check out some sweaters for a few bucks and make some more extra extra warm ones for this cold here in PA!!! YAY for puppies!!! :D

  2. We just lost our little 10 year old doxie to lung cancer yesterday… I think it was Spencer’s nod to me that you did a refash for Douglas! What timing to see your sweet little guy! With tears and hugs , Melissa

  3. Perfect! We just got a mini dachshund and she is so tiny nothing fits. I am thinking my son’s old sweaters will be just right. Thank you!

  4. That is a brilliant idea – Dougie looks awesome in his sweater! Now if only I could find sweaters with large enough sleeves to fit my 60 lb Potcake! She has a redneck sweatshirt that I’ve adapted but I think the sleeve idea is fabulous, well done!

  5. Just when you think Douglas can’t get any cuter and the refashionista can’t get anymore creative, BAM!
    Nice work, and so glad his little belly is staying warm.

  6. Now that is a great idea! I could see this working with cats too, especially if you need something post-surgery or to protect stitches.

  7. The best bit is that not only does Dougie get be warm and avoid looking like a “puppy stripper” but he still gets to go Commando.

    Which is everything to a dog.

  8. I love your pup! We have a chihuahua/dachsound mix, and she is the light of our lives! We take her with us when we go wheeling in our Jeep, and sometimes we stay out past sunset. When we slip on our hoodies, so does she… sort of. I took the sleeve from an old hoodie of mine (it was stained & torn), and turned it into a hoodie for Lula! I also took some old ski pants, & made her a waterproof, fleece lined (scraps from the old hoodie) overcoat! Now she is the most stylish pooch on the trails, not to mention the cutest!

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