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I hate being cold.

I hate being cold more than anything else in the world.

It’s been very cold here in South Carolina.  :/

When I moved to the south I expected year-round warmth and sunshine (research has never been my thing), creamy grits to be served with every meal, and men with impeccable manners.

I feel ripped off on two of these counts.

At least I have you.  :)
At least I have you. :)

My quest for warmth during this odd cold snap has led to me a life spent in wool socks and bulky sweaters.

But today I had to branch out!

I was inspired by this dress by Michelle Mason:

She looks as sad as I feel in Winter!

Doesn’t that look cozy?  Unfortunately, the closest thing I had on my refashion rack was this:

The cold makes me sleeepy!
The cold makes me sleeepy!

This is a super-easy no-sew one, folks!  All I needed to do was make a big chop!

Just a big diagonal chop!

That’s really it.  :)

Simple, eh?
Simple, eh?

I’m a bit too short to rock this look without a little waist definition, so I made a quick sash out of the bottom hem.

Pardon the terrible lighting.  :/
Pardon the terrible lighting. :/

My new dress had a great time checking out Whipped Cream & Other Delights:  remake/remodel!

Meet Chris.  He has an obsession with this album cover.
Meet Chris. He has an obsession with this album cover.
Chris commissioned 20 local artists to turn Whipped Cream & Other delights into something that delighted them.
Chris commissioned 20 local artists to turn Whipped Cream & Other delights into something that delighted them.
Some were beautiful!
Some were beautiful!
Some were campy and fun!
Some were campy and fun!


But each one was completely unique!
But each one was completely unique!

You can learn more about this show right here!  Cheers!


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30 thoughts on “Wannabe Wednesday: Michelle Mason(ish) Edition

  1. Love the refashion! And this is kinda spooky but I just picked up that record from my grandparent’s collection last week!! I got to go through their stack of records and grabbed that one up, mostly because I couldn’t believe the cover art!! I had never even heard of it before.

  2. It’s perfect! There’s this similar dress in a lighter green im my wardrobe…this would be a good refashion for this. Thankyou for this idea.

    LOL, “men with impeccable manners”….think this needs a time travel….;o)

  3. I grew up grooving to that record on weekends. When we got old enough to ask questions about the girl on the cover, it mysteriously disappeared. My dad is a trumpet player, so there was always a Herb Alpert album running around. That dress is a really cute and easy refash. Love it!

  4. Cute, that turned out great! And I am LOVING the art work, my sister had this album when I was a kid, love Herb Alpert, what a fun idea! A refashioning of a different kind :)

  5. I saw that Herb Alpert cover as a kid; it’s unforgettable…and what a fun idea for an art project! This refash looks like the easiest one you’ve done yet. “Instant Dress” just add water!!

  6. If it makes you feel any better about your winter, in Australia, it’s summer. Last week it was 45 celcius (that’s 113, y’all) and today only 42 (which is only (ONLY!) 108). We get one day off, then more 100+ next week. At least in winter you can layer up. In summer, once you get down to skin, and you’re still hot, then what?

  7. When I first saw the inspiration piece I screamed NOOOOO my cute, sassy pretend internet friend would never wear a boring sack! And I was right. Great job. I love your vision.

  8. BTW, it’s pretty much always warm in southern Arizona. I mean, I went bike riding last weekend in shorts and a t-shirt. No joke. I have to look for excuses to wear a sweater. But, you also have to put up with a hot, hot summer. No humidity, though!

  9. Just found your site and love it. One suggestion: if you’re looking for ways to use up your scrap fabric I recommend cloth napkins. Great use of resources and less waste in the landfill.

  10. I found your blog a few days ago and I’m obsessed going through and becoming inspired! I have a question. I know most of the things you refashion are super big to begin with and then you resize it down. Have you had any success doing the opposite where you have something kind of too small and adding on or adjusting it larger? I’m a larger girl ( 3x or size 24-ish after having my son!) so I’ve only been going through my own stuff so far and I haven’t been to Goodwill or Salvation Army in awhile. Would it be worthwhile to grab something too small on me or is it too much of a hassle to try and refashion it larger?

    1. I’ve done very little of this, but it CAN be done. Gussets can be added to some garments, but can look not-so-great on others. Hmmmmmnnnn…Maybe you should start a blog? :)

      1. Haha I have miserably failed to keep blogs. I probably have like 5 art blogs I started and posted 5 times and forgotten about. I never heard of a gusset before but now I’ll definitely look into it! Another added insanity is that for some reason I’m hand sewing everything (most of it is embellishments so far and other add-ons) My mother in law has one but it is not physically assessable and I have some weird fear of them I need to get over. Thank you for your help :)

          1. Totally. I have one my old housemate left and told me I could have which is at my parent’s house and I think I’ll tell them to bring it over. I think I fear bobbins and just the seemingly endless zig zag of threads that could get tangled at any time.

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