Wannabe Wednesday: Midnight Tide Edition

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I love ModCloth!  I rarely order anything from them (I think I ordered a pair of shoes once), but I get tons of refashion inspiration from their lovely vintage-inspired dresses.

Take this gorgeous little number, their Midnight Tide Dress:

That’ll be $52.99

Alhtough I’m not Seated around a beach bonfire in this jersey-knit maxi, singing along to your pal’s guitar strumming as the moon shines above. Blah Blah Blah Blather Blather Blather… as the overly twee description of this frock suggests (I’m not making this up), I still want this dress!

Sadly, all I had was this:

I despise neck tie thingies.  :/
I despise neck tie thingies. :/

Luckily, all this dress needed was a couple of chops and a teensy bit of stitchery!

Sideways Chop!
Sideways Chop!
Neck tie thingy chop!
Neck tie thingy chop!


Just a little whirrrrrrr!
Just a little whirrrrrrr!

I took the newly sewn-together neck tie thingy sash and tied it around my waist.

This whole refashion took less than 10 minutes!

Check it out!

Do you like it with my boots?  :)
Do you like it with my boots? :)

It was a bit chilly out, so I layered up with a thin cardigan.  :)

Comfy and cozy!
Comfy and cozy!

I wore my new frock to a fun & quirky production of Swimming in the Shallows at USC’s Center for Performance Experiment.  It’s a terrific play, it’s free of charge, and a man falls in love with a shark!  What more could you want?

I hope you'll see it!
I hope you’ll see it!

My new dress left me feeling quite celebratory, despite being nowhere near a beach or guitar-strumming companion.  ;)




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48 thoughts on “Wannabe Wednesday: Midnight Tide Edition

    1. Yikes! Maybe it’s the middle schooler in me, but that sounds like something one would look up on Urban Dictionary…:P

  1. turned out lovely, boots are great with it at this time of the year especially….
    Love your drinks shown usually on the last one of the photos, you should of course celebrate on a job well done, but may be you should also share what it is that you are drinking, besides refashioning ideas we may also get new thirst quenching ones….hahah
    Keep it up, I enjoy looking at your end results and I am inspired, will finally take my
    sewing machine out and installed ready to use.
    Edith YourChicagoConnection

  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to build my wardrobe more consciously (instead of buying things willy nilly that don’t fit with everything else I own and only get worn once or twice then forgotten) so I started a Pinterest board to try to define my style. Turns out, it’s just full of ModCloth. Apparently “my style” is just “ModCloth”, LOL. Great job on the refashion!

    1. Okay…this comment made me think of a funny story:

      When I was dating my last boyfriend, we were at a party. He went inside to grab a drink, and one of his friends who had just met me that night said, “Jillian is smokin’!”. He freaked out, saying “She said she hasn’t smoked a cigarette since college! Where is she?!?”


  3. This is great. Love how it turned out! I bought a pretty boring dress in navy from the thrift store yesterday and was a little at a loss what to do. I want to use it for a nautical themed wedding I am attending in a couple of months. Using Modcloth as an inspiration is a genius idea because I found something cute right away. I will combine it with some red fabric I have left from a Halloween costume! Thank you so much !

  4. I love this dress! It had a cinched waist, so I don’t think it needed a sash if you didn’t have access to the neck bow thing. Do you find the inspiration first or do you get the thrifted dress and wait for inspiration to strike?

    1. It actually had an empire waist (look cloooooosely and you can see it). I have a pretty big stash of thrifted things to choose from so I’m ready for inspiration to strike! :)

  5. Really love this refashion. (Did you know your current blog set up takes you to the App Store to buy ‘world of Warcraft’ as soon as you touch it on mobile? It’s really frustrating and I suspect you wouldn’t like it to)

  6. Stunning re-fash! I always think yours look better than the inspiration piece.

    (ps. necks everywhere are singing your praises!)

  7. Great job! I thought for sure you were going to make the front of the dress the back of the dress. Can you do a refashion in the future with a cross-over like the inspiration piece? I’m a little bit on the bustier side and a deep V-neck doesn’t work so well…


  8. Love it! I do want to say that I hope you didn’t (as the original ModCloth dress description states in the equally twee second sentence) “spend the past hours mingling with your friends in the surplice neckline and slightly ruffled tulip skirt of this strappy, deep-blue frock” since I think spending hours mingling with MORE than ONE friend inside your dress might be illegal.

  9. I am not too impressed with ModCloth quality. I recently ordered a couple of things and they are very thin and synthetic feeling. Stick with using them as inspiration and not as a shopping location!

  10. My favorite so far!! I wonder if you have any plus size friends that you want to feature some time with a refashion. You’re so cute and tiny and i wonder often if I could ever pull off some of the ideas you post.

    1. I would LOVE to feature plus-size people on my blog. The main problem with me featuring anyone other than myself is that I live inconveniently far away from most of my friends, so it’s hard to get them out to where I am. :/

      1. I’m plus size & in SC, I have family in Lexington/Columbia that I visit often. Let me know if you need a model for this. Hahha

  11. You go Girl! Look at your blog. Just inspirational. I don’t sew but I love clothes, well, I love looking at them because I’m lazy and just throw on what’s easy. Your blog is just so darn interesting, and fun and creative.

  12. i totally agree with the plus sized thing. your blog is so inspiring but it is so much easier to make something big fit you than to find something big enough to fit in the first place..

    great job tho that dress is amazeballs

  13. I have a fantastic thrifted dress I’ve been to refashion until you did a weird neck tie thing. Did you just chop it off closely and leave it or did you turn it under and sew a new seam?

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