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Hey.  It's not easy being a dog with a blog!
Hey. It’s not easy being a dog with a blog!

Hi!  This is going to be my last post!  Mom is finally coming back tomorrow!  This guy who’s been taking care of me has been really nice and all, but I miss her and her silly sewing projects and bad music (Who listens to New Wave in 2014?  Just sayin.)

This week’s final Reader ReFash is by Kasia!


I’d like to share my perfect Valentine dress with you.

I adore crushed velvet-especially in black-yet I have never managed to score the perfect crushed velvet dress: fitted at the top and with a full skirt. But I had these two in my wardrobe: number 1 is my (slightly dated and rather unflattering) graduation dress and number 2 is a thrift store find that to me looks more like a tunic and shows far too much cleavage for my liking. So here’s what I did: I picked the little sleeves of no1 and completely deconstructed no2. This left me with what I needed: a straight tube, two sleeves and a full skirt. I attached the sleeves (which cost a lot of patience!). Then I measured where I wanted the waist in my new dress to be, marked it with a safety pin, then pinned the skirt and stitched it. Now I have THE perfect dress! Totally V-day worthy!

Sassy!  Mom would approve!
Sassy! Mom would approve!

This week has been really fun, but I’ve gotta admit…I look forward to just being in Mom’s pics again.  :)


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9 thoughts on “Kasia’s Reader ReFash

  1. Awesome work all around…great work pooch….gonna miss ya though…glad to see than mom has good taste in picking pet sitters and that you didn’t give up on him and run away……lol…you have my vote to do all the readers refashs….at least it will give your mom a break….

  2. Beautiful job with the dress.

    Pretty dog, you did a great job with the blog. I think you should do it more often, in fact. Your photo is really good, too: It’s easy to see how shiny your coat is. Your mom takes good care of you…even if she did make you take care of the blog whilst she was out having a good time.

  3. Well this is just a great idea. If thrift stores here had stuff for less than five dollars, I’d go dress hunting!

  4. That is not only an adoreable dress it is truly unique and judging from your desire for fashion coupled with a good amount of modesty… you did an amazing job. I LOVE this piece!!!

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